DAYLIGHT Beach Club: Bottle Service & Pool Guide [2021]

Daylight Beach Club is near the top of my recommendations list for pool parties in Las Vegas. And honestly, it’s one of the only venues that has something for everyone.

For instance, unlike other dayclubs in town, Daylight doesn’t just focus on one type of music. In general, you’ll hear EDM on Saturdays and experience the best hip-hop pool party during it’s Lit Sundays.”

But be careful not to discount the weekdays here either. Thursdays at Daylight are freaking awesome. In particular, their “Rosé All Day” campaign for ladies is no joke. I’m talking free alcohol ALL DAY LONG.

The talent lineup at this club is outstanding too, bottle service prices are surprisingly reasonable, and pricing stays consistent too.

Now that’s only a handful of things I love about Daylight pool party. Keep reading to see why this Mandalay Bay pool has it all!

An aerial photo of Daylight Beach Club with a huge crowd.

Daylight Beach Club: Overview

The club exudes warmth so you’ll feel nice and toasty here even on days when it’s a bit cooler. It also has a beautiful golden glow thanks to the reflection of nearby buildings. (Bonus if you’re like me and in desperate need of a tan as just walking around the venue may make you look like you’ve spent at least a day or two in the sun.)

At 50,000 square feet overall, Daylight Beach Club is considered a small to medium size venue as compared to its beach club peers. But don’t let that deter you. This is actually a really good thing because the club gets slammed on the weekends – fast. As a result, you’ll feel an energy that’s off the charts. And, unlike some other dayclubs, you won’t have to wait for the party to get started as it’ll feel like one from the moment you walk in.

Now the stage is the stand out at this venue. For example, it’s a whopping 1,400 square feet, and I love that it’s in the shape of the sun. There are also LED screens, a light show, kryo-jets, foggers, and lasers.

Rick Ross performing at Daylight Beach Club

What You’ll Hear

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, Daylight is what I like to call “music inclusive.” For example, you’ll find something for everyone here. Thursdays and Fridays are open format, Saturdays are more EDM heavy, and Sundays will have hip-hop and live performances.

Daylight Vegas Quick Facts

  • Days Open: Thursday – Sunday
  • Hours: 11 am – 6 pm (Thursday – Saturday) & 12 pm – 6 pm (Sunday)
  • Bottle Service: $ – $$$
  • Music: EDM, hip-hop, and open-format
  • DJs/Performers: DJ Duke Dumont, DJ Neva, DJ Karma, Jeezy, Ookay, Rick Ross, London On Da Track, Kid Conrad, Bassjackers, and Morgan Page
  • Special Events: Eclipse (nighttime pool party), Rosé All Day Thursdays, and Lit Sundays

Where Is Daylight Beach Club?

The pool party is on the Mandalay Bay property. Daylight’s address is 3950 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89119

The club’s location is absolute perfection when it comes to accessibility. For example, your ride share or taxi driver can drop you off in front of the beach club. So, from here, you’re only a few short steps away from the entrance to the venue.

The entrance to Daylight pool

Daylight Beach Club Dress Code

Daylight pool prohibits the following items. However, this is by no means an exhaustive list and the club’s security reserves all rights to refuse entry.

  • Athletic attire (including anything sports related)
  • Ripped or torn clothing for guys
  • See-through clothing
  • Offensive prints
  • Chains
  • Shoes or work boots that have hard soles
  • Baggy clothing

In short, keep it to swimwear, and you’ll be just fine. Cover-ups are perfectly acceptable as well as are flip-flops, wedges, and sneakers. Ladies can also wear ripped clothing.

Daylight Las Vegas Tickets

We always recommend purchasing tickets online in advance as prices are often lower than paying a cover charge at the door. (And faster too since there’s even a prepaid ticket line at Daylight.)

Please note that the following prices are provided for informational purposes only and may be subject to change.

  • Thursdays & Fridays: $24 female & $36 male
  • Saturdays: $36 female & $60 male
  • Sundays: $24 female & $36 male (DJ) or $36 female & $60 male (performer)

Daylight Mandalay Bay Guest List

For those of you new to Vegas, a guest list gets you free entry into a beach club as long as you arrive by a set time. At most venues though, guest lists are strictly limited to women or groups of men with at least an even ratio of ladies in their party.

But leave it Daylight to break all the rules. This beach club’s open guest list policy is just another reason why it tops our recommendations list. On most days, the club offers FREE entry to both men and women. So, if you can get to the club early enough, you can forget all about paying for a ticket.

Keep in mind though that your name must be on the guest list for entry. Unfortunately, you can’t just show up and say you’re on the list. Guest list reservations typically close the night before so you’ll want to reach out to a promoter before this time.

The guest list cut-off times are as follows.

