TAO Las Vegas Bottle Service & Nightclub Guide

Tao Las Vegas is one of the most famous nightclubs in town due, in part, to its celebrity following. In fact, you may already know all about this club thanks to the Kardashians. Kim has celebrated many birthdays here. And Kourtney recently attended the Tao grand opening in Chicago. *Not that I’m keeping track.* There are also a plethora of sports teams that come here to party.

Now Tao isn’t the youngest club on the strip. It’s actually one of the oldest, but it remains a top contender. This is quite impressive when you consider that a lot of nightclubs are extinct in a much shorter period (RIP Intrigue).

A few reasons for Tao’s continued success are its reasonable bottle service prices, massive bars, fast entry times, and you can’t beat the convenience of Tao’s restaurant right next door. Let’s also not forget to mention the club’s latest bottle service sharing experience – VI.We. More on this coming up!

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Tao Nightclub Las Vegas

What It’s Like

As I’m sure you can guess from the name, Tao is an Asian-inspired nightclub. And, in my opinion, it has one of the most unique venue layouts on the strip.

For example, the club is deep and wide, so you’ll have plenty of space for dancing. There are also peek-a-boo strip views next to the corner bar. This is actually one of my favorite features at Tao because (unlike other clubs) you won’t feel like you’re trapped in a dark room.

There’s an outdoor balcony too that looks out over the gondolas (seriously gorgeous if you want to take a break from the party), chandeliers, sparkling gold poles, and a birdcage that hangs over the corner bar. You’ll catch dancers performing nightly inside the cage as well. (Please note that this is not the same bird cage that we talk about in our Lavo review.)

And for bottle service guests, you’ll experience the ultimate in VIP treatment as you ride up to the nightclub in a private elevator. When the elevator doors open, the first thing you’ll see is monks spanning floor to ceiling. They even hold candles that light your way to the main room. (There’s also a bar next to the monks that’s open on high-demand nights.)

After you spend a few moments inside Tao Las Vegas, I think you’ll agree that the club’s focus on their theme and attention to detail truly is second to none.

TAO Las Vegas bottle service reservations
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Tao Las Vegas Quick Facts

  • Days Open: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
  • Hours: 10:30 pm – 4:00 am
  • Bottle Service: $ – $$
  • Music: Mix of everything (hip-hop, top 40, EDM)
  • DJs: Chuckie, Sheck Wes, Ruckus, Eric Dlux, Justin Credible, and more
  • Special Events: Worship Thursdays

Where Is Tao Nightclub In Vegas?

You’ll find Tao Nightclub inside the Venetian hotel. The street address is 3377 South Las Vegas Blvd.

From the Venetian’s main valet, walk straight through the casino until you see the escalators on your left. Proceed up the escalators, and you’ll find Tao Nightclub in the corner on the right. You’ll know you’re in the correct spot if you look up and see the fantastic masterpiece shown below. The famous ceiling is also visible from the casino floor.

Bottle service at TAO nightclub in Las Vegas
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Tao Las Vegas Dress Code

The Tao Nightclub dress code is similar to most other clubs in town.

Guys, you’ll want to avoid wearing any shorts, sneakers, flip-flops, open-toed shoes, t-shirts, tank tops, hats or sports apparel. Tao’s official dress code policy for men is as follows:

“Upscale-Casual; button down collared shirts and dress shoes.”

Ladies, there aren’t as many exclusions. Steer clear of sneakers, flip-flops, and anything completely see through. Jeans and a top are acceptable to wear with a nice pair of shoes. Most of the time, though, women come in dresses or skirts with heels.

How To Get Into Tao Las Vegas

If you’re looking for entry-only options (i.e., no bottle service), there are two options to get inside the club.

1) Purchase a general admission ticket.

2) Get on Tao’s guest list.

Tao Nightclub Las Vegas Tickets

For guys that don’t have any ladies in their party, it’s best to buy tickets. You can get them in advance or at the door.

We always recommend purchasing tickets ahead of time through the club’s website. The reason for this is because if you wait until you get to the club, the Tao Nightclub cover may be more.

