Hakkasan Nightclub in Vegas: The Complete Guide [2021]

If you’re coming to Vegas for the clubs, Hakkasan nightclub should be near the top of your list. Not only does the venue have stellar DJs like Tiesto, but it’s got one of the best layouts in Las Vegas.

Case in point, you can “club hop” within the venue itself. You’ll find EDM playing in the Main Room while the 3rd floor is home to hip hop music in both a club and lounge setting. The club is truly the perfect option to suit everyone’s music tastes.

Fair warning, though, Hakkasan gets so incredibly popular that getting there early is a must. I know, buzzkill, right? But hear me out on this.

If you don’t get there on time, bad things can happen… like price increases at the door. Yikes!

But don’t worry. We’ve got you covered, and we’ll show you how you can protect yourself, too – coming up in our complete guide to Hakkasan nightclub!

A Hakkasan DJ crowd surfs inside the main room
Crowd Surfing At Hakkasan Las Vegas (photo credit: facebook.com/hakkasanlv)

Hakkasan Las Vegas

Hakkasan nightclub is inside the MGM Grand hotel at the southern end of the strip. It’s one of the most sought-after nightclub destinations, and it’s received numerous accolades, including ranking as the #1 Nightclub in the World by Playboy Magazine.

The property has four levels.

  • First Floor: Hakkasan Restaurant
  • Third Floor: 3rd Floor Club & Lounge
  • Fourth Floor: Main Room & Pavilion
  • Fifth Floor: Mezzanine

(The missing floor is the second floor, and it’s for private dining.)

Hakkasan is approximately 80,000 SF, and (if the rumors are true) somewhere around $100 – $200 million was spent to build this impressive property.

General Club Information

Photos of the Main Room & 3rd Floor Club
Hakkasan’s Main Room & 3rd Floor Club (photo credit: facebook.com/hakkasanlv)

Hakkasan is one of the few nightclubs on the strip that offers a “club within a club” concept. Although Hakkasan is known for being an EDM powerhouse in their main room, the venue also has a hip hop room (and lounge) aptly named the 3rd Floor Club and Lounge. (These areas were formerly known as the Ling Ling Club and Lounge.)

The 3rd-floor venues are typically open on Friday and Saturday nights during the summer months. There are times during the off-season, though, when they are closed. Whether or not they’re open depends on the demand each night. And the final decision may not be made until a few hours before the club’s opening.

Dress Code

As far as Vegas nightclubs go, people tend to dress up more at Hakkasan. If you’ve been to Omnia and XS, Hakkasan’s dress code is on par with them. So it’s always a good idea to come looking your best.

Dresses and heels (or nice looking flats) are recommended for the ladies. Dress pants, a collared shirt, and dress shoes are acceptable choices for guys.

Clothing items prohibited inside the club include hats, sandals, sneakers, ripped clothing, men’s shorts, and athletic wear. You’ll want to avoid wearing any sports team clothing items too.


Pre-sale general admission tickets for Hakkasan typically run $20-$30 for ladies and $30-$50 for gentlemen. With a ticket purchase, you’ll get access to the entire Hakkasan venue.

Vegas Primer Tip: On the big nights, if you want to avoid the line, arrive at Hakkasan before opening (10:00 pm). Or get there when the DJ comes on (usually between 1:00 and 1:30 am). At these times, the general admission line is short, and you should get right in. Be careful, though; if you arrive too late, the club may reach capacity and stop letting guests inside.

VIP Bar Cards

There are also VIP Bar Cards that include admission and a gift card for drinks. They’re a great value, especially considering the high cost of beverages inside the club.

Additionally, you’ll enjoy expedited entry with the purchase of a VIP Bar Card. If you ask us, it’s worth the cost alone to avoid waiting in line.

VIP Bar Cards are available on Hakkasan’s official site and aren’t typically sold at the door.

Combo Club Tickets

Lastly, if you’re planning on going to Wet Republic, another Hakkasan Group property, there are usually combination tickets for sale. By purchasing a combo club ticket, you’ll save yourself a few dollars off the venues’ entry cost.

