Sapphire Las Vegas: The UNCENSORED Guide [Exclusive Deals]

If you’re looking for one of the best strip clubs, it’s Sapphire Las Vegas. The venue is the largest in town, with an open layout that feels like a big party. It’s also known for being the safest strip club and the only one with a pool party. And since I already know the question that’s running through your mind, I’ll get straight to answering it. Some of the most beautiful women are at Sapphire Las Vegas. In fact, the club prides itself on having the hottest girls. From the cashiers to the entertainers, you won’t be disappointed. Not to mention with over 400 women on their roster, there’s a lady to suit everyone’s taste. But, Sapphire doesn’t just stand out with their eye candy. Their customer service is first-rate too.

Now, after some lengthy convos, we locked down insider tips from our friends at Sapphire, and we’re sharing them with you here in our guide. We’ve also been to the club too many times to count, so you know you’re going to find information here that you won’t see anywhere else.


And, of course, for Sapphire entry deals and bottle service, please text us at (702) 816-6738. You can also contact us via email at We’re always happy to help!

Sapphire Las Vegas The Best Strip Club

The Main Floor At Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club (photo credit:

Sapphire Las Vegas

  • Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Busiest Days: Fridays and Saturdays
  • Prime Time: 12 am – 4 am on weekends
  • Bottle Service: $$-$$$
  • Music: Hip Hop, Top 40, EDM
  • Girls: Gorgeous!
  • Special Events: Anniversary party, fight nights, Monday Night Football kick-off, and the Super Bowl


Located near the north end of the strip, Sapphire is just a minute or two away from Las Vegas Blvd. To put it in perspective, if you’re staying at the Wynn, you should make it to Sapphire in less than five minutes.

Sapphire Las Vegas Is Located Just Minutes From Las Vegas Blvd.

Directions To Sapphire Las Vegas

The street address for Sapphire is 3025 Sammy Davis Jr. Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89109. But don’t worry about getting there. By booking with us, you can arrive in style – for free.

Getting To The Club: Free Transportation

Transportation to the club is complimentary with any of our entry deals or bottle service packages listed below. By booking your reservation with us, Sapphire will pick-up your party from the majority of Las Vegas Blvd and downtown hotels and even some shopping centers. Please note that return transportation is at your own expense.

To take advantage of this free service, you’ll need to schedule your pick-up at least 45 minutes to one hour in advance by texting us at (702) 816-6738. (We’re also available on WhatsApp for our friends visiting from outside the US. Please input “1” for the country code.) And, of course, we’re happy to book reservations weeks in advance, too.

It’s a nice gesture, though, to tip your driver as gratuities make up a significant portion of their compensation. And, even with a tip, it still usually works out to be less than an Uber or Lyft ride, especially if you have a big group.

In addition to getting free Sapphire transportation, by booking with us, the standard $50 cover charge is waived for everyone in your party.

Vegas Primer Tip: Never take third-party transportation (i.e., cabs, party buses) to the club as you’ll have to pay a cover charge at the door. As official Sapphire Las Vegas promoters, we’re able to offer free transportation (and no cover charge) with any of our entry deals or bottle service packages.

The Ride To Sapphire

When you book your reservation with us, we’ll send a Sapphire driver to pick you up. The vehicle may be a limousine, party bus, Tesla, etc. Additionally, we’re more than happy to put in a special request for a specific vehicle type. Please keep in mind, though, that although the club does its best to honor these requests, they’re not guaranteed.

You’ll also want to make sure that you’re getting in the right vehicle. Almost all of Sapphire’s fleet will have the club’s logo on the side of the car, making your transport easy to identify. You can also check with the driver before you enter as he’ll have your Sapphire reservation information too.

When you exit the vehicle, your driver will hand you a slip that will have your entry deal or bottle service package listed. You’ll show this to the cashier inside. This is your ticket to not having to pay any cover charges, so make sure you hang on to it.

At The Door

There’s only one line to get inside of Sapphire Las Vegas, and it’s on the right side when you enter the venue. Once you make it to the front, you’ll pay the Sapphire cashier directly for your entry deal or VIP package.

