Men of Sapphire: Vegas Male Revue Guide [Special Offers]

It’s been a hot minute since I last went to Men of Sapphire, so I was beyond excited when this past weekend rolled around. My BFF was in town, and I was determined to show her a good time. So what better place for two ladies to go than to a male revue show!

And, frankly, it’s also an excellent excuse to write a review so I can help you out too. But let’s not waste any more time here because, honey, Alejandro is waiting for you! 😉

Today, I’m letting you in on everything you need to know about Men of Sapphire including our special offers with free transportation, stage dances, and my best tips to make it a night you won’t soon forget.

The Men of Sapphire male models

But, before I get started here if you’re new to our site, welcome. My name is Jenna Phillips, and I’m an official Men of Sapphire Promoter and an Independent VIP Host in Las Vegas. If I can assist with your Men of Sapphire adventure, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m happy to help!


Special Offers

The following are our current Vegas Primer specials at Men of Sapphire. When you book a package with us, you won’t pay anything upfront as you’ll pay at the club when you arrive.

To book an offer, please send an email to, or you can contact us via text at (702) 816-6738. (We’re also available on WhatsApp.) With your message, please include your first and last name, the number of people in your party, the date you’d like to go, and which offer you’d like.

Our Men of Sapphire reservations close at 10 pm, but we can book you in advance for a pick-up at any time.

Poppin' Bottles
(plus sales tax)
FREE Transportation to Sapphire
Men of Sapphire Entry
VIP Table
1 Bottle of Champagne (per 6 girls)
(for groups of 4 or more)
Worth A Shot
(plus sales tax)
FREE Transportation to Sapphire
Men of Sapphire Entry
VIP Table
1 House Shot
(for any size group)

Men Of Sapphire Las Vegas: Quick Facts

  • Ages: 21+
  • Open: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and some Sundays
  • Hours: 10:00 pm – 1:00 am
  • Music: Hip-hop, Top 40
  • Guys: Jaw-dropping (HOT) male models


Men of Sapphire is conveniently located near Las Vegas Blvd (aka “the strip”) at 3025 Sammy Davis Jr Drive. If you know where the Fashion Show mall is it’s only a two-minute drive from there. The male revue takes place inside Sapphire’s “Showroom” which is in the same building (but in separate rooms) as the Gentlemen’s Club.

What Men Of Sapphire Is Like

Let me start by saying that Men of Sapphire isn’t your run-of-the-mill male revue. Sure, like the other shows in town, you’ll get to see choreographed dancing as the men perform on-stage fantasies (the name is Bond, James Bond).

And, on most nights, you’ll even get to see the “best hip-hop dancer in Las Vegas.” His name is Taurus and let me just say that he definitely lives up to the hype. This man can MOVE.

It’s not just their dancing that’s exceptional though. The sheer fitness level of these men is astounding. For example, you may witness the guys leaping from the catwalk to a stripper pole ON THE MAIN STAGE and spinning their nether regions around women’s heads!

Guys dancing on stage at the Las Vegas male revue show

But where Men of Sapphire stands apart from the other male revue shows is with the guys’ “interpersonal” skills. When they’re not on stage, you’ll find the men friendly and welcoming as they walk around and mingle with the guests. And, if you desire, you can head to the back of the room for one-on-one time with the man of your choice.


Throughout the revue, you’re also invited to show each male entertainer some appreciation after they perform their fantasy dance. Feel free to get out of your seat and head on over to the catwalk. Be sure to wait for the emcee’s cue though.

While you’re up there, you’re welcome to touch the men and, of course, tips are encouraged and appreciated. Additionally, stuffing dollars in their briefs is a-ok! Just be careful not to grab “the monster” (as the club likes to call it).

Vegas Primer Tip: If you forget to bring cash with you, no worries! There’s an ATM located in the back of the room. You can also ask your server to break any bills or head to the cashier.

Stage Dances

If dances are what you’re after, there are PLENTY of options. For example, you can get a stage dance for around $60, or go for the gusto, and receive a performance from two guys for $100. And, even better, the stage dances last a decent amount of time too. For example, you can count on the length of one song (three to five minutes) per dance.

Is A Stage Dance Worth It?

Now you might be wondering if a stage dance is worth it. And OMG, I’m here to tell you that they so are. First, this is a male revue, after all, so you know you’re going to see some hot guys. In fact, I’ve never experienced so many hard bodies all in one room.

Secondly, the dancing is insanely sexy. Quite frankly, I don’t even feel comfortable writing about what I witnessed on stage as I’m sure you can use your imagination (and then some).

Let’s just say that from the look on the women’s faces they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. And I fully admit that there were times throughout the show, that my jaw dropped. I think it’s safe to say that the club has taken it up a notch since my last visit. And I’m not about to complain about that!

Now if you’re worried or nervous about being all alone on stage, don’t be. Most of the stage dances are done in groups of three ladies with one man to one woman. Not only is it entertaining for the women on stage, but the audience loves every minute as well.

How To Sign Up

It’s super easy to sign up for a stage dance. All you need to do is fill out one of the white slips at your table. Once completed, you can pass it along to your server or the men, and they’ll take care of the rest.

Complete this form to get a stage dance at Men of Sapphire

Vegas Primer Tip: We recommend signing up for a stage dance when you arrive at the club. The show is only three hours long, so time slots go fast. (For bachelorette parties, they’re also a fantastic way to surprise the bride-to-be!)

“Back Of The Room” Dances

If you’d prefer not to be on stage, then you can enjoy a more private “back of the room” lap dance. Don’t worry about tracking the guys down for one of these either. (They’ll find you, I promise.) If you’re interested in a private dance, you can talk to the entertainers when they visit your table.