Guest List

On most nights, if you’re on the guest list, you won’t have to pay admission. You’ll want to make sure, though, that you show up on time as the guest list line is long. Additionally, it’s essential to know that you must be at the front of the line before the guest list cut-off time to ensure entry.

Now, if you arrive late and don’t make it to the front by the cut-off time, then you’ll likely have to pay a cover charge.

To give yourself the best chance of getting in for free, we recommend arriving near the club’s opening (10:30 pm).

Guest list reservations are usually reserved for women only. Although, at Hakkasan, men can occasionally get on it, especially if there’s an even ratio of women in the group.

Be careful here, though. If Hakkasan is allowing men on their guest list, the cut-off time is typically much earlier than it is for women. You’ll want to make sure that your entire party can arrive close to the club’s opening.

There are some occasions, though, when a guest list isn’t available, and everyone is required to pay a cover charge. For example, on some nights with ultra-popular DJs like Tiesto or over a holiday weekend, the guest list may be limited.

Also, keep in mind that guest list entry is never guaranteed, and the nightclub has the final say regarding their guest list rules.

Hakkasan Table Reservations

Further down, we’ll go into more detail about table service reservations, including our top table picks. For now, here’s a general overview.

Your bottle service minimum determines your table inside Hakkasan. For example, the higher your minimum spend, the better your location.

Main Room seating costs the most because you’re closest to the headlining DJ. You’ll find moderate bottle service pricing in the Mezzanine and Pavilion areas. Typically, the lowest prices are found in the 3rd Floor Club and Lounge.

Here is a general idea of bottle service pricing for the various table locations inside Hakkasan.

  • 3rd Floor Lounge (Hip Hop Lounge): $
  • 3rd Floor Club (Hip Hop Room): $$
  • Pavilion (next to the Main Room): $$
  • Mezzanine (above the Main Room): $$$
  • Main Room: $$$$

Demand-Based Pricing

Hakkasan is a demand-based club. That means that table pricing is subject to change. So even if you make a reservation, your location isn’t guaranteed until you arrive. And depending on how many reservations the club has, the cost may increase at the door.

Vegas Primer Tip: It’s vital to come near the club’s opening for the best chance of getting the table section you want. Otherwise, you may pay more at the door, depending on demand. If you want your table section and minimum spend guaranteed, you can pay in advance. Hakkasan accepts a 50% deposit, or the total amount (not including the gratuity). In all cases, though, the money isn’t refundable. And you’ll still need to arrive within the time the club specifies, or they’ll release your table for resale.

Table Service Cost

Prices are quoted in terms of a minimum spend requirement. For instance, in the Main Room, a dance floor table might go for $6,000. That means you’ll need to spend at least $6,000 in beverage purchases. (There isn’t a separate charge for the table itself as it’s provided complimentary for agreeing to spend money at the club.)

The minimum spend isn’t the final cost, though. You’ll want to make sure to add the service fee, sales tax, and gratuity to calculate the total charge.

An estimate of these fees is 37%. You can add this percentage to the minimum spend. For example, a $3,500 minimum spend table will end up costing roughly $3500 + $3500 (37%) = $4795.

Of course, if you buy more than the minimum spend, you’ll need to add the 37% to the higher spend amount.

Lastly, when you receive your bill, there will be a separate line for a gratuity. You may not need to add an amount to this line, though. Typically, the clubs have already included the tip in your bill. So, it’s always good idea to look it over and review the charges. If the gratuity has already been added, you can certainly include an additional one, but it’s not necessary.

That said, it’s important to note that the tip is for your cocktail server only. If you’ve appreciated your busser or host’s service, it’s nice to tip them on a separate line.

Hakkasan Bottle Service Menu

Beverage and bottle options for Hakkasan table service

Hakkasan Las Vegas offers a variety of alcohol offerings for your night of partying. Bottle prices typically start around $600 and go up from there. Please note that bottle prices and brands are subject to change. The above menu is provided for informational purposes only.

Hakkasan’s Main Room

Hakkasan’s fourth floor houses the Main Room and Pavilion areas. The Main Room is what most people refer to when they talk about Hakkasan, though.

