Lavo Party Brunch: The Complete Guide [2019]

One of the best-kept secrets in Las Vegas is Lavo Party Brunch. It’s not even a secret really. It’s just that most people assume once summer is over and the pool parties end that there aren’t any more dayclubs. So naturally, they don’t even look for them. How wrong they are though. In fact, if I had to choose any dayclub to go to it would be Lavo Party Brunch. That’s how much I love it.

Lavo is a unique club concept that combines my favorite things – clubbing during the day, brunch, champagne, themed parties, dancing on tables, and lots of party favors. See, what more could you want? It’s so incredibly fun that I always recommend a visit when Lavo Party Brunch is open. (Lavo runs October through March each year.)

Now Mike and I go to Lavo Party Brunch a lot. (We’re there almost every weekend.) I say this because I want you to know that this guide has the latest information available and it’s full of some of our best insider secrets.

Before we get started, I’d like to introduce ourselves. Mike and I are Independent Hosts in Las Vegas. If you’re interested in booking bottle service at Lavo Party Brunch or want to get on the guest list, text us at (702) 816-6738. You can also reach us via email at


We have a contract with Lavo and book all reservations directly with the club.

Girls Dancing On Tables Inside Lavo Party Brunch

Lavo Party Brunch

It’s brunch, it’s a club, it’s Lavo Party Brunch. And it’s the only brunch club in Las Vegas. It’s also considered the best dayclub that isn’t a pool party.

  • Months Open: October through March
  • Days Open: Saturdays
  • Hours: 2 pm – 6 pm
  • Bottle Service: $$ – $$$
  • Music: Top 40, EDM & Hip Hop
  • Special Events: Theme parties (superheroes vs. villains, lingerie, football, etc.)

(One thing I want to point out – a lot of people get confused about the difference between Lavo the restaurant and Lavo Party Brunch. Lavo Party Brunch takes place inside Lavo Restaurant at the Palazzo hotel. And although the restaurant serves brunch on the weekends too, it’s only on Saturday afternoons that the restaurant transforms itself into an actual party brunch. And that’s what this guide is all about – the party brunch itself.)



Lavo Party Brunch is inside The Palazzo hotel. From Palazzo Guest Parking head straight through the casino towards the Palazzo lobby and Lavo will be on your left. If you’re getting dropped off at the Palazzo Valet enter the hotel through the main doors and Lavo will be on your left as well. For your convenience, we’ve provided a map below.

An illustration depicting the location of Lavo Party Brunch inside the Palazzo Hotel.

Map courtesy of

Dress Code

You will never hear us say this about another club in Las Vegas. But you can pretty much wear whatever you want at Lavo. Based on what we’ve seen the dress code is open. Sneakers, jeans, and t-shirts are all perfectly acceptable. That said, a lot of guests dress up too.

Ladies In Their Rompers At Lavo Party BrunchAlthough the dress code is open we still get frequently asked by women “what should I wear?” Well, oddly enough a lot of women wear rompers to Lavo. Yes, rompers are the outfit of choice for Lavo Party Brunch.

We have no idea why this is. It must be what women wear to brunch. Although I brunch and I’ve never worn a romper so who knows.

Anyway, I digress. If you want to match all the ladies in the club, then wear a romper. If you don’t want to match every girl, then wear something else, anything else.

Prohibited Items

Security will check all bags so make sure you don’t bring anything that would be considered questionable. There are no selfie sticks allowed or weapons of any kind. Other than that, you’ll be just fine. I did have an issue with some face powder once, but they let me inside after the security guard examined it. So, with this in mind, maybe limit the amount of makeup you bring.


Here are the current ticket prices for Lavo’s 2018 – 2019 season. Note that these are presale tickets prices and include all taxes and fees. We recommend buying your tickets online in advance as door prices may go higher. You can buy your tickets on Lavo’s official site.

Female: $20

Male: $35

Guest List

To get on our guest list for Lavo Party Brunch, send a text message to (702) 816-6738. You can also email us at info@vegasprimer.comPlease include your first and last name, the number of men and women in your party, and the date you’d like to attend.


Lavo offers a guest list on Saturdays. If you’re a woman and you’re on Lavo’s guest list, you’ll get free entry into the club. Lavo usually offers an open champagne bar on the Rosè Terrace (outside patio) for guest list ladies or they’ll hand out a drink ticket. If there’s an open bar, it will most likely only be available early on so make sure to head straight to the patio when you arrive. Please note that what the club offers on any given Saturday is determined by the club (and not us).


If you’re a guy and you’re on the guest list, then you’ll need to pay a cover charge. (There’s no free entry for gentlemen unless you’ve made a bottle service reservation.) If you want on the guest list, you’ll want to come with at least an even ratio of women to men in your group.

