Reopen Dates: Las Vegas Nightclubs & Pool Parties

This past January, when the first US Covid-19 case was discovered, we all felt our world turn upside down by something we couldn’t see, let alone control. From what we’ve had to endure this year, saying that it’s been hard would be a drastic understatement.

For some, it’s been mentally exhausting. All the hand washing, disinfecting, and worrying about contamination can get to a person. And for those of us who’ve contracted the virus or had loved ones affected, well, it’s been downright scary. Through it all, though, many have found a silver lining, gaining a greater strength and appreciation for what matters most.

Although the country still has a ways to go, we’re all looking forward to the day when we can put this behind us and return to life as usual. Fortunately, we’re already beginning to see fragments of regular life re-emerging in Vegas.

Our great city is doing everything possible to make its return. Thanks to the hotels and Control Board, numerous steps are being taken to prevent the spread of the virus. For example, temperature checks, frequent sanitization, mask requirements, advanced air filtration systems, capacity restrictions, and social distancing measures are all helping guests to stay as safe as possible.

When Will The Clubs Open?

Unfortunately, for now, things are at a standstill for the clubs. Even though many of the hotels in Vegas have opened, the nightclubs and pool parties will remain closed until further notice. We wish we had a definitive reopening date to tell you, but Governor Sisolak is in charge of determining that, and an official date hasn’t been announced.

Our understanding is that the night and day clubs won’t be able to open until the final phase, given the size of the crowds that the clubs attract. We’ll be sure to update this closure list as we receive more information from the Governor and the clubs.

Apex Social ClubTemporarily Closed
Chateau NightclubTemporarily Closed
Daylight Beach Club*Temporarily Closed
Drai’s Beach ClubTemporarily Closed
Drai’s NightclubTemporarily Closed
EBC at NightTemporarily Closed
Encore Beach Club*Temporarily Closed
Hakkasan NightclubTemporarily Closed
Jewel NightclubTemporarily Closed
Lavo Party BrunchTemporarily Closed
Light NightclubTemporarily Closed
Liquid*Temporarily Closed
Marquee Dayclub*Temporarily Closed
Marquee Nightclub*Temporarily Closed
Omnia NightclubTemporarily Closed
On The RecordTemporarily Closed
TAO Beach ClubTemporarily Closed
TAO NightclubTemporarily Closed
Wet Republic*Temporarily Closed
XS NightclubTemporarily Closed

Of course, we’re in unchartered territory, and it’s a fluid situation, so really anything can happen at this point. (Wouldn’t it be fantastic if a vaccine was made faster than initially thought or a new medicine discovered with a high cure rate?)

Until the virus is gone, though, we’ll still need to modify our lives accordingly. And, fortunately for those coming to Vegas soon, some venues are redesigning their experiences to accommodate guests in these unprecedented times.

*Revised Format: Socially Distant Pool Experiences

Although the clubs aren’t back yet, there’s still a bright spot. Recently announced, some beach clubs are temporarily transforming from pool parties into socially distant high-end resort pool experiences.

With this revised pool format, you’ll get to attend a top venue, enjoy bottle service and food offerings, listen to your favorite songs, and socialize with your group. Still, an excellent time to be had, but there are some significant differences between the new structure and the day club experience you’ve come to know and love.

What’s Changed

  • There isn’t any general admission or a guest list, so the only people allowed in the venue are those purchasing a table.
  • Social distancing measures and capacity restrictions are in place.
  • Because seating is limited, reservations are either required or highly encouraged, depending on the venue.
  • The number of guests at each table is strictly enforced.
  • You’ll get reduced table prices (as compared to previous club rates).
  • Depending on the venue, there may or may not be a DJ.
  • Right now, masks are required when walking around a venue. If you’re at your table with your group, though, and maintaining adequate social distancing from other parties, masks may be removed. Masks are also not currently required while in the pool.
  • There’s no dance floor.
  • It’s not a club.

What Remains The Same

  • You’ll get to enjoy a pool experience at some of the best venues in the city. Currently, The Pool Marquee, EBC Pool, Daylight Beach, Wet Republic, and Liquid are all offering this alternative format. (As you may have noticed, most of the venues have modified their names slightly, so guests will know that it’s no longer a club environment.)
  • A range of table options is available. Choose from lounge chairs, daybeds, cabanas, bungalows, and more.
  • Pool hours are similar to their club versions. They’re open from 11 am until sunset.
  • Tables prices are quoted in terms of a minimum spend requirement. Bottle service, frozen cocktails, and food offerings are all available.
  • Similar to the clubs, the pools charge approximately 35-37% on top of the minimum spend for the venue fee, sales tax, and gratuity.
  • You’ll kick back, relax, and listen to your favorite songs, all while basking in the warm Las Vegas sun.

Nighttime Offerings

If you’re interested in a nighttime venue, the Wynn has reopened their former nightclub, Intrigue, as a lounge. Bottle service is available in a socially distant setting. The hours are 10 pm until close.

Additionally, the TAO Group offers a nighttime experience on Marquee’s Terrace, or you can reserve a table inside Marquee’s Boom Box room. Both areas currently open at 9 pm. There’s a mix of music too. For instance, the terrace will offer EDM/open format while the boom box room will feature more open format/hip-hop. If you’d like to eat, make a reservation on the terrace as there will be a limited food menu there. Although Marquee’s pool is on the patio, guests are not permitted to swim at night.

And just like Marquee’s revised daytime pool format, all of the same rules are in place for its nighttime venues. Once again, they’re not clubs, but they’re the closest thing we’re going to get to one for a while.

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Other Fun Things You Can Do Now In Vegas

Besides making a pool reservation, there are some fantastic things you can do in Vegas while maintaining adequate social distancing. Of course, anything outside will result in a higher level of safety, and we’re all for that. Here are a few of our favorites that are open now.

  • Top Golf
  • Red Rock Canyon
  • Grand Canyon
  • Exotics Racing
  • Zion National Park
  • A Day At Valley Of Fire
  • ATV Tours

You can also score excellent rates on hotel rooms. With hotels starting around $20 – $40 per night on weekdays, they’re some of the lowest ever. You’ll enjoy dining at select restaurants, table games, free drinks on the casino floors, socially distant slot machines, and reduced capacity.

Hopefully, coronavirus cases across the country will show a consistent decline soon, and we’ll be able to move through the phases quickly. Until that time comes, please stay safe. We look forward to seeing you in the clubs once they’re open again.