The music played here is EDM with an occasional hip hop night. The Main Room is known for its exceptional DJ talent, bottle presentations, excellent sound system, and an all-encompassing LED screen that surrounds the DJ booth.

  • Nights Open: Thursday – Sunday
  • Bottle Service: $$$$
  • Music: EDM (with an occasional hip hop night)
  • DJs: The best of the best, to name a few: Tiesto, Steve Aoki, and Zedd
  • Location: Fourth Floor of Hakkasan
Calvin Harris Performs at Hakkasan Nightclub
When Calvin Performed At Hakkasan (photo credit: facebook.com/hakkasanlv)

If you’re going to the Main Room to dance, drink and meet people (and you’re not purchasing bottle service), then you’ll be happy to know that the Main Room has two bars and one bar close by in the Pavilion (more on this coming up).

Vegas Primer Tip: The fastest bar service in the Main Room is on the far right next to the stage tables.

Main Room Bottle Service

If bottle service is more your speed, the Main Room offers over-sized VIP tables, with a view of the DJ booth and the dance floor from most locations.

This is one of our favorite features of Hakkasan. For instance, some Las Vegas clubs offer main room seating, but their tables have partially or fully blocked views. That’s not the case at Hakkasan.

Now, many people inquire about dance floor tables for bottle service, thinking that those are the best seats in the house. But you might want to consider a few other options.

Hakkasan Best Table Locations

Hakkasan’s stage tables are fantastic.

The stage tables are table numbers one through four on the map below. These booths are more spacious and sometimes even cost less than a dance floor table. However, you won’t get a direct view of the show from here.

But, in our opinion, it doesn’t matter that much because you’ll be next to the DJ. Additionally, there’s a private bathroom reserved exclusively for stage table guests.

Besides the dance floor tables and stage tables, one of the best table locations is the owner’s tables. These do come with a hefty price tag, though.

When the owners aren’t occupying the tables, they’re available for purchase. Like stage tables, the owner’s tables are one of the most premier table locations inside the club, offering the best view. A high value is placed on these tables because of the experience you receive sitting here.

For instance, the owner’s tables are on an elevated platform between the 2nd and 3rd tiers. You’ll get the entire Hakkasan experience with a phenomenal view of the dancers, DJ, bottle service presentations, and the laser show.

On the map below, the owner’s tables are numbers 21 and 61.

Vegas Primer Tip: In our opinion, the best tables in the Main Room are the stage and owner’s tables.

Hakkasan Nightclub Main Room Table Map
Hakkasan’s Main Floor and Pavilion


  • Nights Open: Most Fridays and Saturdays
  • Bottle Service: $$
  • Location: Fourth Floor of Hakkasan

As you can see on the map above, the Pavilion is next to the Main Room, so you’ll still hear the DJ. Tables are available for purchase here, although most locations won’t provide a Main Room view. That is unless you purchase a front pavilion table.

Vegas Primer Tip: In our opinion, the front pavilion tables are the best value in all of Hakkasan. These tables are still in the action, and you’ll have some view of the DJ. Even better – they go for considerably less money. For example, the tables are up to $2,000 cheaper than some of the lowest-priced Main Room tables, and you’re only a few feet away.

A photo of tables in the Pavilion at Hakkasan
Bottle Service Tables In The Pavilion (facebook.com/hakkasanlv)

The rest of the tables in the Pavilion provide an intimate setting with no view of the Main Room. But, the Pavilion has it’s own dance floor, a bar, and a spacious restroom. Additionally, the Pavilion bar is quite large, and the lines are usually short, so you’ll get your drinks quickly.

You’ll experience an outdoor vibe in the Pavilion as well. For instance, there’s a feature wall with waterfalls and lush greenery – this one of our favorite elements in Hakkasan.

Vegas Primer Tip: Feel free to hang out in the Pavilion. The Pavilion provides table tops for anyone to use. You can set your drink down and take a load off.


Located on floor five of the Hakkasan property, the Mezzanine overlooks the Main Room.

Here again, you’ll find lower bottle service prices since you’re upstairs. Prices are generally at least $1,000 cheaper than the lowest-priced Main Room table.

It’s a more private area, too, but you’ll still get a fantastic view, fewer crowds, and an oversized VIP booth to party. All while experiencing the Main Room’s energy.

