5 Strategies To Score Comp Table Service

Ahh, the nightclub table. The most sought-after piece of real estate in a Las Vegas club. And if it’s a “comp table” (that means free), it’s a way to drink complimentary bottles while you dance to the sounds of the best DJs in the world. No doubt the clients that occupy the table next to yours spent thousands (up to $15,000+ on some nights!) for the EXACT SAME EXPERIENCE. You might be scratching your head thinking how is this possible? Why would a club give away anything for free? You must have to know someone, right? Well, not exactly. Here are five kick-ass strategies on how to get comped in Vegas for bottle service.

Now the strategies listed below work for both dayclubs and nightclubs. Proper execution of these tactics is your ticket to a Vegas experience rivaling that of the most prominent ballers in the club. Oh and surprise! These strategies aren’t just for ladies. They’re for guys too.

Please note that while we’re unable to help with complimentary tables at this time, we’re providing our knowledge here to help you land one for yourself! 🙂

Guys: How To Get Comped In Vegas For Bottle Service

Yes, it’s true. If you’re a guy or even a small group of guys you can land a comp table. Which up until now you may have thought was only for the hottest women in town. Now our first strategy does involve women (as most everything that is complimentary in Vegas will). But hey if you can’t beat them, join them right?

Guy Strategy #1: Ratio It Up!

For our first strategy, you’re going to need a ratio of at least four women to each guy. And although not a steadfast rule, expect one bottle per 5-8 women. The more women you bring to the club the more bottles you get.

How To Get The Women

How you recruit the women is up to you. Maybe you’re lucky enough to know a group of  ladies that want to take a trip with you and a few of your closest buddies. Or, another option is to hit the hotels and clubs a day or two in advance and look for women interested in joining your comp table. Just remember the magic female to male ratio of at least 4:1.

Guy Strategy #2: Create A Relationship With A VIP Host Or Promoter

If you’ve already been to Vegas and know a host or promoter, you have a head start on this next strategy. But, if you don’t know anyone, don’t worry. It’s quite easy to find one.

Search Instagram Or Facebook

One of the easiest ways to locate a club host is by searching Instagram or Facebook. You’ll want to start by entering the club’s name into the search box. For example, if I wanted to find someone that worked at Rehab Pool Party, I would input “rehablv” into Instagram’s search box as this is Rehab’s Instagram username.

If you try this exercise with me, you’ll soon see that a few of Rehab’s top hosts appear in the search results. These results aren’t unique to Rehab either. A lot of club hosts and promoters include the club they work for in their Instagram and Facebook screen names so they’ll pull right up when you search for the club.

Vegas Primer Tip: Pick a well-connected host or one that’s worked in the industry for a long time.

The Law Of Reciprocity

Our guy strategy #2 operates under The Law Of Reciprocity. For those of you who don’t know, this law states that if you do something kind for someone, they’ll have a “psychological urge” to help you in return.

With this law in mind, help out a host or promoter. For example, if you know any women that are coming to Vegas or someone that wants to get table service give them your host’s contact information. In this way, your host will gain some new clients and possibly earn some extra income.

But don’t forget the most important part. Be sure to tell the host who your referral is and that they will be contacting them, so they know the referral is coming from you. Do this enough, and you can land yourself some pretty sweet perks. For example, our Create A Relationship strategy may lead to bottle deals, zero minimum daybeds or cabanas, better table locations at the clubs, VIP priority entry or joining of girl comp tables (wouldn’t that be nice!).

This strategy is quite frankly a win-win situation for all parties. In short, help a host or promoter grow their book of business and land a few rewards for yourself in the process.

What’s even more remarkable about this strategy though is that it will be refreshing to the host or promoter. Most people who come to Vegas only take. They don’t think to give back to the people who hook them up in the club (and many don’t even say thank you). By helping a host, you’ll stand out and so will your future trips.

Helpful Tips For Guys To Remember

Ask For Comps During Off Days

Now our Ratio It Up strategy typically won’t work on the busiest nights in Vegas (holiday weekends, Friday and Saturday nights or when the megastar DJs are spinning). Shoot for the off club days and nights which are usually Sunday through Thursday.


Additionally, be sure to plan. Walking up to a club the day or night of isn’t a good idea. However, contacting a VIP host or promoter a few days in advance is.

How To Ask For A Comp Table

Please don’t demand when asking for a comp table. A better option is to reach out in kindness. Remember that the host or promoter controls the show. They don’t have to give you anything if they don’t want to. That said, be sure to pick a host or promoter that has a lot of influence or one that’s been with a nightclub for a while. Newbies are going to be less likely to land you a comp.

Here’s how you’re going to ask for the comp. You’ll want to send a text message to a VIP host or promoter that works for the club you want to get a comp table at. To help you in the process, we’ve provided a sample text message below that you can use as a template when you’re asking for a comp.

