About Vegas Primer

Although our website began just three short years ago, our VIP hosting roots date back almost ten years. Vegas Primer was initially co-founded by one of the top VIP Hosts in the city, Michael Henderson. Michael has worked at many day and nightclubs during his longstanding career. His inside knowledge and experience have helped shaped Vegas Primer into one of the leading club sources today.

Jenna Phillips, also an original co-founder, is an Independent VIP Host and the head writer for Vegas Primer. Her love of Las Vegas clubs began over five years ago when she used to drive from California to Nevada almost every other weekend. In 2016, Jenna moved to Vegas and turned her passion for clubbing into a full-time career. On the blog, she not only shares her perspective as an actual club-goer but also as a VIP Host.

What We Do

As an independent hosting company, we’re here to help with your bottle service needs. Please feel free to contact us for a price quote. You can reach us at info@vegasprimer.com. We’re also happy to schedule an appointment to discuss bottle service reservations over the phone. 

Why Book With Us

When it comes to bottle service in Las Vegas, experience matters. Our team makes sure that you know and understand everything before you book a table service reservation. We also provide you with our club tips to ensure you have the best VIP experience possible and won’t encounter any surprises at the door.

Since we book bottle service reservations at all the pool parties and nightclubs in town, we’ll help you choose the best options for your group. For instance, we’ll assist in narrowing down venues by budget, table location, and music preference.

We also work hard to provide you with the best pricing possible. And, of course, we’re always available to assist on the day of your booking as well.

If we can assist with your next table service reservation, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to help you!


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