The view from the mezzanine level at Hakkasan
The View Of The Main Room From The Mezzanine (facebook.com/hakkasanlv)

There are also two semi-private rooms for larger groups of club-goers. These rooms come complete with sound control and a customizable screen.

The Mezzanine level has a bar and bathroom. It’s probably the best bathroom in all of Hakkasan as the wait time is minimal.

Vegas Primer Tip: In times when the bathroom lines are long, try upstairs on the Mezzanine level. This bathroom is usually wide open.

Hakkasan Level 5 Map
Hakkasan’s Level 5

3rd Floor Club

Hakkasan’s third floor is home to the 3rd Floor Club (hip hop room) and the 3rd Floor Lounge (offering a more relaxed hip hop atmosphere).

Let me take a moment to say – when it’s open, the 3rd Floor Club is on fire! And it’s one of our top picks for best hip hop clubs in Vegas.

The club sits at approximately 10,000 SF providing a more intimate hip hop club experience. You’ll take the elevator up to the third floor and turn right to get to the club.

  • Nights Open: Most Fridays and Saturdays during the summer
  • Bottle Service: $$
  • Music: Hip Hop
  • DJs: Lesser known, but a great party nonetheless!
  • Location: Third floor of Hakkasan
The DJ Booth in the 3rd Floor Club
The View From The 3rd Floor Club’s DJ Booth (photo credit: facebook.com/hakkasanlv)


There are better deals on bottle service here as compared to Hakkasan’s Main Room. In some cases, booking bottle service in the 3rd Floor Club is 1/10th the cost! And you can still head to the Main Room whenever you’d like.

For example, on a recent Kaskade night, table reservations in the 3rd Floor Club went for around a $1,000 – $1,500 minimum spend, whereas, in the Main Room, prices ranged from $5,000 to $10,000.

Vegas Primer Tip: For the best table locations in the 3rd Floor Club, opt for tables next to the DJ or directly behind. Avoid booking a table reservation near a walkway. The walkway tables are more crowded, making it difficult to get your groove on.

There are also two bars inside the 3rd Floor Club, so if you don’t want to purchase a table, you’ll get decently fast service for alcohol consumption.

The 3rd Floor Club is considerably smaller than the Main Room and can’t hold nearly as many people, but don’t let that deter you. This place is ultra-popular, especially on the big nights.

Guests frequently head downstairs to escape the EDM madness upstairs. The party is just as fun (if not more) in the hip hop room.

Ultra-Cool Lighting

Another unique feature about the 3rd Floor Club is the LED screens on the walls and ceilings. For example, the room provides a lighting experience that’s vastly different from the other hip hop clubs in Vegas. It’s so good that it makes the other clubs’ lighting look like an afterthought.

3rd Floor Lounge

  • Nights Open: Varies
  • Bottle Service: $
  • Music: Hip Hop
  • DJs: Lesser known
  • Location: Third Floor of Hakkasan

Turning left out of the elevator on the third floor will lead you to a hidden gem called the 3rd Floor Lounge.

On quieter nights, the Lounge turns into a mixology bar so you can try some unusual concoctions. On busier nights, the booths are reserved for table service. Tables here typically go for around $1,200. You’ll often find an old school hip hop vibe in the Lounge.

3rd Floor Lounge
Bottle Service Tables In The 3rd Floor Lounge (photo credit: facebook.com/hakkasanlv)

Vegas Primer Tip: We recommend the 3rd Floor Lounge if you’re looking for a more intimate setting or prefer to hang with your friends.

Below is a map of Hakkasan’s third floor showing the 3rd Floor Club & Lounge locations.

3rd Floor Club & Lounge Map
3rd Floor Club & Lounge Map

Other Interesting Things To Know

Hakkasan has some fantastic features that make it stand out among the competition. Here are some of our favorites.

Hakkasan Bottle Service Presentations

Making your table experience even more exceptional is Hakkasan’s bottle service presentations (aka bottle parades). And I’d be willing to say that Hakkasan’s are the best around.

If you’ve never seen a presentation, it’s like an elaborate grand entrance for your bottle (or bottles) of alcohol.