The line moves pretty fast at Sapphire. So even if you arrive and there are a lot of guests, don’t worry. The club’s customer service is fantastic, and they’ll get everyone through as fast as possible.

Entry deals must be paid at the door, but the VIP and bottle service packages can be prepaid. With prepayment, you’ll enjoy even more perks like receiving front of the line admission, getting your first round of shots free, paying a reduced price, and the best part – a reserved table on the main floor.

Of course, with any of our entry deals, you can also get a table. It’s a good idea to get to Sapphire early, though, especially on the weekends so you can find a place to sit.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that Sapphire Las Vegas is a 21+ club, so you’ll need to bring a government-issued ID with you. Also, keep in mind that there are no exceptions to this rule. All IDs are reviewed (and scanned) at entry.

The Entrance Of Sapphire Las Vegas (photo credit:

Sapphire Las Vegas Entry Deals

If you only want to buy individual drinks while you’re at the club, then booking one of our entry packages is an excellent option. These deals are also available for any size party, too. So if you’re rolling solo or celebrating a special occasion with a large group of people, you can choose either option or even mix and match depending on each person’s drink preferences. For instance, if you have a group of six people and you’d like to get three Shot & Drink deals and three Two Drink Specials, that’s perfectly fine to do.

The only downside to getting an entry package is that you may not get a table if it’s a busy night, so we always recommend arriving early to ensure seating. To guarantee a table on the main floor, you may want to consider choosing a VIP or bottle service package instead. (Please see below for available options.)

Vegas Primer Tip: There’s NO requirement to purchase any additional drinks with our entry deals. 

However, if you are interested in getting more beverages, drinks cost around $20 each once you’re inside the club.

As Sapphire promoters, we offer reduced pricing. The following entry offers are not available at the door. To book either of these packages, please text us at (702) 816-6738. Also, please contact us before 9 pm to schedule your transportation and entry deal. We can schedule a pick-up in advance for any time – day or night.

Shot & Drink
FREE Transportation to Sapphire
Get 1 House Shot & 1 Well Drink Free
FREE Cover ($50 value)
Two Drink Special
FREE Transportation to Sapphire
Get 2 Well Drinks Free
FREE Cover ($50 value)

Sapphire Las Vegas VIP Packages

If you know that you want to drink a decent amount and you want to lock down a table on the main floor, then choose a VIP package. VIP packages come in the form of a drink card, open bar or bottle service.

Drink Card And Open Bar

Here are some deals for a drink card and open bar that deliver significant value.

VIP99 Drink Card
(pre-pay required)
$80 Drink Card
FREE Limo Pick-up
Front Of The Line Admission
No Cover Charge ($50 value)
VIP Table On The Main Floor
First Round Of Shots FREE
VIP Open Bar
(pre-pay required)
FREE Limo Pick-up
Front Of The Line Admission
No Cover Charge ($50 Value)
VIP Table On The Main Floor
First Round Of Shots FREE

Bottle Service

We always recommend bottle service for groups of five or more because it works out to be the most cost-effective when splitting among your party. Bottle prices at Sapphire are similar to what you’d see at a Las Vegas day or nightclub: bottles start at around $500 and go up from there. However, the cost of bottle service is significantly lower if you pay in advance.

Bottle Service Specials

Sapphire offers many bottle service packages. But, if you’re looking for a good deal, you can save a lot by pre-paying for a package. Case in point, a Sapphire birthday party package goes for $500 at the door, but if you pay before you arrive, you’ll only spend $385, and you’ll receive your first round of shots free. Apparently, a little planning goes a long way at Sapphire.

Buy One, Get One

Usually, the best bottle deals are the pre-pay deals. The only other time that Sapphire may offer a discount is if you know a VIP host that is well-connected with Sapphire and can negotiate on your behalf. For instance, if a host is good friends with a manager that works there or if you agree to a particular spend requirement, then you may be able to score a buy one, get one. (Although if there is an event in town or if it’s busy night then it will be harder to get a free bottle). Now, this deal isn’t given out frequently so if you’re lucky enough to land a buy one get one, consider it a special privilege.

