The Ultimate Guide To Drai’s Nightclub

Without question, Drai’s Nightclub is the best hip-hop club in Las Vegas. I’m sure that fact won’t come as a surprise to those of you who have been before. From its indoor/outdoor design with gorgeous views of the strip to its enormous stage featuring the hottest dancers, Drai’s has us officially obsessed.

But where Drai’s truly stands out though is in its event lineup. Drai’s is more than just your typical DJ-based club. It’s a performance club. Sure, they have DJs that play hip-hop music on some nights, and that’s all well and good, but you’ll also get to see mega-talents like Big Sean, TIP, Trey Songz, 2 Chainz, and Chris Brown. Yes, I’m talking LIVE ON STAGE. There aren’t any clubs in Vegas that offer an actual concert experience with top acts like these on the reg.

Meek Mill performs to a sold out crowd at Drai's Nightclub

Meek Mill Performs At Drai’s Nightclub (photo credit:

Now if you’re planning a night out at Drai’s soon, we created this primer to help make your life easier. In it, you’ll discover everything there is to know about Vegas’ #1 hip-hop club so that you can make the most of your clubbing experience.


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About Drai’s Nightclub

If you were to ask any of the Drai’s Group partners how they came up with the concept for the club, they’ll tell you it was inspired by their favorite nightclub experiences around the world. Specifically, they took what they liked best at these venues and re-created it on the rooftop of the Cromwell hotel. And they spared no expense.

The Property

When you step foot inside Drai’s Nightclub, you’ll immediately notice that you’re in a monstrous mega-club with a view that’s quite possibly the best in Vegas. The club features over 25,000 SF of indoor and outdoor space, two bars, 7,000 SF of LED screens, 150 bottle service tables both inside and out, two levels, a fantastic DJ booth, ginormous stage and a phenomenal sound system. And let’s not forget the crown jewel of the club – an 80-sided LED disco ball that hangs from the ceiling in the center of the dance floor.

TIP & Trey Songz on stage at Drai's Nightclub

TIP & Trey Songz Perform (photo credit:

Drai’s Nightclub Quick Facts

  • Nights Open: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
  • Hours: 10:30 pm – 4:00 am
  • Bottle Service: $$$ – $$$$
  • Music: Hip-hop
  • DJs: DJ Esco and DJ Franzen
  • Performances: TIP, Big Sean, Partynextdoor, Future, 2 Chainz, Trey Songz, and more
  • Special Events: Swim Night and Drai’s Live Concert Series


Drai’s Nightclub is inside the Cromwell hotel in the middle of the strip. Specifically, the address is 3595 S Las Vegas Blvd. Fortunately, it’s beyond simple to find the club. In fact, it’s one of the most conveniently located clubs on the entire strip.

From Cromwell’s main valet, enter through the casino doors. You’ll see the entrance to Drai’s Nightclub just off to the right.

Dress Code

For guys, we recommend nice pants, a button-up shirt, and dress shoes. Jeans are okay as long as they look nice and aren’t baggy.

For ladies, a dress and heels are always encouraged. But, you have much more leeway in your fashion choices than the guys do. For example, you can pretty much wear whatever you want except for anything see-through. Also, please don’t wear flip-flops unless it’s Drai’s Swim Night.

A word of caution – Drai’s Las Vegas’ dress code is much stricter compared to the other nightclubs in town. There are no hats, athletic clothing or athletic shoes, shorts, ripped clothing, chains, sandals, Jordans, Timberlands, baggy pants or anything else that would be considered offensive allowed. Most importantly, there are no exceptions to the dress code.

If you’re told to change an item of clothing, please don’t ask to speak to a manager. It won’t do you any good. In fact, it’ll probably just get you kicked out of the club.

Vegas Primer Tip: Do NOT wear Jordans or Timberlands to Drai’s Nightclub. They won’t let you into the club, and you’ll be forced to return to your hotel room to change your shoes. 

Women wearing dresses and skirts. Guys are wearing dress pants and collared shirts at Drai's Nightclub.

Drai’s Nightclub Attire (photo credit:

Prohibited Items

The following items are not allowed inside Drai’s Nightclub. Please leave them in your hotel room. If you bring any of these items to the club, Drai’s management may take and discard them without reimbursement. Even worse, you may be denied entry.

  • eye drops
  • gum
  • outside food and drinks
  • liquids
  • vitamins or supplements
  • over the counter medicines
  • medications without a prescription
  • cameras and GoPros
  • selfie sticks
  • vapes

Drais Tickets

Ladies: Tickets start at $20 on DJ nights and $40 on performance nights.

Guys: Tickets start at $30 on DJ nights and $60 on the performance nights.

Please note: prices listed do not include the tax and processing fee. You’ll want to add roughly 25% to the ticket price to calculate the total amount you’ll pay. Also, cover charges will be higher on holiday weekends.