For example, let’s say you purchase vodka from the bottle parade menu. In a short time, a group of cocktail servers will head straight to your table dancing and holding vodka bottle with sparklers shooting from the top.

Now, you might be thinking that most clubs have sparklers, but Hakkasan often adds additional elements, like a drumline. Quite frankly, the drumline takes it to a whole new level.

Bottle Service Presentation Signs and Drumline
A Bottle Service Presentation (photo credit: facebook.com/hakkasanlv)

If you want something unique, Hakkasan takes bottle service requests as well. All sorts of costumes are available like pandas and ninja turtle costumes. You can even get your name (and face) on the big screen at the highest spend levels.

Vegas Primer Tip: Bottle presentations are available at table minimums exceeding a certain amount or purchases of specific bottles only. They’re not available to everyone that makes a table reservation unless you’re willing to spend the required amount necessary to get one. If you’re interested in getting a parade, ask your cocktail server for the bottle presentation menu.

Hakkasan Restaurant

I can’t think of a better way to start your night of clubbing than by eating at the Hakkasan restaurant. And if you’re a fan of seafood, then you have to try the Chilean Seabass. It’s phenomenal.

Dining tables inside Hakkasan restaurant in the MGM Grand Las Vegas
Inside Hakkasan Restaurant (photo credit: facebook.com/hakkasanlasvegas)

Some of our other team members love the Crispy Duck Salad and swear by the restaurant’s Blood & Sand drink. You’ve honestly never tasted anything like it.

We like to describe it as “smoky with a hint of dried orange and an aroma that reminds us of a high-quality perfume.” Okay, so maybe that doesn’t sound the most appetizing, but give it a try – we think you’ll love it.

Another benefit of eating at Hakkasan restaurant is the ultra-short walk to the nightclub. It’s right next door, which I’m sure all high heeled wearing women will appreciate.

Vegas Primer Tip: On certain nights, you can get free entry into Hakkasan nightclub by eating at the restaurant. You can check with your server to see if they’re offering complimentary admission that night. If so, you’ll need your receipt as proof. Typically, you’ll be escorted up the stairs or take a ride in the restaurant’s private elevator. Even better, there’s zero wait time to get inside the club!

Hakkasan Girl Comp Tables

If you’re a lady and don’t want to buy table service, Hakkasan may have girl complimentary (comp) tables depending on the night. Please note that these are NOT available on all nights. The best bet is on a non-holiday weekend or when a lesser-known DJ is performing.

Girl comp tables are typically available for groups of five or more women. Often, the more women you have in your group, the better. You’ll want to arrive early (approximately 10 pm) for girl comp table seating. And it’s best to speak with a Hakkasan host in advance regarding availability.

It’s important to know that the table will most likely not last all night. Expect anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours. You’ll get to stay at the comp table until someone buys it.

Keep in mind, though, that tables sell fast at Hakkasan. The earlier you arrive, the more alcohol you’ll get to consume, and the longer you’ll have to enjoy the table.

If you have a small group of ladies, you may get seated with another group of women. If you want a complimentary table to yourselves, you’ll need to come with a larger group.

Before leaving your complimentary table, it’s a nice gesture to tip your cocktail server. A good rule to follow is to give $20 per person or $100 per bottle at the table.


Does Hakkasan Allow Re-entry?

Many people ask if you can leave the club and come back. Now we’ve done club-hopping frequently in Vegas, and it’s not ideal. You’ll spend more time in taxis or Ubers than actually at the clubs themselves.

Also, you risk not being allowed back in the club once you leave. Even Hakkasan doesn’t have an exact answer to this question. Instead, they respond with “maybe.” Our advice – pick the club you want to be at and stay there. It’s not worth the hassle.

When Are Hakkasan Las Vegas Nightclub Events Released?

Hakkasan releases its talent line-up about one to two months in advance. The best way to find out who is scheduled to perform is to check the club’s event calendar.

How Far In Advance Can I Book A Bottle Service Reservation?

Pricing for table service doesn’t get released until the event line-up has been announced. So if the date you want doesn’t have an event listed yet, then, unfortunately, you can’t make a reservation.