Bottle Service Packages

Listed below are bottle service packages that we feel deliver exceptional value. Again, if the packages shown don’t fit your needs, Sapphire has more to choose from, and we can also create custom packages for you as well. Some other examples of bottle service options include bachelor, bachelorette, divorce, birthday, scotch and whiskey, and couples party packages.

Additionally, for special occasions like birthdays or bachelor parties, Sapphire helps you celebrate with a complimentary hat and t-shirt for the guest of honor too. Text us at (702) 816-6738, and we’ll help find the right package for you.

Starting Lineup
(pre-pay required)
price valid up to 5 guests
1 Bottle Of Absolut Vodka With Mixers & Red Bull
FREE Limo Pick-up
Front Of The Line Admission
No Cover Charge
VIP Table On The Main Floor
Jacks And Tens
(pre-pay required)
price valid up to 10 guests
2 Premium Bottles With Mixers & Red Bull
FREE Limo Pick-up
Front Of The Line Admission
No Cover Charge
VIP Table On The Main Floor

Premium Bottle Menu

  • Vodka: Belvedere, Grey Goose, Ciroc and Flavors, Chopin, Tito’s, Ketel One, Absolut Elyx, Absolut and Flavors, Stoli and Flavors, Ultimat
  • Gin: Bombay Sapphire, Tanqueray, Beefeater
  • Rum: Bacardi Silver, Bacardi Oakheart, Captain Morgan, Pyrat XO
  • Tequila: Patron, Don Julio, Avion, Cazadores
  • Scotch/Whiskey/Bourbon: Glenlivet 12 yr, Glenfiddich 12 yr, Johnnie Walker Red, Chivas, Crown Royal, J.P. Wisers Rye, Jack Daniels, Jameson, Makers Mark, Jim Beam
  • Cognac: Courvoisier VS, Hennessey VS

Best Table Locations

If you want the ultimate table location for your night, you’ll want to reserve bottle service in either the Skybox, VIP Room, Karaoke Room or at the Rockstar Table. And if privacy is what you’re looking for, then opt for a Skybox or a VIP Room. But, if you don’t care so much about keeping it private, then the rockstar table is one of the coolest experiences ever designed in a strip club.

Vegas Primer Tip: Once you’re seated, grab a VIP host to find you whatever type of girl you want. With a VIP host helping you, you’ll ensure the best Sapphire Las Vegas experience possible. 

The Skyboxes are kinda epic because they overlook the club. For example, you can see all three stages from any of the rooms. There are 10 Skyboxes in total with the largest ones being #1 and #10. These are also the most expensive in the club. Look to spend a few thousand for the night partying in one of these rooms. Although pricey, you do get the space for the entire evening as well.

A photo of a skybox inside sapphire

A Look Inside A Skybox At Sapphire (photo credit:

VIP Room

Sapphire’s VIP Rooms are located downstairs at the back of the club. These intimate, private rooms are perfect for one-on-one time with the girl of your choice.

Private VIP Rooms (photo credit:

Examples of pricing for a VIP Room are as follows. Please note that pricing is subject to change.

  • Three songs: 2 drink minimum, $100 per dancer
  • 15 minutes: 2 drink minimum, $150 per dancer
  • 30 minutes: 4 drink minimum, $200 per dancer

You can also reserve a private VIP Room for longer. But, you’ll need to buy a bottle to do this.

The Karaoke Room
Vegas Primer Tip: The Karaoke Room is the best-kept secret at Sapphire Las Vegas.

Hands down the most surprising room at Sapphire Las Vegas is the Karaoke Room. Just imagine a private space of hot girls singing along to the music of your choice. You’ll also get a bartender and full-on bar for your night of partying. Further still, the room makes an excellent location for bachelor parties as well.