Below are the current advance sale ticket prices at Tao Nightclub. Please note that rates may be subject to change.

Females: $15

Males: $20

Las Vegas Military Discount

Tao currently offers a discount to military service men and women. With a valid military ID, you’ll get free entry into the club and one complimentary cocktail as well. (And if you’re in the military and you’re reading this, thank you for your service.) There may be some exclusions (like on holiday weekends), so you’ll want to check with the club before you arrive.

Tao Nightclub Guest List

Ladies get free entry on Tao’s guest list. And, on most nights, women also get access to an open bar during the first few hours of club opening. Please note that the alcohol offerings are determined by Tao Las Vegas. Additionally, open bar availability may be subject to change.

Guys can also make it on the guest list as long as there’s at least an even ratio of women in the party. For example, if you have two guys and two girls, then you’ll get in for free. Or if you have three girls and two guys that would land you free entry as well.

The cut-off time for guest list entry is usually midnight, so this means that you need to get there before this time to make it inside for free. Later arrivals will have to pay a cover charge. Times are subject to change though so you’ll want to check with your promoter earlier in the day. You can find a Tao promoter on Facebook or Instagram. You can also contact the club directly to get on the guest list.

Ladies dressed in black dresses holding drinks at a TAO bottle service dance floor table

Tao Bottle Service

Tao Las Vegas’s bottle service prices are based on your table location inside the club and the number of people in your party. For instance, the closer you are to the DJ, the more you’ll pay. And larger groups will have higher spend requirements than smaller party sizes.

On most weekend nights, pricing starts at a $575 minimum spend for an entry level table and goes up to $2500 – $3000 for a dance floor table. (Weekdays though may be less for prime tables.)

What Does “Minimum Spend” Mean?

Now you may have noticed that I wrote minimum spend. All tables in Las Vegas are provided complimentary when you agree to spend at least a certain amount at the club, i.e., the minimum spend.

For instance, if you decided to reserve a table with a price of $1150, then you’ll need to make purchases totaling at least this amount at the club. You can order any items off the bottle menu, and they’ll count towards your spend requirement. To explain further, if you spend less than $1150, then you’ll still be charged $1150, and if you spend more than $1150, you’ll be responsible for this amount plus any overage.

What You’ll Get With A Tao VIP Table

With a bottle service reservation, you’ll receive the ultimate in VIP treatment with complimentary and expedited entry through a dedicated table line.

All table reservations at Tao also include unlimited mixers such as orange, cranberry, and pineapple juice. Tonic water is also provided free of charge.

Additionally, you’ll have a cocktail server to take your orders and pour your drinks and a busser to make sure your table stays clean and replenished with glasses throughout the night.

Now there’s a huge misconception floating around about how long you’ll have your table. A lot of people seem to think that the clubs can bump you if you stop ordering bottles. This is completely false. If you make a bottle service reservation, you’ll have the table from the moment you arrive until you decide to leave or the club closes (whichever comes first).

A waitress carries champagne while confetti rains down during a bottle service presentation

Other Costs

Please remember that all clubs in Las Vegas also charge approximately 37% on top of the minimum spend for their venue fee, tax, and tip. If we continue with our example above, an $1150 minimum spend table would end up costing around $1575.

How We Make Your Bottle Service Reservation

Name-only Reservations

There are two ways that we can submit your reservation to Tao. The first is as a name-only. This means that your table will be held with just your name. Once you get to the club, you’ll pay for the table at the door. This is usually the best option as name-only reservations typically offer a better value.

Many people are hesitant with name-only reservations though because they’re worried that the table location or price could change. While this is the case at some clubs (like Hakkasan or Marquee), you usually don’t have to worry about this at Tao Las Vegas. As long as it’s not a holiday weekend and you can get to the club on time, then there shouldn’t be any issues getting the section you wanted for the quoted price.