  • Ladies: free before 3 pm
  • Even ratio: free before 3 pm
  • Guys: free before 1 pm

Daylight Beach Club Bottle Service

Daylight has a terrific selection of table options to suit a variety of budgets. The club features two VIP bungalows – each with a private pool, 23 cabanas (some also with VIP pool access), 30 daybeds, and 25 banquettes aka the famous “party pits.” And because of how Daylight is designed you’ll feel like you’re in the action no matter where you sit.

What’s more, ALL table reservations have shade as Daylight includes a complimentary umbrella for their non-cabana bottle service guests. This is a fantastic benefit because at a lot of dayclubs they’ll charge $75 – $100 for an umbrella rental.

Below you’ll find an estimate of the minimum spend requirement for all bottle service options, the approximate location within the club, the guest quantity allowed at walk-in, and a brief description of each table option. I need to point out though that holiday pricing may be higher.


  • Cost: $3000+ (Thurs), $4000+ (Fri), $7500+ (Sat & Sun)
  • Guests allowed at walk-in: 20
  • Location: Next to the stage
  • Description: The premiere spot. Case in point, Daylight’s bungalows are the only bungalows in Las Vegas that come with a private pool. All other beach clubs that offer bungalows with pools have to be shared with at least one other group. They’re also superbly located next to the stage so all eyes will be on you. Not only that but if you’d like ladies (or gents) to join you at your bungalow, we’ll be happy to find guests to party with you. You’ll also get a private bathroom reserved exclusively for your group. The bungalows are an excellent choice for a bachelor or bachelorette party.
A photo of a bungalow with a private pool at Daylight Beach Club.


  • Cost: $1,000+ (Thurs & Fri), $2,000+ (Sat), $1,500+ (Sun)
  • Guests allowed at walk-in: 15
  • Location: Perimeter
  • Description: Not only will you get a mini-house to party in, but all cabanas come with daybeds too so you’ll have plenty of room for your group. And, if you reserve a grand cabana, you’ll also get access to a shared VIP pool that’s only steps away. (Check out the photo below to see just how close the VIP pool is.) Additionally, there are curtains for the ultimate in privacy and shade, couches to relax on, and TVs too. You’ll also have a private bathroom reserved exclusively for cabana bottle service guests.
A photo of Daylight's cabanas featuring a couch, a daybed, and access to a VIP pool.

Party Pits

  • Cost: $500+ (Thurs & Fri), $1500+ (Sat & Sun)
  • Guests allowed at walk-in: 10 people
  • Location: Pool & Dance Floor
  • Description: Daylight’s party pits are U-shaped banquettes that are along the edge of the pool and on the dance floor. If you want to experience the most action, we recommend reserving a dance floor pit. If you prefer staying cool and want easy access to the pool, then the poolside pits are for you. On most days, you’ll find that the poolside party pits are priced a bit higher because of how close they are to the water (take a step, and you’re there). Complimentary umbrellas are also included with both options. You won’t find a safe at these tables though so get to the club early to rent a locker if you want to store your valuables.
A photo of the party pits near the stage at Daylight Beach Club.

Vegas Primer Tip: Our top pick for “best value” table at Daylight is the dance floor party pits. The location for the money can’t be beaten. They’re the equivalent of a dance floor table at a nightclub.


  • Cost: $250+ (Thurs & Fri), $1000 (Sat & Sun)
  • Guests allowed at walk-in: 6 people
  • Location: Centrally located (between the cabanas and poolside pits)
  • Description: Daylight Beach Club’s daybeds are exceptionally located throughout the property. For instance, they’re right in the middle of the venue between the cabanas and the poolside party pits. So whether you select a back daybed or a front daybed, you’ll feel like you’re in the party. Since the front daybeds are closest to the stage, they’re usually priced slightly higher than the back daybeds. In our opinion though, you can’t go wrong with either option. All daybeds also come with free umbrellas for the day and, similar to the party pits, there aren’t any safes at the daybeds. So if you want to store your valuables, you can rent a locker for around $20. Come early though – lockers are first come, first served.
A photo of Daylight daybeds with umbrellas.

Vegas Primer Tip: If you’re on a budget, but still want to check out all that Daylight has to offer, head to the beach club on a Friday. Although not as busy as compared to the weekend, there’s still a fantastic crowd, and bottle service prices are sometimes more than 50% off the cost of Saturdays and Sundays.

Table Map

Below you’ll find the floor plan for Daylight pool party. As you can see, table numbers are also listed. Although requests can be made for specific locations, please keep in mind that no club in Las Vegas will guarantee a table number. Getting to the club early though (when it opens) will usually result in a better location than arriving later.

A map showing the table locations and at Daylight Beach Club.

Daylight Bottle Service Menu

I’ve included a few pages from the Daylight Beach Club bottle and food menus so you can get an idea of prices.