You can get Drais Tickets here.

Vegas Primer Tip: You’ll get the best deal if you purchase your tickets online in advance. On some nights, tickets at the club can go up two to three times higher than website ticket prices.

Guest List

On almost all nights the club is open (except for sometimes on the big holiday weekends), Drai’s offers a guest list. Women receive free entry with a list reservation. Men may also get complimentary entry into the club with at least an even ratio of women to men in the group.

You’ll want to adhere though to the guest list rules to ensure entry. These include arriving before the guest list cut-off time (we recommend at least an hour before in case there’s a line) and adhering to the club’s dress code.


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Drai’s Las Vegas Table Service

Making a bottle service reservation at Drai’s Nightclub gets you the ultimate in VIP treatment. You’ll receive complimentary, expedited entry into Drai’s Nightclub for your entire group, a designated table to party at for the whole night, a personal cocktail server, security staff, busser, and most importantly a place to charge your phone. Storage is available at your table too. You’ll also enjoy unlimited mixers for your drinks like orange, pineapple and cranberry juice. But, you don’t just have to order bottles of alcohol at your table either. Bottled water and energy drinks are also available.

You can make a table reservation in the club’s outside area, on the second level (mezzanine), or in the main room. Prices start at $600 and go up to $8,000+ for the most sought after table locations. Choose from over 90 nightclub tables and 11 different bottle service sections. For instance, Drai’s outside area features poolside banquettes, bungalows, and patio dance floor tables. Upstairs you’ll find VIP balcony tables and mezzanine booths. And in the main room, there are elevated VIP booths, banquettes, upper dance floor tables, dance floor tables, stage tables, and the coveted owner’s table.

On Drai’s Swim Nights, more bottle service table locations open up around the pool. These additional table options include day beds, panorama booths, pool deck booths, and cabanas.

Bottle Service Minimums vs. Total Cost

Prices for Drai’s bottle service are quoted regarding a minimum spend amount. For instance, you’ll get a free place to party at a table all your own for agreeing to spend a certain amount on bottle service.

To explain further, if you select a banquette table that has a $1,000 minimum, then you’ll need to spend up to $1,000. Now if you go over that amount, you’ll be responsible for the overage. Conversely, if you spend less, then you’ll still have to pay $1,000. Now you can spend your minimum however you’d like. And waters and energy drinks also count towards your minimum. But, keep in mind, that bottle prices in Vegas are much higher than what you’d find in your typical liqueur store. Plan on spending around $600 a bottle.

It’s important to know that the bottle service minimum is not the total cost you’ll pay at Drai’s Nightclub. You’ll also be charged approximately 34% for their venue fee, tax, and tip. Be sure to add this percentage to the prices quoted to calculate the all-in amount you’ll pay.

For a Drai’s bottle service price quote, please contact us at

Drai’s Nightclub Table Map

A map of Drai's Nightclub showing the club's layout including the bottle service table options.

Poolside Banquette

  • Cost: starting at $600 weekdays and $1,000 weekends
  • Capacity: 4 guests
  • Description: Located on the pool deck in Drai’s outside area, you’ll party the night away under the stars. From here, you’ll still get a great view of the entire club. And although not in the main room, you can see what’s happening on the main stage by looking up at the LED screens. Poolside banquette tables are one of the most budget-friendly bottle service options at Drai’s Nightclub. One word of caution here though. These tables are located along the pool so you could end up with a table that’s at the back of the club. If this is something you’re not okay with, then opt for the VIP balcony tables instead.
A photo showing the poolside banquette table option featuring two chairs, sofa and a small table overlooking the Drai's pool.

Poolside Banquette Table

VIP Balcony

  • Cost: starting at $600 weekdays and $1,500 weekends
  • Capacity: 4 guests
  • Description: VIP balcony tables provide a sweeping view of the entire club. And you’ll also be eye level to the astounding LED disco ball. These tables are the best spot to watch confetti and blasts of cold fog rain down on the crowd. An excellent option for doing bottle service on a budget.
Leather couches on the second level of Drai's Nightclub.

VIP Balcony Tables

Mezzanine Booth

  • Cost: starting at $1,000 weekdays and $2,000 weekends
  • Capacity: 6 guests
  • Description: A more private option, mezzanine booths are an excellent choice if you want to be somewhat away from the crowd. Like the VIP balcony tables, they’re located on the second level overlooking the dance floor so you’ll get a birds-eye view of the entire venue.
Red and black couches overlooking the Drai's dance floor.

Mezzanine Tables


  • Cost: starting at $1,000 weekdays and $2,000 weekends
  • Capacity: 8 guests
  • Description: You’ll find bungalows in Drai’s outside area along the edge of the main pool. They’re also equipped with top-notch amenities including couches, a flat-screen TV, and a cabinet for storing your belongings. You can’t go swimming in the pool however unless it’s a Swim Night. Feel free to wade or dip your feet in though.
A look inside the bungalows at Drai's Nightclub featuring a private pool, couches, and a flat-screen TV.