Unfortunately, guys are not eligible for guest list reservations.

Vegas Primer Tip: Lavo’s guest list closes at 3:00 pm, so we always recommend arriving at Lavo Party Brunch by 2:00 pm to be safe. (The line can get long!) If you come after 3:00 pm, you’ll put yourself at risk for having to buy an entry ticket.  

Bottle Service

Making a table service reservation is our favorite way to enjoy Lavo Party Brunch. It’s also the only way to partake in Lavo’s famous brunch and have a place to sit down. That’s right – if you’re on the guest list or a ticket holder, you’ll be standing and ordering your drinks from the bar while you watch everyone else savoring Lavo’s insane food offerings. If it’s within your budget, we highly suggest making a bottle service reservation. In our opinion, it’s beyond worth it.


We have a contract with Lavo and book all reservations directly with the club.

Before I explain how Lavo bottle service works, I want to mention that Mike and I are happy to help answer any questions you might have about booking a table. Feel free to text us at (702) 816-6738 for more information. We’re also available on WhatsApp and via email at

A photo of the bottle service tables from the second level of Lavo Party Brunch.

Lavo Main Room Tables © 2019 Vegas Primer™

What’s Included

With a bottle service reservation at Lavo Party Brunch, you’ll get a designated table to sit at, a security guard, cocktail server, and a busser. The table will be yours from the moment you arrive until you decide to leave or the club closes (whichever comes first).

Now Lavo quotes their bottle service prices in terms of a minimum spend requirement. You can think of the table as being free for agreeing to spend a certain amount at the club. Of course, if you purchase more than the minimum, then Lavo will charge you for the additional amount. And if you don’t meet the minimum, then you’ll get charged for it anyway so you might as well make the most of it and spend it.

Additionally, once you’re seated, you can invite whoever you’d like to join your table (within reason), and the club won’t increase the minimum spend requirement. For instance, if you’re a bachelor party wanting to meet some ladies, it’s perfectly okay to invite them over for some drinks. (Security will let you know if your table gets too crowded.)

For an in-depth look at how bottle service works in Las Vegas check out our complete guide to bottle service.


Overall, bottle service at Lavo Party Brunch is quite reasonable compared to other clubs in Las Vegas. For instance, bottle service minimums can start as low as $500 and go up to around $3,000 – $4000 for a table near the DJ. Of course, these prices may change based on how many people are in your party or if it’s a big event like a theme party.

How To Calculate The Total Bottle Service Cost

As with all clubs in Las Vegas, bottle service prices are quoted without the venue fee, tax, and tip. This means that if you make a reservation for a $1,000 minimum, you’ll want to add approximately 37% to calculate the final amount you’ll be required to pay. So, in this example, your total cost is $1,370.

Bottle Service Minimum: $1,000

Plus: 37% service/tax/tip fees: $370

Total Cost: $1,370

To give you a general idea for the bottle service minimums you can expect, here’s some sample table pricing from October 2018. The prices below are for informational purposes only. For a bottle service quote on the day you’ll be in town, please email us at

Table Cost By Section

Rosé Terrace: $500+

Main Room (Diamond): $1000+

Main Room (Platinum): $2000+

Bottle service tables on the Rosè Terrace are located outside while the main room has two options to choose from – diamond and platinum. If you select a diamond table, you’ll be off to the side. With a platinum table, you’ll be more centrally located in the middle of the room. For your convenience, we’ve identified the various tables and their corresponding sections on the map below.

Table Map

A floor plan of Lavo Party Brunch showing the main room and terrace table locations.

Best Tables

Lavo is a smaller club, so almost all of the tables are in the action (if you’re in the main room). The absolute best tables are located in the middle of the dance floor in front of the DJ booth. These are some of the platinum tables and will come at a premium price.

Value Tables (most bang for your buck)

We’re big fans of the diamond tables that are located next to the platform where the dancers perform. The location is fantastic, and it’s our top pick for the best value tables in the club. You’ll still get a great view from here (the platform is low so that you can see the entire club), and you’ll feel like you’re in the action too. What’s more, you’ll pay up to $1000 less for these as compared to the platinum tables that on the other side of the platform.

Budget-Friendly Tables

The least expensive bottle service options are any tables located on the Rosè Terrace. These tables are on the patio (outside) overlooking the strip. Now if you think that getting a table out here means you’ll be far from the action, you might want to reconsider. For the 2018 – 2019 season, Lavo has added additional seating so you can count on it being packed every Saturday.

Additionally, if there are any promoter tables available, they may get seated out here too so the terrace may have a lot of women.

With a table on the terrace, you’re also free to go inside the club at any time. All you need to do is let your cocktail server know, and she’ll hold your table and bottles for you until you return.

