It’s Here! Encore Beach Club Night Swim

There’s a lot to like about a nighttime pool party. You’re free of the blazing sun, you don’t have to worry about sunscreen, you can wear almost whatever you want, and it’s warm even at 2 am! Considering all these benefits, it’s no surprise that the number of night swims in Las Vegas has doubled in the last two years.

For instance, you’ve got XS Nightswim, Eclipse at Daylight, Drai’s Swim Night, Kaos’ Soak and the reigning champ, Encore Beach Club Night Swim. What started as a once per week industry party, is now the top choice for a nighttime pool party in Vegas.

Today, we’re sharing all our insider deets about Encore Night Swim including nights open, dress code, tickets, guest list, bottle service, DJs, and more. Get your swimsuits ready! This is exciting stuff.

**Coronavirus Update: Reopening dates and revised club formats**

People dancing and in the pool at EBC night swim
Encore Beach Club Night Swim (photo credit:

Encore Beach Club Night Swim

Encore Beach Club Night Swim is a pool party at night. If you’ve been to Encore Beach Club (EBC), then you pretty much know that Encore Beach Club Night Swim is going to be just like EBC during the day, except at night. It’s worth pointing out though that the nighttime party offers a more relaxed vibe. And, better still, prices are considerably less than the daytime version too.

EBC At Night vs. EBC Night Swim

Before we divulge everything there is to know about EBC Night Swim, I want to take a moment to explain the difference between EBC At Night and EBC Night Swim.

Each year, all pool clubs in Vegas open before their official grand opening. This period is what we like to call the “preseason.”

For EBC’s night pool party, the preseason is known as “Encore Beach Club At Night.” During this time, you’ll still see some of the best DJs perform, but no one is allowed in the pools (because it’s still too cold).

A lot of people get confused during the preseason and show up in swimsuits anyway. Now security probably won’t turn you away, but you may feel a little out of place because most other guests will be in standard nightclub attire.

Once the grand opening arrives in May though, that’s when the pool fun begins, and the club transforms into “Night Swim.” This is when it becomes an actual nighttime pool party, and you’re free to get in the pools.

Another notable difference between Encore Beach Club At Night and Night Swim is the table prices. You’ll find that bottle service minimums are lower during the “at night” version.

Quick Facts

  • Season: May – October (preseason March – April)
  • Nights Open: Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday
  • Hours: 10:30 pm – 4:00 am
  • Bottle Service: $$ – $$$
  • Music: EDM
  • DJs: Diplo, Afrojack, Major Lazer, Disclosure, Rüfüs Du Sol, Elephante, Anna Lunoe, Dillon Francis, Nora En Pure, Galantis, Salvatore Ganacci, RL Grime, Flosstradamus, SAYMYNAME, and more
  • Special Events: Industry nights 


You’ll find Encore Beach Club located inside the Wynn and Encore hotels at 3131 S. Las Vegas Blvd. From Encore’s front desk, head diagonally to the far right corner, just past the old Surrender nightclub and Andrea’s restaurant. You’ll see a hallway in front of you with doors leading to Encore Beach Club Night Swim. If you’re lost, look up. There are signs overhead guiding the way.

There’s also an entrance on the second level of the parking garage on the Encore side. It’s not always open though so it’s best to call the hotel before you arrive to confirm that that entrance will be available.

What Encore Beach Club Night Swim Is Like

Encore Beach Club is impeccable. With its vibrant red, white and gold striped decor, EBC is the most aesthetically pleasing club in Vegas. Even from Las Vegas Boulevard the lively theme for the club is readily apparent. It just screams fun and makes me green with envy anytime I drive by.

EBC is 60,000 SF of paradise featuring three pools and two stories of cabanas and bungalows with glass railings that guarantee everyone has a fantastic view. In total there are 26 cabanas and eight bungalows. And the bungalows are so spacious they could almost be considered small houses. All of the bungalows and cabanas open up to the strip offering an exceptional view, especially at night.