  • Cost: starting at $1,000 weekdays and $2,500 weekends
  • Capacity: 4 guests
  • Description: Banquettes are along the back wall of Drai’s main room. These are the perfect option for smaller group sizes. The banquette tables also come at a fantastic price for being on the main level of the club. You’ll get a comfy black leather couch to sit on and be just a few short steps away from the dance floor. You’re right behind a walkway here, so if you don’t want to have people walking in front of you all night long, choose the elevated VIP booth tables instead.
Black leather couches with pink trim

Banquette Table

Elevated VIP Booth

  • Cost: starting at $1,200 weekdays and $3,000 weekends
  • Capacity: 6 guests
  • Description: Located directly behind the banquette tables, on both the north and south sides of the club, elevated VIP booths provide an all-encompassing view of the main room. The booths are roomy and comfortable, and they’re decently close to the dance floor and DJ booth too. Our top pick for best value tables at Drai’s.
A photo of the North and South Elevated VIP Booths featuring black leather couches.

Elevated VIP Booths

Patio Dance Floor

  • Cost: starting at $1,500 weekdays and $4,000 weekends
  • Capacity: 10 guests
  • Description: Patio dance floor tables are just shy of the main room on Drai’s outdoor patio. Here, you’ll be in the center of the club and get a real indoor/outdoor experience. Additionally, the tables are generously sized too. In fact, they’re exactly like the dance floor tables except for being on the patio. You’ll save around $2,000 by opting for this location over the dance floor.
Large leather couches on the patio at Drai's Nightclub.

Patio Dance Floor

Upper Dance Floor

  • Cost: starting at $2,000 weekdays and $5,000 weekends
  • Capacity: 12 guests
  • Description: Sitting directly behind the dance floor tables are the upper dance floor tables. You’ll get an exceptional view here and be ultra-close to the dance floor and DJ booth too. There’s also only one way to enter these booths, so you’ll get the ultimate in control for who comes and goes. Another pick for best value tables at Drai’s.
Black couches above the dance floor tables at Drai's Nightclub

Upper Dance Floor Tables

Dance Floor

  • Cost: starting at $3,000 weekdays and $6,000 weekends
  • Capacity: 12 guests
  • Description: Quite possibly the best table location in the entire club. Dance floor tables are right on the dance floor, so you’re only a step away from being in the action, and you’ll have an exceptional view of the DJ and performers too. Hands down the best spot to experience the party, confetti showers, and cryo fog raining down.
Bottle service tables located on the dance floor at Drai's

Dance Floor Table


  • Cost: starting at $5,000 weekdays and $8,000 weekends
  • Capacity: 6 guests
  • Description: Stage tables are behind the DJ booth giving you an all-encompassing view of the entire party including sights of the strip. You’ll also feel like you’re the ultimate VIP here with the DJ and performers exceptionally close to you. Additionally, entry to this secluded area is protected by security guards so you’ll experience the utmost privacy.
Bottle service tables located on the dance floor at Drai's

Stage Table


  • Cost: starting at $5,000 weekdays and $8,000 weekends
  • Capacity: 12 guests
  • Description: The owner table is where the owners sit when they come to the club. Its location is handpicked for offering one of the best sensory experiences. It’s also one of the largest booths. And, like the stage tables, it comes with the most expensive price tag at Drai’s.
One of the biggest table options at Drai's Nightclub. This is where the owners sit when they're in the club.

Owner Table

Best Tables

Upper & Lower Dance Floor

In our opinion, the best table locations at Drai’s Nightclub are the dance floor or upper dance floor tables, and this includes the super-sized owner table too. We like these tables best because it’s easy to invite whomever you’d like to join you as you’re only inches from the dance floor and near the walkways.


An honorable mention goes to the stage tables. Drai’s brings the hottest women in the club here, so if you’re a group of guys and want the most beautiful ladies in the club around you, book a table in this section. However, you’re kind of stuck with whoever is in this area though as these booths are somewhat away from the action, so it’s hard to invite other girls to your table. If you want other ladies at your table, you’ll need to leave the stage tables and scour the club to bring women back to your group.

Best Value Tables

Elevated VIP Booths

Without hesitation, the elevated VIP booths are our top pick for best value. (We define “best value” as a superior combination of location and price). Like we mentioned above, these booths are located along the nightclub’s back wall, where you’ll have elevated views of the entire club and be relatively close to the dance floor.

Now you might be wondering why we didn’t choose the banquette tables that are directly in front of the elevated VIP booths. And that’s a good thought. But the banquette tables aren’t elevated, and they’re right in the walkway so everyone will be walking past you all night long and may at times obscure your view.