Prepaid Reservations

The second option is to prepay. In some cases, like on a big weekend, it makes sense to pay in advance as it’s possible prices could rise the closer it gets to the date (or even at the door). There are also a few one-off table options on non-holiday weekends when the prepay prices may be lower.

Another benefit to paying in advance is that although specific table numbers are never guaranteed, prepaying allows you to narrow down the table location even further so you’ll have a better idea as to where you’ll get seated. (Please note that if you’d like to prepay, your payment will be made to Tao directly through our company’s Tao link.)

Additionally, prepay reservations are the only reservations that are guaranteed. With a prepay, your price and location are locked. Of course, it goes without saying that you must arrive on time (usually before 11:30 pm) and adhere to the club rules.

Below you’ll find a summary of Tao bottle service prices, the number of guests allowed at walk-in for each table option, and a short description. I’ve also included pictures of the tables to give you an idea of what you can expect. Please note that pricing and tables may vary.

Tao Bottle Service: Entry Level Tables

  • Price: $575
  • Number of Guests at Walk-in: 5
  • Description: Tao’s entry level tables are located in the club’s Voyeur hallway, along the back wall of the main room or on the mezzanine level. Tables are only available in the Voyeur hallway on high-demand nights (same for the mezzanine level), so most of the time you can count on getting seated in the main room with a $575 minimum spend. No matter where you get seated though, there are benefits to all three locations. For instance, although the Voyeur hallway tables aren’t in the main room, they’re still a great spot as almost everyone that’s entering the club has to walk by your booth. The back wall main room tables enjoy close proximity to the 360-degree bar – another ideal spot for mingling. And lastly, the mezzanine level will give you a fantastic view of the main room thanks to the glass railings.
A photo showing the entry level bottle service tables at Tao Las Vegas
An Example of Tao’s Entry Level Tables

Tao Bottle Service: Standard Tables

  • Price: $1150 – $1500
  • Number of Guests at Walk-in: 10 – 15
  • Description: Tao’s standard tables are excellently located in the main room. (They also earn our distinction for the best value at Tao Las Vegas.) On most nights, a standard table reservation will get you seated along the main room’s walkway. Sometimes though, if there are a lot of reservations, then the club may seat standard tables on the mezzanine level. It’s also possible for smaller groups to get seated in a section of the club known as the Moat. Now if when you heard the term “Moat,” you began conjuring up images of a ditch, it’s nothing like that. The Moat is exceptionally located in the center of the club, and some tables are even elevated, giving you expansive views of the nightclub. Table locations in the Moat are essentially the equivalent of the upper dance floor or 3rd tier tables at other clubs.
A photo of a bottle service booth in Tao's main room
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Tao Bottle Service: Prime Tables

  • Price: $2000+
  • Number of Guests at Walk-in: 15
  • Description: Prime tables are considered to be the best tables at Tao Las Vegas thanks to their close proximity to the dance floor and DJ booth. With a prime table, you’ll get seated at either an upper or lower dance floor table. The upper dance floor tables are located in Tao’s Moat (as described above), and the lower dance floor tables are on the dance floor itself. If you want “in your face” action, the lower dance floor tables are the perfect choice because there’s literally only a rope separating you from the other guests.
Large dance floor bottle service tables at Tao Las Vegas
An Example of Tao’s Prime Tables

Other Table Options: Opium Room

Off the Voyeur hallway, there’s a lesser known area of the club known as the Opium Room. This is Tao’s hip-hop room. (You’ll still hear hip-hop music in the main room, but the Opium Room plays hip-hop music exclusively.) The Opium Room isn’t open on all nights, though. You’ll find table availability here on big holiday weekends or on New Year’s Eve.

If you get a table in here, you’re more than welcome to go to the main room anytime you’d like as well. Just be sure to let your cocktail server know, and she’ll hold your table and bottles for you.

A photo of bottle service booths inside Tao Nightclub's Opium Room
An Example of Tao’s Opium Room Tables

Tao Nightclub Floor Plan

Below you’ll find the bottle service table map showing the different sections at Tao Las Vegas. It’s worth noting that clubs won’t guarantee specific table numbers.