There are also DJ tables, daybeds, gaming tables, lilly pads, water couches and beach couches available for bottle service. Alternatively, you can get on the guest list or buy tickets.

EBC lights up the night with its nighttime pool party. Palm trees, cabanas, daybeds, and the beautiful Encore hotel is in the background.
The Night Begins At Encore Beach Club Night Swim (photo credit:

Dress Code

Since it’s not a pool party until after the preseason in March and April, you’ll want to avoid wearing swimsuits and stick to standard nightclub attire instead. That means you’ll want to dress like you’re going to any other nightclub – in dresses and heels for the ladies and nice dress pants and button-ups for the gents.

Once the grand opening arrives for Encore Beach Club Night Swim in May, almost anything goes when it comes to attire. It’s a pool party, after all! So, bring on the swimsuits.

We recommend that guys wear swimming trunks and a shirt or a tank top. And for the ladies, swimsuits or cover-ups over swim attire.

That said, you don’t have to wear swim attire if you don’t want to. If you prefer, you can dress up, or you can wear more casual clothes too.

You’ll find that half of the guests will come in swim attire and the other half in club clothes. So whichever option you choose, you’ll be in good company.

Also, there aren’t any restrictions on shoes. Yes, that means flip-flops are a go!

And although the dress code is generally more laid back at EBC Night Swim compared to other clubs, there are a few restrictions you’ll want to keep in mind.

  • Guys: No wife beaters, sports team attire, jerseys, basketball shorts or hats allowed (stylish hats like fedoras are okay).
  • Ladies: Nothing see-through.
Photos of guests wearing jeans and a tank top, swimming suits and bikinis, dresses, and heels.


Purses and small bags are allowed. We recommend no more substantial than 8.5″ by 11.5″, and all bags will be subject to a security check upon entry.

Prohibited Items

  • Prescription and non-prescription drugs
  • Marijuana
  • No personal pool floats

We also recommend not bringing in lip gloss, gum, mints or liquids of any kind into the club.

Guest List

Encore Night Swim offers a guest list for free entry into the club. Currently, ladies get in for free, and guys do too with at least an even ratio of women to men. Keep in mind though that the guest list isn’t open all night. You’ll want to pay close attention to the cut-off times to ensure entry. (You must be at the front of the line by the times listed to make it inside the club.) Here are the cut-off times on most nights.

  • Ladies free until 1:30 am
  • Even ratio (or better) until 1:00 am & reduced after

Vegas Primer Tip: Please don’t wait until the last minute to arrive. Lines at EBC Night Swim get long – sometimes even an hour or more. We recommend coming at 10:15 pm for fastest entry.

If there’s a special event though, guys may have to pay a reduced or full cover charge. Keep in mind that if it’s a holiday weekend like Memorial Day or Labor Day, there may not be a guest list.


If you can’t get on the guest list and you don’t want to make a bottle service reservation, purchasing a general admission ticket is the way to go. Although you’ll spend a few bucks on entry, you’ll get in the club relatively quickly (which is not always the case with the guest list line).

Currently, ticket prices are $25 for women and $45 for guys (not including taxes and fees). Additionally, there’s an expedited entry option available for approximately $20 more. To purchase tickets, click here.

If you can get to the club when it opens, then you don’t need to worry too much about waiting in line. If you’re arriving after the club’s been open for an hour or two, then you might want to consider the expedited entry option.

Additionally, all tickets will list an “arrive by” time. This is the cut-off time for guaranteed entry into the club. After that time, it’s possible you may not get into the venue if it reaches capacity.

Vegas Primer Tip: There’s no place to sit inside the club if you’re purchasing tickets or if you’re on the guest list. Tables and seating are exclusively for bottle service guests only. If you don’t want to stand all night, then it’s best to make a bottle service reservation. You can, however, get in the pools as much as you’d like.

Encore Night Swim Bottle Service

Pricing for Encore Beach Club Night Swim is surprisingly quite a bit less than the cost of EBC during the day. I think prices are a steal for getting to party at a top beach club in Las Vegas albeit at night.