What’s more, you won’t just get this room for a few hours; it’s yours for the entire night. Pricing for the room usually starts at a couple thousand and can quickly go up from there. Ultimately, the cost depends on the number of people in your party and how many entertainers you want.

Of course, the ladies sing with you, and you can pay for whatever else you’d like them to do, within specific parameters. (However, inside information does tell us that the more you spend, the more lenient these rules may get. But, it’s up to the girl as to what she’s comfortable with).

The Rockstar Table

The Rockstar Table garners the most attention out of any VIP seating in the club. In fact, strippers flock to this table. So if you want the most attention from the women and a real party experience, then the Rockstar Table is a perfect choice. This table also sits underneath the Rockstar Stage – the main stage at Sapphire. Indeed, you read that correctly; it’s underneath. The Rockstar Stage is made out of glass, so I’m sure you’ll have no problem fantasizing about just how good the view is from below.

One Of The Best Tables For Bottle Service At Sapphire Las Vegas

The Rockstar Table Is Underneath The Main Stage (photo credit:

Also, you’ll get a 360-degree view here as it’s smack dab in the middle of the club, which explains it’s not big on privacy. Similarly to the Karaoke Room, it’s a top pick for bachelor parties too.

The Rockstar Table is most often booked in three-hour increments and it’s reserved back-to-back so if you want this table for the whole night you need to secure it ahead of time. Additionally, there is a three bottle minimum required for this section.

Bachelor Parties

There is no better place to celebrate a bachelor party than at Sapphire. In fact, it’s where we recommend all of our clients go. In most cases, the best option for bachelor parties is bottle service because it’s the most cost-effective. Sapphire offers many different bottle service packages to choose from that are specifically tailored to a groom and his friends. What’s more, Sapphire helps you celebrate with a complimentary hat and t-shirt for the guest of honor too.

To embarrass your friend, we recommend the Bachelor Surprise. For $200, the groom-to-be is escorted to the main stage where the girls embarrass him with dancing, spanking and if he has a funny nickname, they’ll be sure to use that too. 🙂 Here are our top picks for bachelor party bottle service at Sapphire Las Vegas. Additionally, you can view more bachelor party packages here.

Good Times Package
(pre-pay required)
price valid up to 5 guests
1 Premium Bottle With Mixers & Red Bull
FREE Limo Pick-up
Front Of The Line Admission
No Cover Charge
VIP Table On The Main Floor
Sapphire Hat & T-Shirt For The Groom
Pocket Aces
(pre-pay required)
price valid up to 10 guests
1 Bottle Of Absolut Vodka With Mixers & Red Bull
FREE Limo Pick-up
Front Of The Line Admission
No Cover Charge
VIP Table On The Main Floor
1 Bottle Of J. Roget Champagne

Bachelorette Parties

If you ask any local they’ll tell you that if you’re looking for a male revue show, go to Sapphire instead. The Men Of Sapphire show not only offers a stage show with lots of dancing and singing, but the men give lap dances and have private rooms too. If you ask us, it’s perfect for bachelorette parties or a girls night out.

Men Of Sapphire is open Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and select Sundays from 10 pm until 1 am. Although we’d advise you to go on Fridays or Saturdays because Thursday is usually empty. That is, unless, you prefer it that way. There are also free shots, champagne deals, and raffles.

Below are some packages for a night out at the male strip club. You can also read our in-depth Men of Sapphire Guide that includes more special offers (like a free bottle of champagne). Or head on over to the official website to view more options there.

Please email us at or text us at (702) 816-6738 to book your reservation with free transportation to the club.

Girls Wanna Have Fun
price per guest
FREE Limo Pick-up
Front Of The Line Admission
Private Table
FREE House Shot
FREE Admission To Sapphire Pool & Day Club During Season
*Taxes Not Included
Bringing Sexy Back
price per guest
FREE Limo Pick-up
Front Of The Line Admission
Private Table In The Front Row
2 Hour Open Bar
*Taxes & Service Fee Not Included
Must Arrive Before 9:30pm (Thurs) and 10:30pm (Fri & Sat)


Sapphire is also a very couple-friendly strip club. In fact, some might say the club goes out of its way to give attention to couples. For example, the employees want to make sure the wife or girlfriend is having fun and feels comfortable so they’ll do all they can to make sure she feels welcome.

