The Best Clubs For EDM Las Vegas

EDM has taken over the music world and with that Las Vegas. So much so that if you’re coming to town to go clubbing, chances are you’ll end up at an EDM Las Vegas club. In fact, the majority of dayclubs and nightclubs in Las Vegas play only house music. And as EDM is apparently the foundation of Vegas’ club scene, it’s arguably the best place in the world to experience this genre of music.

Not only are the EDM Las Vegas clubs an attraction all their own (it takes millions just to build one), but the mind-blowing DJ line-up is what ultimately brings club-goers from around the globe. Nowhere else will you find this many powerhouse DJs all within one street. For example, you’ll see the likes of Calvin Harris, Tiesto, The Chainsmokers, Kaskade, Zedd, Diplo and Cheat Codes and that’s only naming a few.

So then, if you’re in the mood for EDM, you’re going to want to know which venues are the best EDM clubs in Las Vegas. And the answer to that is simple. The best clubs are the ones with the most in-demand DJ talent, attract the best-looking crowds and have spent the most money on their venues. The good news is you won’t have to do any research here as we’ve done the work for you. So get ready to rage and dust of those shuffle kicks! Here are our top picks for best EDM Las Vegas clubs.


#1 EDM Las Vegas Club: XS Nightclub

If you would’ve asked us last year, we’d have said that Omnia was the best club for EDM. But, when The Chainsmokers signed on for a residency with Wynn Las Vegas earlier this year, we had to make XS our #1 choice. But, just barely. (For XS Nightclub bottle service reservations and price quotes, please message us at (702) 816-6738) or send an email to

The Best EDM Club Las Vegas

The Chainsmokers At XS (photo credit:

Why XS Is Our #1 EDM Las Vegas Club

DJ Talent

The sheer number of powerhouse EDM DJ talent is what sets XS apart. In addition to The Chainsmokers, their dream team of DJs includes Skrillex, Diplo, RL Grime, Major Lazer, Marshmello, Yellow Claw, Stafford Brothers, David Guetta, Alesso, A-Trak, Chuckie, and Kygo. To view all of XS’ DJs click here.

Indoor/Outdoor Experience

XS is one of the few indoor/outdoor clubs in Las Vegas. Inside, the club features cascading tables in a semi-circle layout that surround the dance floor and DJ booth. This design allows bottle service patrons some impressive views. Additionally, the interior space provides an elegant vibe with so many gold touches you’d think Midas himself built the club. Not only that but the area is sexy too. For instance, silhouettes of naked women’s bodies grace the exterior walls, while gold stripper poles are spread throughout the club. And although the poles are mainly reserved for bottle service guests, feel free to hop on up if you’re a woman. They may just let you stay.

What’s most notable about XS though is their outdoor area. If it weren’t for the loud music and light show, you might forget you’re even at a nightclub. Set in an abundance of trees with opulent cabanas and twinkling string lights illuminating the XS pool, XS’s outside space offers an entirely unique experience. Even the light show is different from the show going on inside the club. And you can gamble out by the pool as well.

And if you hang out here or book bottle service outside, you’ll still get to see the headliner perform. Well, sort of anyway. There’s a huge screen that faces the outside showcasing some pretty cool graphics as well as the warm-up DJ and headliner performances for the night. (On nights other than XS Nightswim, DJs only perform to the inside area).

XS Nightswim

XS Nightswim is a pool party at night. For a nightswim event, hopping in the large XS pool is highly encouraged. What’s even more remarkable about these nights though, is that the DJ booth rotates and the headlining DJ performs to the outside area only. It’s also less formal on these evenings; almost any attire goes including swimsuits. Nightswim is reserved for summer nights so plan accordingly. It’s worth noting though that Vegas summers run longer than the rest of the country because of how warm it stays here. Check the XS calendar for Nightswim event dates.

Best Places For EDM In Las Vegas

XS Nightswim (photo credit:

The Crowd

In case you needed one more reason to go to XS, the club has one of the most attractive crowds. The women and men here are HOT. What’s more, you’ll find an ethnically diverse group of people as XS attracts both an international and domestic crowd. Don’t forget to dress to impress though as club-goers go all out at this club.

#2 EDM Las Vegas Club: Omnia Nightclub

Omnia Nightclub is one of the newest additions to The Hakkasan Group’s vast club portfolio. At approximately 75,000 square feet, Omnia is also one of the biggest clubs ever made. (For Omnia Nightclub bottle service reservations, text us at (702) 816-6738).

#2 EDM Las Vegas Club

Omnia Nightclub (photo credit:

Why Omnia Is Our #2 EDM Las Vegas Club

DJ Talent

As we mentioned above, XS just barely beats out Omnia regarding DJ talent. But, Omnia stands out in their residencies with two of the most popular DJs in the world: Calvin Harris and Tiesto. Not only that but their other top-tier DJs include Steve Aoki, Afrojack, Zedd, and Kaskade. For upcoming events including Omnia’s artist lineup, visit Omnia’s official Las Vegas site here.

The Chandelier

The nightclub is known for its famous chandelier and is, in fact, one of the reasons why club-goers flock here. But it’s not just any old chandelier. The fixture is the largest of any club in Las Vegas at 33 feet wide and weighs roughly 22,000 pounds. It also produces a light show that’s out of this world. Additionally, eight concentric circles make up the behemoth chandelier as it moves and rotates seamlessly with the music across two levels. It’s one of those things that you must see to believe. Trust us; it’s effing cool.

And although we’re sure The Hakkasan Group wouldn’t like us for saying this, it resembles a spaceship. Especially when you see any of the 60 moving headlights beam down on the crowd. So if you’ve ever wondered what it would feel like to be in an Independence Day movie, head to Omnia. It’s also perfect for Snapchat or Instagram.