Keep in mind that you’ll want to establish some common ground in your message. Additionally, compliments can go a long way too as long as they are sincere. It’s a sad fact, but more often than not hosts and promoters don’t get a lot of love in this town. Showing your appreciation is appreciated! 🙂

Sample Text Message

You: Hey, Mike! My name is Steve. Kelly James referred me. She says you’re the best host in town! A buddy and I are coming to Vegas next week with six beautiful ladies. Any chance for a comp table? I appreciate your help! Here’s a photo of our group.

Mike: Hello Steve! Yes, I’m able to get you a comp table next Sunday at Hakkasan nightclub for two males and six females at 10:30 pm. Please confirm via text within the next 24 hours. Arrive promptly at 10:30 pm.

When To Arrive

As Mike pointed out in the above message, it’s imperative to arrive at club opening for a comp table. If you don’t, you’ll risk losing the table altogether.

Table Bumps

Table bumps will occur on busy nights. And, there’s no set amount of time that complimentary tables will last. It can be five minutes to two hours. Or, it may even get bumped as you’re walking into the club.

What To Tip

Although a comp table is technically free, you’ll need to tip the waitress. A good rule of thumb is a $100 tip for each complimentary bottle. When splitting the tip among your group, it’s cheaper than an entry ticket.

Ladies: How To Get Comped In Vegas For Bottle Service

In Vegas, women reign supreme which makes landing a comp table much easier than it is for the guys.

Lady Strategy #1: Girl Groups

Small Group

If you have a smaller group such as two to three women, merely showing up at the club can get you seated at a girl comp table. You can reach out to a VIP host in advance if you’d like, but it may not be necessary.

In most cases, a girl comp table is made up of multiple girl groups. For example, if you come with your best gal pal, you might get seated with two or three other groups of ladies that you don’t know. Together you’ll form a large group of women at a table.

There is one rule for this strategy you must follow. And that’s arriving on time. On time means coming at the club opening. Usually, this is around 10:30 pm. The later it gets, the less your chances are of actually getting a comp as the clubs fill up, and tables get sold.


For our small group strategy, tipping the cocktail server $20 per person is a nice gesture.

Large Group

If you want a table to yourselves, you’ll need to have more women in your group. Typically five to seven ladies will land you one.

Now it’s possible to show up at club opening and ask if there are any girl comp tables available, but we recommend planning if you have a large group.

Reaching out to a club’s host before arriving is the best course of action. In fact, contacting them at least a few days in advance is ideal.

A photo of ladies enjoying bottle service inside a cabana at Rehab

A Girl Comp Table At Rehab Beach Club (photo credit: facebook.com/rehablv)

Just like with our small group strategy above, make sure you arrive on time at the club open. Or you’ll risk not getting a table at all.


If you get a girl comp table to yourselves, we recommend tipping the waitress $100 for each bottle.

Table Bumps

Similar to the gents, in both our small group and large group girl comp strategies, your table may get bumped later on in the night (or day) if the club sells the table.

But on the big nights at the top clubs, table bumps can occur before you even make it to the table! And if you do make it to the table, it might only last a few minutes.

If you want your best chance of keeping a comp table for at least a few hours, choose clubs that are less busy on a given night. And landing a comp at the biggest clubs in Vegas is darn near impossible these days, especially on weekends.

Where To Find Girl Comp Tables

Almost all clubs in Vegas offer complimentary tables, but not on all days. You’ll want to contact a host at the club you want to go to to find out the availability of girl comps. Landing a comp table on weekends, during the busy season, is almost impossible. Aim for the weekdays, and you’ll have a lot more opportunity to score one.

Lady Strategy #2: Joining A Client’s Table

Another way for women to land a comp table is to get seated at a client’s table. It works like this. A group of guys buys bottle service at a club and they request that ladies join them at their table. You may get asked to join the table by one of the guys directly or by a VIP host at the club. Of course, there’s no obligation to do join a table. It’s simply away to enjoy your time at the club and perhaps score some free alcohol.

Beautiful girls standing at a table holding drinks in their hands

Women At A Client’s Bottle Service Table (photo credit: facebook.com/hakkasanlv)

If you’re invited to a table, please try and stay off your phone. Just enjoying the night by talking to the guys and dancing to the music will keep you at the table and ensure the alcohol stays flowing. We’ve seen countless times where the guys ask the women to leave because they’re on their phones.


Good news. There’s no need to tip if you’re at a client’s table. The tip is solely the client’s responsibility.

Lady Strategy #3: Connections

If you’re well connected or have an excellent social media following, you may be able to land a comp table. Be sure to establish a relationship with a VIP host or promoter though before coming to Vegas. They may be willing to have you join a comp table or give you one of your own to help promote the venue. For example, they may ask you to take photos of yourself at the club for advertising purposes.
Note: At this time, we’re not hosting comp tables. Please reach out directly to a club’s host for more information.

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