Sapphire Las Vegas Events

Sapphire isn’t just a strip club.  For instance, they host an unreal anniversary party each year and are a top choice for viewing sporting events in Las Vegas. Additionally, not many people know this but, Sapphire also has a comedy show every Saturday night at 8:00 pm.

Anniversary Party

Sapphire’s anniversary party happens each December and it’s one of the coolest parties on the strip. Past year’s celebrations include bull riding (with the entertainer’s riding topless of course) and a twerk contest. There are also food and drink specials at this annual event.

Sporting Events

Fights and football games bring in big crowds to Sapphire. If you’re coming to watch an event you’re going to want to sit in the Show Room. It’s a bit more expensive here, but this room has a ton of TVs so you’ll have views of the event from everywhere in the room. If you opt for the main floor, you might be blocked by the stage so, if you have the funds, ask for the Show Room.

Best Place To Watch Sporting Events At Sapphire Is In The Show Room

Watch Your Favorite Sporting Events In The Show Room (photo credit:

Vegas Primer Tip: Get to Sapphire early for sporting events to ensure the best possible seating.

To kick-off Monday Night Football, Sapphire brings in local restaurants to sponsor the night. Even more impressive, you’ll get to sample food, buffet-style. There is, however, a small admission fee of around $20 but you get free food and can watch the game in a fun environment, so it’s well worth it.

And for the ultimate sporting event, Sapphire throws an epic Super Bowl party with an even bigger food buffet and drink specials. Just remember to get to the club early for best seating.

Food Options

If you’re hungry, a Sapphire manager recommends ordering the pizza at the club because “it’s bomb.” If pizza’s not your speed, head next door to El Dorado Cantina. This restaurant is known for their authentic Mexican food. In fact, at the time of this article, the restaurant has received 887 five-star reviews on Yelp. Additionally, they use all organic and non-GMO ingredients.

Vegas Primer Tip: If you’re in town on a Tuesday, head to El Dorado Cantino before going to Sapphire. You’ll score 1942 shots for a mere $5.00 each. And, if you don’t know, that’s a good deal. 1942 Tequila is expensive!

The One Thing You Need To Know About Sapphire Las Vegas

You’re coming to Sapphire Las Vegas to spend money.  Sapphire’s in the business of entertainment, but not free entertainment. With this in mind, a good rule to follow is always to have a drink in your hand. It’s also encouraged to tip the girls whenever possible. Also, keep in mind that unlike the clubs, women have to pay to get in. Additionally, there are no freebies on birthdays either.

How To Get Kicked Out Of Sapphire Las Vegas

Although Sapphire is a strip club, this isn’t a free for all. Sapphire is a topless only club and there is no groping allowed. Here are some rules you need to follow so you won’t get kicked out of Sapphire.

  1. Don’t slap a girl’s booty
  2. No drugs
  3. Pay the women for their dances
  4. Don’t get too intoxicated

If there is a dispute as to how much you owe or if you’re unsure if you owe any money at all, find a manager to help you. Remember, the women are independent contractors and are, therefore, not employed by Sapphire directly. To protect yourself and to make sure everything goes smoothly, be upfront with the entertainer about what you want from the beginning.


Lastly, I touched on scams at the beginning of this article. But, to reiterate one more time – don’t take a taxi cab to Sapphire. In fact, the cab driver will say they’ll get you in for free but, in reality, once you get to the club you’ll be charged a cover charge of $50. Therefore, to avoid having to pay a cover charge, call Sapphire or us directly at (702) 816-6738.

Likewise, if you’re interested in finding out more about how Vegas clubs rip you off, check out our big weekend warning here.

Disclaimer: The prices listed in this article are subject to change without notice. Call or text us at (702) 816-6738 to confirm pricing before booking.

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