The Terrace

Although Omnia is not considered a real indoor/outdoor club, they do have a rooftop terrace that’s a perfect place for a more intimate experience. Or, if you just want to get some air, it’s a beautiful space to catch your breath too. The outdoor area was even inspired by Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It’s everything whimsical for an EDM night.

Here you can dance under the stars with lights glowing from the floor. And as the rooftop patio faces the strip, you’ll experience one of the best views in all of Las Vegas. What’s more, on most nights in the summer, there’s a DJ exclusively for this area. Of course, there’s a rooftop bar so you can drink to your heart’s content.

The Outside Rooftop Deck at Omnia Nightclub Las Vegas

The Terrace At Omnia Nightclub (photo credit:

Heart of Omnia

And, in case you roll both ways, Omnia features a club-within-a-club. Omnia’s main room plays EDM, but it also has a hip-hop room called Heart of Omnia. Now you have to pay close attention to find the entrance to this hidden club as it’s on the right side of Omnia’s main room. Heart is usually open most weekends and on Tuesdays. In fact, this club is lit on Tuesday nights. Additionally, you’ll only hear hip-hop music at Heart.

#3 EDM Las Vegas Club: Hakkasan Nightclub

As Hakkasan is owned by the same company as Omnia (The Hakkasan Group), it makes sense that Hakkasan would have a killer DJ line-up. In fact, it’s almost identical as the DJs are shared across venues. But what makes Hakkasan stand out though is that it offers slightly less expensive bottle service options as compared to Omnia, and you’ll still get to experience the same DJs. (Text us at (702) 816-6738 for bottle service at Hakkasan).

Our #3 Pick For Best Places EDM Las Vegas

Hakkasan Nightclub (photo credit:

Why Hakkasan Is Our #3 EDM Las Vegas Club

DJ Talent

At Hakkasan, you’ll experience Tiesto, Calvin Harris, Steve Aoki, Kaskade, Zedd, Hardwell, Above & Beyond and more.

Tiesto Wristbands

On Tiesto nights, Hakkasan honors the king himself with electronic wristbands that light up and dance in unison with the music. You’re not just watching a light show; you’re part of the light show. Some may even consider it a spiritual experience as the lighting and songs sometimes invoke an emotional response. All-in-all, it’s a fresh experience as it gives more of a concert vibe and you get a nifty souvenir to take home too.

Ling Ling Club

Another similarity Hakkasan has to Omnia is its club-within-a-club concept. On level three of Hakkasan Nightclub, you’ll find one of the most popular hip-hop clubs in Las Vegas: Ling Ling Club. It’s open most weekends too. And it’s great if you have friends that want to hear hip-hop but you’re all about that EDM life. (You can drop them off here.) But, fair warning, definitely take the elevator if you’re hopping between these two clubs as there are a lot of stairs.

If you want to learn more about Hakkasan Nightclub and become a “Hakk-pert” (that’s short for Hakkasan expert), check out our ultimate guide.

#4 EDM Las Vegas Club: Intrigue Nightclub

Intrigue and XS are owned by the same parent company, Wynn Las Vegas. And because they are under the same corporate umbrella, they share some of the same DJs. Intrigue is a smaller, more intimate club that offers the added benefit of seeing some of XS’s best DJs at a lower price. For example, bottle service and tickets are usually much more affordable at Intrigue. Also, Intrigue has a few secrets that are very intriguing indeed. (For Intrigue bottle service reservations, text us at (702) 816-6738 or email us at

Behind the DJ booth with Marshmello

Intrigue Nightclub (photo credit:

Why Intrigue Is Our #4 EDM Las Vegas Club

DJ Talent

Intrigue’s top DJs include Diplo, Marshmello, RL Grime, and Lost Kings.

Fire & Water

Intrigue has one of the best outside areas for a smaller club. And even if you don’t venture outside, you’ll still get to experience all the outdoor beauty from inside the club as well. For instance, the DJ booth and dance floor sit in front of this enchanting outdoor backdrop complete with a waterfall and fire. The fire itself is an attraction all its own as flames effortlessly dance on top of the water plumes. A light show is projected onto the waterfall too.

The waterfall at Intrigue

Intrigue Nightclub (photo credit:

Secret Food

Who hasn’t partied at a club and then wanted food so badly it hurt? Well, Intrigue has a super cool secret. If you book bottle service at any of the dance floor or second tier tables, you may find yourself with a surprise gift. Intrigue likes to make sure you’re happy, and your tummy full by bringing pizza to your table. And Intrigue is the only club we know of to offer this. It may not be every night though so give us a call at (702) 816-6738 to see what night this secret is available.

The Living Room

Most clubs that offer a club-within-a-club don’t keep it a secret. These clubs want their club-goers to know that they provide multiple clubbing environments to attract bigger crowds. Intrigue, on the other hand, is taking a surprisingly different approach by keeping one of their clubs kind of a secret. This club is called The Living Room, and it’s ultra-exclusive.

Fair warning though, finding it inside Intrigue might be tricky. For example, the entrance to The Living Room is straight from an old-school mystery. Keep your eyes out for hidden bookcases guarded by security. And if you’re lucky enough to be accepted, you’ll need to agree to stay off your phone and not participate in any social media while inside. Once you’re inside though, get ready to groove, vintage-style. This club has its collection of music with The Living Room’s DJ playing the throwback stuff straight from the vinyl records themselves.

There’s also a two-way mirror behind the bar, so you’ll always know what’s going on inside both clubs. No FOMO here!

Although The Living Room is almost always available to celebrities and models, everyone has a chance to get inside. And having a positive attitude goes a long way. You might just make it inside by speaking nicely to the security guard and having a smile on your face.

Click here to check out our ultimate guide to Intrigue Nightclub.

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