An illustration showing the table locations for bottle service at Tao Las Vegas
Tao Nightclub Floor Plan

Tao Bottle Menu

Below you’ll find Tao’s current bottle menu. Please note that prices and offerings may be subject to change without notice.

Champagne offerings and prices on the bottle service menu at Tao Las Vegas
Vodka and Tequila bottle service prices at Tao Nightclub Las Vegas
Tao's Cognac, Bourbon, Whiskey, Scotch, and non-alcoholic bottle service offerings and prices
White and Red Wine bottle service selections at Tao Las Vegas
A menu of Tao Vegas's bottle service packages and presentation parades

Tao Las Vegas’s Shared Bottle Service Experience: VI.We

If you’re looking for a potentially lower price on bottle service, you’re in luck. Just last year, Tao announced a new bottle service sharing experience called VI.We.

For around $100 for ladies and $170 for men, you can purchase a VI.We ticket that will grant you access to an area of the club reserved exclusively for VI.We guests. In this section, you’ll have access to alcohol and mixers.

There are a lot of benefits to a VI.We experience, but depending on your situation, there may be a few negatives as well.


  • Bottles are replenished throughout the night as needed.
  • There are usually three different types of alcohol provided.
  • Mixers like juice and tonic water are complimentary.
  • You’re free to sit down at any of the VI.We tables.
  • Possibly cheaper than making a bottle service reservation.


  • The exact brand and alcohol offerings are determined by the club.
  • Seating is shared so you don’t have a table to call your own.
  • Only VI.We ticket holders are allowed in the VI.We section. If you’re interested in meeting people, it may be challenging to do so from here.
  • There’s no guarantee as to where the VI.We section will be. In fact, it can change nightly depending on demand. So if you want a table in a specific area, we recommend making a table reservation instead.

For further information about Tao’s VI.We program, check out our shared bottle service guide.

What’s Cool About Tao Las Vegas

Best Dinner & Club Combo

For our bottle service clients, we recommend finding a restaurant that’s located in the same hotel as the nightclub they’re attending. We make this recommendation because it’s much more convenient and less stressful than having to go to multiple properties.

For instance, you’ll have more time to enjoy your meal because you’re not spending it walking through hotels or traveling in an Uber. Not to mention that you’ll save your feet some serious pain if you’re wearing high heels.

So where should you eat if you want to go to Tao Nightclub? Well, anywhere in the Venetian is ideal. But, there’s one spot that’s a no brainer – Tao Restaurant.

Located next door to the nightclub itself, Tao Restaurant is an award-winning Asian Bistro. (It’s also famously known for its beautiful women bathing at its entrance.) Here, you’ll experience culinary masterpieces from Japan, China, and Thailand.

Once you’ve finished your meal, you can quickly head up the stairs for entry into the nightclub. That’s right, the restaurant and the nightclub are connected. How bout that.

Grab a bite to eat inside Tao restaurant before heading to your bottle service table

Exceptional Strip Views

Tao’s balcony is gorgeous, and I’m thrilled that the club even features an indoor/outdoor experience. (Not all nightclubs in Vegas do.) It’s an excellent spot if you want to take a break from the party, mingle with other guests, enjoy a good view, and breathe in some fresh air. That said, there may be people smoking out here occasionally, but it’s still totally worth seeing IMO.

You can find the entrance to the balcony next to the birdcage bar. And although the balcony is on the smaller side at Tao, when it comes to the view, this baby packs a big punch. In fact, I’d say it has one of the best in Vegas. I love how you can even see the gondolas as they make their way through the water below. Doesn’t it just make you want to take a ride before heading to the club?

A photo of Las Vegas Blvd from the upper and lower dance floor bottle service tables
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Reasonable Bottle Service Prices

There are quite a few clubs in our beautiful city that offer an exceptional price on bottle service. Some of our top value picks include Encore Nightswim, The Light Vegas, Marquee at the Cosmopolitan and, of course, Tao Las Vegas. (If you’re looking for a good value pool club, check out our Daylight Beach Club review.)