Lastly, if you’d like to smoke, you’ll want to reserve a table on the terrace as smoking isn’t permitted inside the main room.

Vegas Primer Tip: Lavo Party Brunch isn’t likely to guarantee a specific table, but instead they’ll ensure a section, i.e., diamond, platinum or terrace. That said, getting to the club early may help you get a better seating location. 
A Note About The Upstairs

For those of you who have been to Lavo Party Brunch before you might remember that there was an upstairs section of the club with a different DJ. It was fantastic because you could get bottle service here starting at $100 per person. Unfortunately, Lavo has closed the upstairs section of the club this year leaving only the main room and terrace available for bottle service. On the one hand, it’s nicer because everyone will be on the same level. But on the other, you’ll find prices for bottle service to be somewhat higher than last year.

The club does still have some smaller tables located on the upstairs glass walkway. From here, you’ll be able to see the party below, and you can quickly head downstairs too. These tables are usually priced at a discount as compared to other main room tables.

Bottle Menu

Here’s Lavo Party Brunch’s bottle service menu. The lowest priced bottles start at $425. Please keep in mind that offerings and prices are subject to change.

***Please email us at for the 2019 bottle menu.***

Drink and Bottle Options At Lavo Party Brunch

Food Menu

If you’re looking to grab a bite during the dayclub, you’ll want to arrive at 1:00 pm. We recommend coming then because you need to allow enough time to be seated and eat before Lavo turns itself into a full-on party. (At around 3:00 pm the lights go down, and the club starts.)

And like I mentioned in the bottle service introduction, brunch is reserved exclusively for table service patrons. This means that only guests with bottle service reservations can order food. That said, Lavo does offer brunch starting at 10 am. (Lavo operates as a restaurant before and after the party brunch.) You’re welcome to dine at the restaurant earlier in the day and then return at 1 pm for the party. This is one of our favorite tips for enjoying Lavo’s famous brunch without having to purchase a bottle service table.

Breakfast and Brunch Offerings at Lavo Party Brunch

Bottle Service Presentations

Lavo has some of the best bottle service displays. The main reason for this is because Lavo is a smaller venue so when you order a bottle and the waitresses come out with sparklers everyone’s eyes will be drawn to you.

As a general rule, Lavo provides bottle presentations for first bottle orders exceeding $1,000 – $1,500. There’s also a bottle service presentation menu. If you’d like to see this menu, please email us at

If you want a display, we recommend letting your cocktail server know upon arrival so she can make the necessary arrangements. It’s also worth double checking with her to make sure your first bottle order will meet the requirement for one. (Please note that depending on the day the required minimum order amount may change.)

If you’d like a custom creation for your bottle presentation, please reach out to us a few weeks in advance, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Girl Complimentary Tables

Because Lavo is a boutique club and a lot of women like to come here, girl comp tables are few and far between. And girl comp availability is even worse this year since Marquee’s Dayclub Dome is closed making Lavo the only dayclub option now. Not to mention that the Lavo has decided to close the upstairs section of the club, so there are fewer tables available.

For those of you new to Las Vegas, a girl comp table is when a club offers a complimentary table (free alcohol) to a group of women (sometimes for an hour or two) or possibly for the entire day or night.

Promoter Table

Although challenging to land a comp table given the limited number available this season (or possibly none at all), there may be some available in the form of a promoter table. This is when a promoter hosts multiple girl groups at one table. (A comp is when you get the entire table to your group.)

Like a comp table, a promoter table is not guaranteed for the whole time, and everyone must chip in on a tip for the waitress. Here again, the table can last a few minutes or an hour – it all depends on when it gets sold to a paying client. There’s absolutely no guarantee how long you’ll have the table.

If you’re interested in seeing if a promoter table is available for the date you’d like to go, you’ll need to make arrangements in advance. It’s not something that you can walk up to the club and ask to join. Feel free to email us at, and we’ll see what’s available for your date. Please reach out to us about a week before as we won’t have availability information until that time.

What’s Cool About Lavo Party Brunch

Only One Of Its Kind

There’s no other club on the strip like Lavo Party Brunch. For example, it’s the only club that allows you to order food while you party. And it’s also the only club to let you dance on the tables. Be careful though and dance at your own risk! It can get slippery if something spills.

Food Is Excellent

The food is honestly really, really good. I’ve been fortunate enough to have it quite a few times. The white polenta pancakes topped with whipped Nutella butter and hazelnut crunch are amazing. Mike strongly dislikes pancakes in general, so his go-to favorites are the crispy truffle fries and the penne seafood alfredo although not necessarily together. Of course, there are healthier options too. Check out the menu posted above for a full listing of food offerings.

