A Complete Guide To Las Vegas Bottle Service

It happens almost every day. The phone rings and Mike answers. It’s a new client wanting bottle service pricing for a club. After Mike lists off the pricing for the dates the customer is inquiring about there’s a long pause on the other end of the line. “Okay, uh… great” the client begins to say slowly, “so… how does bottle service work exactly?”

XS Is One Of The Top Clubs In Las Vegas For Booking Bottle Service

XS Nightclub (photo credit: facebook.com/xslasvegas)

Before I answer that, let me paint a picture here. If you’ve been to a Las Vegas club, you know that the venues are full of what appears to be ballers (quite often celebrities even) sitting at large, plush tables surrounded by women that they’ve just met. Or maybe the last time you were in town your eyes fixated on a group of ladies celebrating as cocktail waitresses carried signs with sparklers spewing from the top of a $1,000 bottle of Vodka. You may have thought how did they get so lucky? Well, it’s not luck. It’s Las Vegas bottle service. And it’s surprisingly attainable.

Bottle service (also known as table service or VIP service) is the ultimate Las Vegas status symbol and frankly, in our opinion, the best way to enjoy a club to the fullest. Because who wants to be standing around all night fighting to order outrageously priced drinks at the club’s bars? Or having to stand around in heels on concrete for hours? Yeah, not me.

And since we get asked so frequently about how bottle service works we decided to dedicate an entire guide to it.

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What is Bottle Service?

First, there are two ways to enjoy a Las Vegas club.

  1. There’s entry which is simply getting into the club. It involves either purchasing a ticket (general admission) or getting on a guest list, waiting in line to enter the club (sometimes for up to an hour or more), and buying your drinks at the club’s bars and then standing around all night.
  2. Or there’s bottle service. With bottle service, you get expedited entry through a private VIP line (no ticket purchase required), a plush table for the entire night, the best views in the club, a cocktail server, server attendant and a security team.

We like to think of bottle service as renting real estate inside a Vegas dayclub or nightclub for an afternoon or evening. It works like this – in exchange for agreeing to spend a certain amount of money (also known as a bottle service minimum) you’ll receive a designated place to party with all of the extras we mentioned above.

(There’s also a new shared bottle service experience at Tao Nightclub.)

What To Expect With Your Bottle Service Reservation

So, let’s take an example. Let’s say you’ve made a $2,000 bottle service reservation at Marquee Nightclub for tonight (we’ll get into the mechanics of how to make a reservation soon). At 10:30 pm, you head to the table line which is located to the left of Marquee’s main entrance to check in for your table.

Table Check-In

Please note that every club has three lines. One for general admission, one for guest list and another for table reservations. If you’ve booked a bottle service reservation, you don’t want to end up in the wrong line. Case in point, the general admission or guest list line can take up to two hours at certain clubs. As soon as you arrive at the club, we always recommend asking which line is for bottle service reservations.

At table check-in, you’ll present your ID. The ID must match the name on the reservation. At this point, they may ask for your credit card or they may wait until you’ve been seated at your table. Once you’ve checked in, a VIP host will escort you and your party through security and into the club.

Now you don’t get to pick your table inside the club. You’ll have a general idea of where you’ll be seated though based on the bottle service minimum price you’re willing to pay. Table prices vary based on the location inside the club. The more you’re willing to spend, the better your table section.

At The Table

Your cocktail waitress will hand you the club’s bottle service menu with the alcohol options that are available plus any bottle specials for that night. (If you’re at a pool club, food options are also on the menu.) Once you’ve placed your order, you won’t be waiting long to start partying as delivering alcohol is the club’s top priority. And you don’t have to worry about pouring drinks either because your waitress will take care of that for you.

All tables have complimentary unlimited mixers like cranberry and orange juice and other additions like lemons, limes, and strawberries. Ice and cups will also be on hand. Additionally, a server attendant makes sure your space is clean and free of any spills.

And to keep you safe, a security team keeps a watchful eye over your section preventing any unwanted visitors from entering your VIP area. Don’t want someone at your table? No problem. Tell a security guard, and they will be asked to leave immediately. With bottle service, security works in your favor. And be careful with your personal belongings. Some tables have drawers you can stash your purses in but others don’t. Keeping your valuables on you is always the safest bet.

Concierge Services

Lastly, if you’re looking for people to party with your group, the clubs have you covered here as well. Gents, if you’re on the hunt for attractive women to be at your table, a club host will round up some ladies to party with you. And if you’re a group of women and would like men at your table a club host can assist with that as well. Usually, these services are reserved for bottle service minimums above a particular spend requirement, but it never hurts to ask. And, of course, if you want to only party with your friends the security guards will help keep unwanted guests away.