$5 Dances

Once a night, the club offers private dances for only $5. With these dances, the guys come to you and entertain at your table. If you’d like one, all you need to do is let your man (or men) of choice know.

Now the $5 dances don’t last as long as a stage dance (more like one minute), but they’re a lot of fun, and the guys don’t hold anything back either. They’re also a fantastic option if you’re on a budget and don’t want to miss out on a full Men of Sapphire experience.

Again, please keep in mind that these dances are only offered one time during the night – typically around 11:15 pm.

Getting To Men Of Sapphire: Our FREE Transportation

When you book your Men of Sapphire package with us, you’ll get complimentary transportation from your Las Vegas Blvd hotel. (We can also schedule a pick-up from select downtown hotels.) What’s more, you get to select your pick-up time and location. That’s right; we work around your schedule.

On most nights, your ride will either be a party bus or limousine. If it’s a jam-packed night though, then the club will sometimes send an Uber. Either way, it’s a win as you’ll get free transportation.

A Men of Sapphire Party Bus outside of Wynn Las Vegas
© 2020 Vegas Primer

Additionally, the Men of Sapphire drivers are excellent. You’ll find them to be professional and on time. In fact, we’ve been doing this for a good number of years now, and we’ve never seen a night when a driver was late. That’s quite a feat for driving on the Las Vegas strip!

Vegas Primer Tip: It’s a nice gesture to tip your driver upon exiting the vehicle. Tips are part of their salary, so any amount is appreciated.

Pick-up Instructions

You’ll want to be at the hotel meet-up spot five minutes before your pick-up time. If you’re not there, your Men of Sapphire driver will try and contact you on your phone. He won’t wait all night, though, so you need to be ready to go.

It’s important to note that you must arrive at the club in our Men of Sapphire arranged transportation as it’s the only way to take advantage of our special offers.

To explain further, when you exit the vehicle at the club, your driver will hand you a slip that has our Men of Sapphire deal listed on it. You’ll show this to the cashier, and she’ll ring you up for the offer. If you don’t have that slip, then you won’t get the deal. Capiche? 🙂

At The Club

Once inside the venue, security will scan your ID and check your purse. They’ll also do a handheld metal detector check.

You’ll then present your slip to the cashier for payment. Please note that although your receipt will have a line for a tip, there’s no requirement to leave a gratuity.

Once you’ve paid, a host will take you through Sapphire’s main room (with the female entertainers) to the Showroom where the Men of Sapphire show takes place.

The two rooms are completely separate spaces, so you won’t even be able to tell that Sapphire’s Gentlemen’s Club is just on the other side of the blue velvet curtains. The entire process from arrival to your table typically takes about five to 10 minutes.

Vegas Primer Tip: With the purchase of a Men of Sapphire deal, you’ll also receive complimentary entry into Sapphire’s Gentlemen’s Club after the show.

Our Tips For Men Of Sapphire

Here are my favorite tips for making the most of your Men of Sapphire night.

Arrive Early

For best seating, it’s a good idea to arrive at Men of Sapphire as close to club opening as possible (10:00 pm). You’ll still get a table if you arrive later than this (assuming it hasn’t reached capacity), but your table location won’t be as close to the action. And, trust me, you want to be up close and personal for Men of Sapphire!

Enter The Raffle

Each night, Men of Sapphire offers a raffle for the first 30 to 45 minutes only. Raffle tickets are $5 and, if you win, you’ll get a Men of Sapphire bottle of champagne and a gift bag. Based on our experience, not many groups enter the raffle, so the odds are in your favor to win. Just another reason to get to the show early!


You get out of this show what you put into it. And, in our opinion, it’s a lot more fun to interact with the guys, than to sit back and watch. The club also supports this notion as you’ll hear the emcee say, “don’t just watch the show, be the show!”

We recommend bringing dollars to tip the men on the catwalk or getting a stage or lap dance in the back. The men are friendly too, so feel free to talk with them as well.

Additionally, the emcee makes the night a lot of fun with his encouragement of crowd participation. He’ll call groups up to the catwalk or ask you to cheer for your favorite men. And remember to have everyone in your group drink on the count of three!

Make The Show Your First Stop

We love the fact that Men of Sapphire runs from 10 pm until 1 am because you don’t have to choose just one thing to do for the night. The show is a fantastic place to start your evening of celebrating before heading out to a nightclub.

Just be careful not to arrive too late at a Vegas club as there are guest list, ticket, and bottle service cut-off times. Speaking of which, if you’re interested in getting a quote for a bottle service reservation, please feel free to contact us at We book table reservations at all the clubs in town.

Pre-game It Up!

Considering that most Las Vegas nightclub drinks start at around $15 – $20, Men of Sapphire offers quite the deal. For instance, you can get Jell-o shots for $8 a pop. Or, if you’d like to buy a bottle, house champagne is only $125. (At the nightclubs, a bottle will cost you $500 or more.) In short, you’ll save a bundle getting your drinks here!

Rules Of The Club

No Cameras

When you arrive at Men of Sapphire, you’ll be told that “no cameras are allowed.” That said, this rule may not be strictly enforced because we’ve seen many occasions when women are taking photos and filming dances.

So, based on that, if you see ladies taking pics (and security isn’t stopping them), then it’s probably okay. We recommend checking with your server though to be safe.

One important thing to note is that there are absolutely no cameras (or video recording) allowed in Sapphire’s main room with the female dancers. So if you head over there, please keep that in mind.

Don’t Grab The “Monster”

Now, this rule is strictly enforced. You can touch the men, but you need to avoid the unmentionables area. And that’s all I have to say about that.

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