Pancakes topped with whipped Nutella butter and a hazelnut crunch.

Best Girl To Guy Ratio

Hands down Lavo has the best girl to guy ratio of any club in Las Vegas. By our estimates, it comes in at a shocking 3:1. This means that if you’re looking to meet some women, you won’t have any trouble at Lavo. Not only that but the ladies at this club are gorgeous. It’s why Lavo makes our list of best places to find hot women in Vegas.


Lavo has an excellent dancing team. The girls’ moves are all freestyle, and they don’t just dance for a little while and then leave. They’re dancing the entire time. It creates a high energy environment that adds a lot to the party brunch.

What’s more, the dancers are in the middle of the action dancing on a platform right next to the tables. So if you appreciate women’s booties, you’ll enjoy the view.

Go-go dancers perform on top of tables at Lavo Party Brunch

Lavo Dancers © 2019 Vegas Primer™


Because Lavo is a smaller club, the lighting is all-encompassing. For example, the beams are stronger, and the colors are brighter than at the other clubs. It’s almost like you can reach up and grab the lights.

Party Favors

Lavo is heavy on favors. (Real party favors, not the other kind.) In fact, they offer the most of any club. At Lavo, you’ll get glow sticks, glow necklaces and sunglasses. They’re also big on confetti so be sure to cover your drink when the confetti showers start.

Theme Parties

Quite often, Lavo throws epic theme parties. Some of the most popular ones include their Halloween party, lingerie party brunch and beach brunch. Mike’s favorite is the superheroes vs. villains party. And ladies, if you come dressed for the occasion, Lavo will reward you with an open bar for about an hour. The open bar happens earlier in the day around 2-3 pm so make sure you get to Lavo early.

Cocktail Servers Dressed In Lingerie

Photo Ops

One of my favorite spots to snap some quick pics is out on the Rosè Terrace. There’s a super cute backdrop with flowers in the shape of a heart.

Flowers in the shape of heart on Lavo's Rosè Terrace

Photo Op On The Rosè Terrace © 2019 Vegas Primer™

Also, check out the mini red carpet with the Lavo logo backdrop inside the main room at the base of the stairs. There’s also a fun photo opportunity inside the Palazzo before you enter the club. There you’ll find a large-scale gold frame with flowers and a champagne bottle.

Unique Beverages And Desserts

Lavo has some of the coolest shareable drinks we’ve ever seen. These drinks come in a huge glass with as many straws as you need so you can share with all of your friends.

Additionally, if you’re celebrating a birthday or any other special occasion and you’re in need of a cake we recommend ordering one at Lavo. They have some of the most massive, insane cakes in Las Vegas. Not only that but they’re crazy good as well.

Now if ice cream is more your speed, they have that too. Of course, the ice cream is humongous and arrives in an ice bowl with as many spoons as you need.

Alcohol Sponsors

On most Saturdays, Lavo has an alcohol company sponsor the brunch. You’ll see promo models walking around with free alcohol on trays. There aren’t many clubs in Vegas that offer free alcohol so take full advantage of this.

Open Bar

Often, Lavo Party Brunch offers a champagne open bar for guest list ladies from 1:00 – 2:00 pm. Bottle service guests can also get in on the action from 12:30 until 1:00 pm.

An Important Note For The Ladies


Although a decent size for when Lavo operates as a restaurant, the bathrooms are entirely too small for the party brunch (in my opinion). For example, in the women’s loo, there are only two or three stalls. And the line is almost always out the door.

Be careful when you wash your hands too. You’ll have to touch the foot bar to turn the water on, and if you do it too forcefully, you’ll get water all over you in a not so great place. (Obviously, this has happened to me one too many times.)

Further still, if you want to touch up your makeup, you won’t be able to do so. With the line of women behind you and the dark lighting, you can’t move or even see yourself let alone throw away a paper towel. Do yourself a favor and exit Lavo to get to a bathroom (please check with security though upon leaving to make sure you’ll be allowed back inside once you return).

Vegas Primer Tip: Don’t bother going to the bathrooms at Lavo Party Brunch. They’re too small and full of guests. Exit Lavo through the main entrance and head diagonally to your left. You’ll find a very spacious bathroom with lots of stalls, mirrors, sinks and decent lighting. Just make sure to exit Lavo at least an hour after club opening so getting back inside will be a breeze.

And that completes our primer on Lavo Party Brunch. We obviously love this club a lot!

For guest list and bottle service inquiries, contact us at (702) 816-6738 or email us at Also, feel free to complete the contact form below, and we’ll get back to you promptly.

See you at brunch!

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Due to the volume of requests we receive, we can only respond to bottle service and guest list inquiries at this time. We’ve included all general information about the club in this article and in our YouTube video. Thank you! 












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