Upper Dance Floor

Not only are Drai’s upper dance floor tables some of the best in the entire club, but they’re also our second choice for best value. For example, you can save a cool grand here by opting for these booths over the dance floor.

Bottle Menu

Below you’ll find the bottle menu and prices for Drai’s Nightclub. The following menu is provided for informational purposes only as prices and offerings are subject to change without notice at management’s discretion.

Vodka, Tequila, Rum, Gin, Bourbon, and Whiskey bottles and prices at Drai's Nightclub

What’s Cool About Drai’s

Swim Night

It was only a few weeks ago when I was writing about Encore Beach Club’s Night Swim. In that article, I stated how surprised I was that there weren’t more pool parties at night in Vegas. Well, Drai’s must’ve thought the same thing as they’re now doing “Swim Nights.”

And thank goodness they transposed the words so we can keep Encore and XS’s “Night Swim” distinct from Drai’s “Swim Night.” For those of you new to this concept, Drai’s Swim Nights are when you can go swimming in the pools at night all while enjoying the best hip-hop music in town.

For exact Swim Night dates, you can check the Drai’s calendar. Starting in July 2018, Swim Night will occur every Tuesday night. Even better, you’ll get performers on these nights too. In fact, Trey Songz performed at Drai’s Swim Night’s grand opening on May 15th.

Additionally, the dress code is more relaxed on Swim Night as most people will be in swim attire.

Nelly on stage with the Paris hotel in the background

Nelly Performs At Drai’s Swim Night

Bottle Service Presentations

Drai’s is the only venue that has fireworks as a selection for their bottle service presentations. And, what’s more, you even get a detonator.

Known as “fire in the sky” presentations, if you pay $20,000 or more, you’ll receive a fireworks package that shoots off the rooftop of the Cromwell and get an exquisite bottle of champagne.

And for the most high-roller experience, Drai’s even offers a private jet charter (737), fireworks display, and multiple bottle selections for you and your friends. Prices for this experience start at $250,000.

Of course,  there other bottle presentations that start at lower amounts. If you’re interested in getting one, all you need to do is speak with your cocktail server upon arrival and she’ll let you know the available options for that night.

A listing of the fireworks packages and jet charters available at Drai's Nightclub.

Drai’s Fireworks & Jet Charter Menu


The energy at Drai’s is electric. I know that might sound cheesy, but it’s true. There’s no other club in Las Vegas that has this high of energy. For example, on the DJ nights, you’ll see DJ Esco and DJ Franzen take to the stage and dance. And they’ll be on their mic involving the crowd as well.

DJ Esco with his bobble head look-a-like

DJ Esco On Stage At Drai’s Nightclub


The dancers certainly help with the high-intensity atmosphere as well. For example, they’re not just going through the motions; you feel their movements. And they do a phenomenal job of getting the crowd going too. But, most importantly, these ladies are HOT. I can’t even post some of the photos of their dancing because, well, they’re not suitable for publication. I’m sure you won’t mind heading to Drai’s and seeing for yourself. 😉

The Drai's dancers perform on the catwalk at Drai's Nightclub

Drai’s Nightclub Dancers

Guest Experience

Drai’s focuses more on the overall guest experience as compared to other clubs on the strip. Rather than the DJ being the sole focal point of the nightclub, it’s only one of many focal points. For instance, Drai’s makes sure that all guests are well taken care of with their notable customer service. They’ve also succeeded in making the club a destination in itself. Just head to the outside and take in the breathtaking panoramic views. And although their DJs certainly draw a crowd, you’ll see top hip-hop artists that are exclusive to Drai’s. These performances are part of the club’s Live series that feature choreographed dancing and full production with lighting and sound. In short, you’re getting a concert experience in a nightclub. There’s nothing else like it on the strip.

Trey Songz sings live on stage to a sold out crowd

Trey Songz Performs At Drai’s

Table Service

If you’re planning on getting bottle service at Drai’s, the table selections are fantastic. There aren’t just one or two excellent locations at Drai’s. There’s a lot. That’s why you’ll hear us say “any of the dance floor tables” or “any of the back wall tables.” Additionally, you don’t need to request specific table numbers, as almost all locations are excellent in each section.

After Hours

If you’re looking to get your party on after you’re finished with Drai’s Nightclub, head to Drai’s After Hours. Although not technically inside the nightclub itself, After Hours is to the right of Drai’s main entrance. Keep your eyes peeled for a gold elevator. That’s the entrance to this underground after party. We recommend everyone give after hours a go at least once.

Bookcases, a fireplace, and bottle service booths at Drai's After Hours

Inside Drai’s After Hours

That Does It For Drai’s Nightclub!

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Additionally, you may enjoy our other primers about the best hip-hop pool party on Sundays, the best dayclub, and the nightclub that’s often known for offering the best overall value.

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