As I mentioned in our bottle service section above, Tao table prices start at a $575 minimum spend. For this amount, you can purchase one bottle. And as long as it’s not a holiday weekend, you’ll find that a $575 minimum spend will often get you seated in the main room too.

You can get some sick a** bottle presentations as well. For example, a $2k bottle display at Tao would cost $5k or more at some of the other venues in town.

Additionally, at a lot of clubs, the table line isn’t that expedited as wait times can exceed 30 minutes. But at Tao, the bottle service line moves fast. If you want to feel like a real VIP, this is the place to come.

A bottle service presentation featuring a cocktail waitress dressed in a police uniform and sparklers
A Tao Nightclub Bottle Presentation

Superior Restrooms

Ladies, it’s worth going to Tao Nightclub for the bathrooms alone. I’m serious. There isn’t any other club in Las Vegas that offers private restrooms. That’s right – you get your own toilet, wash station, and mirror. And on all the nights that I’ve gone, the line is short too.

To take advantage of this women’s only amenity, head upstairs from the main room to the mezzanine level. The stairway is in the middle of the club near the 360-degree bar. There’ll be a security guard blocking the stairs, but just let him know that you’re going up there for the restroom, and he’ll let you right through.

Unfortunately for the guys though, your restroom situation is a little less than ideal. There’s a small bathroom (like one stall) next to the stairs as well, but inevitably there’s usually a big line that forms. (If you want faster service, head downstairs to Tao Restaurant and use their restrooms instead.)

Private restrooms next to bottle service tables on the mezzanine level at Tao
Private Bathrooms at Tao Las Vegas © 2021 Vegas Primer®

Diverse Crowd

It seems like there are a lot of guests that are concerned with the age demographics at a club. And I get it. Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable or out of place at a venue.

Now there are a lot of clubs in Vegas that attract a specific age range. But at Tao Las Vegas, it’s one of the only nightclubs where you’ll find a wide range of ages. So if you’re in your early 20s, you won’t feel out of place, and if you’re in your 30s or 40s (and up), then you’ll also feel like you fit right in.

You’ll also notice that there’s a wide variety of ethnicities at Tao. One of the reasons for this is because it’s one of the only clubs on the strip that plays an excellent selection of music. Most clubs’ headlining DJs only play one genre on a given night, but Tao’s DJ’s feature a mix of EDM, hip-hop and top 40.

(On a side note – I love the music here. I’ve never been to Tao and thought that the music sucked. So if you want a place that will get you up and moving, this is it.)

Fast & Convenient Bars

It’s so much easier to get drinks at Tao as compared to other nightclubs. And you certainly won’t find yourself having to push to the front of the bar to get a drink or struggle to get a bartender’s attention either.

In our opinion, the best spot to grab a drink quickly is at Tao’s 360-degree bar. This is the largest bar inside the nightclub, and it’s located in the corner to the right of the DJ booth. As an added bonus, it comes well-staffed too.

There’s also a bar on the left side of the club over by the balcony. If you’re not sure where to go, look up and you’ll see a birdcage hanging from the ceiling. There’s a bar directly beneath it. This bar is smaller, but you’ll still receive decently fast service there.

Overall, we’d say that Tao has the fastest bar service anywhere.

Photo Opportunities

I’m a big photo buff, so I appreciate that Tao has included some excellent backdrops for pictures. One of my favorite spots to take photos at Tao is at the top of the staircase that connects the restaurant to the club. From the main room, head to the Voyeur hallway and take a left. Tucked around the corner is a bench with the Tao logo.

Before heading to your bottle service table, take a photo in front of the TAO sign
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Tao is the right choice for you if you’re looking to party in a setting that doesn’t only attract 20-year-olds.

The venue offers some of the best pricing on bottle service. And there are even nights when you can score a comp bottle!

We love Tao’s new shared bottle service experience as well. It makes getting table service more reasonable for smaller groups. The program is attracting many guests, so you’ll have a bigger crowd than in years past.