All bottle service reservations also receive a choice of three mixers (like orange, cranberry, and pineapple juice). Better still, the mixers are complimentary and unlimited.

Additionally, your minimum spend can be used to purchase any items off the food menu. One of the most popular entrees is the meatball sliders. We’re also big fans of the fruit sticks.

Vegas Primer Tip: Make your bottle service spend go far by ordering pitchers of some of Daylight’s most popular specialty cocktails, margaritas, mojitos, and frozen drinks. Pitchers currently start at $95.

Bottles and prices at Daylight.
Food options including salads and entrees at Daylight pool.

Daylight Bachelorette Parties

Both Light Nightclub and Daylight Beach Club have some of the BEST bachelorette party packages in town. Here’s a summary of the packages we offer.

The Daylight Beach Club Bachelorette Party Packages. Prices start at $750.

Please note that the prices above don’t include the club’s venue fee, tax, and tip. So you’ll want to add approximately 37% to calculate the total amount you’ll pay.

Now you’re welcome to choose any party package even if you’re over the guest limit. Keep in mind though that each additional guest is a $100 charge. For instance, if you have seven guests and you want to get the Bach Sh*t Crazy package for six ladies, the cost will go up by $100 to $850.

A group of ladies celebrating a Bachelorette party at Daylight Pool Party.

Not only are bachelorette party packages an excellent value, but Daylight’s customization options take the cake. For example, you can get a photographer for the day, a big head cut-out of the bride-to-be, champagne showers, and, of course, cake.

What’s Cool About Daylight Beach Club

Best Rehab Pool Alternative

If you were a fan of Rehab Beach Club, then you might want to consider putting Daylight at the top of your list. Not only does Daylight pool have similar programming to Rehab (like the Bassrush Pool Party and hip-hop Sundays), but some of their talent is the same too. What’s more, most of the staff that worked at Rehab now works at Daylight so you’ll see a lot of friendly faces.

Eclipse Nighttime Party

If you’ve spent any time reading our blog, then you know what a HUGE fan I am of nighttime pool parties. There aren’t that many venues in town that have them either, so it’s fantastic that Daylight has their own night swim version called Eclipse.

On select nights during the summer, you can catch all the action starting at 10:30 pm. And it’s just like a regular nightclub too except that the dress code is open.

Feel free to wear practically anything including swimsuits because the pools are ready and waiting. And yep, flip-flops are also acceptable at this nighttime bash.

Another night swim event that I highly recommend is Encore’s nighttime pool party. Now whether you go to EBC or Eclipse, one thing’s for sure – you’re in for an incredible experience unlike anything else in Vegas.

Rick Ross performing at Daylight Beach Club's Eclipse.

Largest Dance Floor

So one of my favorite features about Daylight is their dance floor. Now I know it may sound funny to think of a dance floor at a beach club, but at some pools, you’re left wondering where even to dance because there isn’t much space near the stage. This leaves people dancing at their tables (which is fine), but I prefer a big spot to get my groove on with other party-goers.

In fact, Daylight Beach Club has one of the largest dance spaces out of any Las Vegas pool club. It’s especially great for folks on the guest list or ticket holders because you’ll have plenty of room to party and won’t feel like the club is catering solely to bottle service guests. Additionally, it allows more people to get up close and personal with the DJ.

Not only that, but the pool is along the outer edge of the dance floor. And there’s a big wading area there so you can stay cool and feel like you’re totally in the action. In my book, there’s nothing better than wading and partying.

The dance area at Daylight Beach Club.

Free Drinks In Vegas

I want to give a round of applause to Daylight’s marketing department for coming up with this one because it’s ingenious. On Thursdays, ladies get to drink Rosé ALL DAY LONG – for FREE. So if you’re a group of women looking for a pool club on a Thursday, I highly recommend coming here as no other beach club currently offers free drinks.

And if you’re looking to meet women, then you’ll also want to come here on a Thursday because without question this pool will have the most ladies. There’s also a lot of industry people here on Thursdays too which is great if you want to mingle with other clubs’ cocktail servers.

A group of women celebrating at Daylight pool.

Bassrush Pool Party

As some of you may know, the Bassrush Pool Party was at Rehab Beach Club for years. But now that Rehab is no longer, the epic mini-EDC bash has moved to Daylight Beach Club.

At this event, you’ll get to see some of the top EDM DJs perform.

Due to the party’s insane popularity, it’s a good idea to get tickets in advance. Prices are often much higher at the door as compared to the online rates.

The same goes for bottle service; you’ll want to book your table early as pricing may rise the closer it gets to the date.

Great Atmosphere

Not only will you get to experience one of the best staffs in Las Vegas, but the crowd is fantastic too. And because Daylight is a smaller venue, you’ll find guests interacting and partying together. Additionally, Daylight attracts a diverse group so you’ll meet people from all over the world all while enjoying some of the best music in town.