Encore Beach Club Night Swim offers 11 distinct table service experiences including Lower and Upper Bungalows, Lower and Upper Cabanas, DJ Tables, Water Couches, Daybeds, Lily Pads, Beach Couches, and Gaming Tables. And recently added are the backstage tables. These are backstage near the DJ! (On some nights, EBC Night Swim doesn’t open up the 2nd level so upper bungalows and upper cabanas may not be available.)

Photos and Descriptions of Bottle Service Table Options at EBC.

Table Map

Below is the table map for Encore Beach Club Night Swim. Refer to the key for locations of the bottle service table options.

Please note: If you’re ultra-observant, you’ll notice that some of the L-couches look like daybeds. The club hasn’t updated this map to show that they’re now L-couches, but you can count on the X’s being the locations of the L-shaped couches.

Bottle Service Cost

The following Encore Beach Club Night Swim bottle service prices are provided for informational purposes only. Prices listed are subject to change and may vary depending on the day.

To make a bottle service reservation at EBC Night Swim, you must agree to spend a specific dollar amount (the bottle service minimum) at the club. I like to think of the table as being free for agreeing to purchase this amount.

For instance, based on the prices below, if you wanted to get a lower cabana, then you’d need to spend at least $2,000. The $2,000 can be spent however you’d like – on bottles, water, energy drinks, etc. Of course, if you don’t spend the entire minimum, then you’ll still be charged that amount. Conversely, if you go over your minimum, then you’ll be responsible for the minimum plus the overage as well.

Minimum Spend Amounts

  • Lower Bungalows: $5,000 (20ppl)
  • DJ Tables: $4,000 (12ppl)
  • Upper Bungalows: $3,500 (15ppl)
  • Water Couches: $2,500 (10ppl)
  • Lower Cabanas: $2,000 (12ppl)
  • Upper Cabanas: $2000 (10ppl)
  • Daybeds: $1,200 (6ppl)
  • Gaming Tables: $1,200 (8ppl)
  • Lilly Pads: $750 (6ppl)
  • Beach Couches: $750 (6ppl)
  • Backstage: $2500 (6ppl), $3000 (10ppl), $4000 (15ppl)
  • No Specific Location: $750 (6ppl), $1,000 (8ppl), $1,500 (10ppl)

Vegas Primer Tip: For the lowest bottle service pricing at EBC Night Swim, head to the club on a Wednesday evening.

No Specific Location Tables

You might be wondering what a No Specific Location (NSL) table is. These are tables that typically offer a reduced price for group sizes of six to ten. There’s one catch though. With an NSL bottle service reservation, the location and type of table will be determined at the club when you arrive.

So, if you want bottle service and don’t care where you’re sitting or what table option you get, this an excellent choice. You’ll get what the club deems as “best available” which may potentially cost less than if you had booked that specific table type originally.

For example, let’s say you decide on a $750 minimum table. Referring to our pricing guide above, a $750 minimum gets you a beach couch or a lilly pad. But, if you opt for a $750 NSL, you might land yourself a daybed instead.

Now, getting a higher tier table is never guaranteed. You could just as easily end up with a table equivalent to the same minimum. It all depends on the night, and as I mentioned above, it won’t be determined until you’re at the club.

Venue Fee, Tax, and Tip

In addition to the minimum spend amount, Encore Beach Club currently charges approximately 36% for their venue fee, tax, and tip. You’ll want to add this percentage to the price quoted to calculate the total amount you’ll pay at the club. For example, if you booked a $1200 minimum, then the final cost would be roughly $1630.

The 36% is broken down as follows.

Venue Fee: 12.75%

Gratuity: 15%

Sales Tax: 8.25%

EBC At Night Bottle Menu

Here’s the current bottle menu for Encore Beach Club Night Swim. Prices may be subject to change.

Vodka, Tequila, and Rum bottle prices at Encore Night Swim

Bottle Service Packages

On select nights, we can offer the following bottle deals to our clients. These packages are a fantastic option as they’re like getting a bottle (and then some!) for free.

$777: 750ml Vodka, 750ml Tequila, 4 Red Bull, 4 Resqwater

$1200: (2) 1.75L Vodka, 6 Red Bull, 4 Resqwater

$1750: (2) 1.75L Vodka, 750ml Tequila or 750ml Champagne, 6 Red Bull, 4 Resqwater

Also, there are four essential things you need to know about our bottle service packages.

  1. Bottle deals must be booked with your initial reservation (they’re not available on the night).
  2. Unless otherwise noted, the club determines the brand.
  3. The bottle deal counts towards your minimum spend requirement.
  4. Packages are limited to one per customer.

Packages and offerings may be subject to change.

What’s Cool About Encore Beach Club Night Swim

Top DJs

Since Encore Beach Club is part of the Wynn properties, DJs are shared across all venues. This means that you’ll get the best DJs in all of Vegas performing at Encore Beach Club Night Swim. You’ll see Diplo, Afrojack, Major Lazer, and more.

One Crazy Party

Although EBC is upscale, this is a pool party, after all, so you can count on it being one crazy night. For instance, a guest favorite is the Shower Rain Pavilion where ladies are free to show off their dance moves on poles. (I’m sure you can use your imagination for this one.) Look for the Shower Rain Pavilion in the middle of the main pool.

Also, as is apparent from the photos, the pools are fair game for any guest, so feel free to hop in whenever you’d like. You’ll want to leave your drinks behind though as they’re not allowed in the pools.

The Shower Rain Pavilion At Encore Beach Club Night Swim Provide A Platform For Ladies To Dance
The Shower Rain Pavilion At Encore Beach Club Night Swim (photo credit:

Pool Floats

It wouldn’t be a pool party without pool floats. For example, Encore Beach Club has noodles, rafts, and large-scale floats like rubber duckies and dinosaurs. They’re not available to rent so you’ll have to be quick when you see one become available. (Just don’t bring a pool float to the club with you, they’re not permitted.)

Hottest Waitresses & Guests

Not only is the club beautiful, but the people are too. You’ll find some of the most attractive guests in all of Vegas here. Not only that but the waitresses hold the distinction of being the hottest of any day or nightclub in town.

Industry Night

EBC Night Swim hosts its industry night on Wednesdays. If you don’t know what industry nights in Vegas are all about, check out our article here. In short, industry nights are when other day and nightclub employees come out to party and show their support.

You can also score exceptional bottle service pricing on industry night and mingle with industry hotties. Expect to see a lot of cocktail waitresses and hosts here from other venues as well.

Private Pools

If you want the ultimate VIP experience, check out EBC’s bungalows – the lower level ones come with a private pool. These are also perfect if you’re looking for a more intimate party experience.

Bottle Service Presentations

Encore Beach Club Night Swim has some of the most extravagant bottle service presentations in Vegas. For example, there’s a Harley Davidson bottle presentation that costs $100k+ (yes, you get to keep the motorcycle) and a $25k 10-foot tall Ferris wheel that features servers spraying you with bubbly as they go round and round. Of course, there are bottle service presentations at lower price points too.

Two cocktail waitresses hold a big bottle of champagne during a helicopter bottle presentation at Encore Beach Club Night Swim
‘The Copper Chopper Bottle Presentation (photo credit:


Encore Beach Club Night Swim is one of the few venues in Vegas to provide card tables inside their club. So when you want to take a break from the partying, head over to the gaming pavilion to try your hand at craps, poker or blackjack. Hanging out in the gaming pavilion is also a fantastic option if you want to sit down for a while.

That’s All Folks!

Well, that does it for our guide on this Vegas night swim. Did we leave anything out? Do you have any questions? Please let us know.

(P.S. You might also like our other Wynn club guides on Encore Beach Club and XS.)


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