How to Book Bottle Service

Okay, so after learning what bottle service is and what to expect for your day or night of partying you decide that you want bottle service. Excellent choice. But now what? The first step is to make a bottle service reservation which can be done one of three ways.

  1. Contact a VIP host employed by the club or call an independent VIP host.
  2. Book online.
  3. Call the club directly.
Booking Through A VIP Host

For the most part, the above booking options offer similar base table prices. On certain dates, the prices can vary by a few hundred dollars. In our opinion, booking your table reservation with a VIP host that works at the club or through an independent host is the best way to go. Here’s why. Working with a VIP host will get you the best service and usually the best pricing.

VIP Host Definition

There are two kinds of VIP hosts. A club-employed VIP host is hired by a Las Vegas nightclub or dayclub, and they work for that club alone. An independent VIP host differs in the fact that they have contracts with multiple clubs. This means that they can book bottle service reservations with their contracted clubs. In both cases, you can think of VIP hosts as your concierge of the day or nightclub.

In General, VIP Hosts:
  1. Handle table bookings.
  2. Answer any and all questions about a club.
  3. Ensure you get the table section you want.
  4. Sometimes can negotiate bottle deals.
  5. Arrange extras like celebrations, bottle presentations and bringing guests to your table.
Club-employed vs. Independent Host

Now, which is better? A club employed host or an independent host? It depends. If you book through an independent host that is well-connected and has a lot of clout at Vegas clubs, you can get a better VIP experience than booking through some club employed hosts. For example, you might receive preferred seating locations, lower minimums, bottle service deals like buy one/get ones and complimentary extras.

After all, there’s a reason why someone becomes an independent host. To explain further, if an independent host brings a lot of clients to a club, then the club is more than willing to make sure the independent host is well taken care of. In fact, some independent hosts have a discretionary fund provided to them by a club where they can discount pricing or land you some bottle deals. If the independent host hasn’t used up their quota for the month you can get in on the goods.

Now booking with a host that works at the club directly can sometimes get you perks as well. You will need to find a club employed VIP host that is successful. The most successful ones have the most leeway. Specifically, clubs give their top performers room to negotiate. Keep in mind that this isn’t always the case and on busy weekends it’s less likely to happen.

No matter which way you decide to go, one thing is for sure. Booking with a VIP host guarantees you the best in service. Since a VIP host gets paid based on a percentage of their table bookings, they have a big incentive to make sure you’re happy. And like I mentioned above, they’re your personal club concierge.

Booking Online

In our opinion, booking online through a club’s website is the least ideal route to take. Even though booking online will still get you an assigned VIP host that host won’t be making any money. The host only earns a commission if you book through them. And because they don’t get credit, they won’t have much incentive to deliver excellent customer service either.

Now I’m not saying all VIP hosts are like this but do yourself a favor and book directly with a club’s VIP host or through an independent VIP host. By booking online, you may also be missing out on potential lower minimums, better table locations or bottle deals.

Calling The Club Directly

Calling a club and booking over the phone will result in a similar experience to booking online. The VIP host assigned to you doesn’t have any incentive to take care of you. As a rule of thumb, pick up the phone and call a club-employed VIP host or an independent host directly to see what they can offer you. Doing this ensures that you’re getting the best possible experience for your money.

Bottle Service Table Prices

When making a bottle service reservation, you’ll want to keep your budget in mind. Bottle service prices are in constant flux. Sometimes even on the day of the event. Here are the factors that influence the cost of bottle service.


If it’s The Chainsmokers at XS in the Encore hotel, you’ll pay more for a table than say when DJ Ruckus performs at Marquee in The Cosmopolitan. Therefore, the more popular the DJ, the more you’ll pay.

Table Location

In nightclubs, the closer you are to the dance floor the higher your minimum will be. Ask for a map of the club to get an idea of the table layout. Keep in mind that it’s rare for a club to guarantee an exact table. They’re more likely to ensure an area.

Some clubs have back walls, outside areas or second levels which will usually be a cheaper bottle service option. Still, other clubs have “specialty rooms.” These rooms tend to offer more competitive prices and are a great alternative to the higher cost of the main room. For example, the Ling Ling Club at Hakkasan will have less expensive prices as compared to Hakkasan’s main room.

As opposed to nightclubs, dayclubs work differently with pricing based on the size of the space first and then the location. Also, dayclubs offer the ability to reserve specific cabanas. With all bottle service reservations, the table is yours from club opening to club closing or whenever you choose to leave.

Day of Week/Time of Year

The crowds are big during the spring and summer months. For more budget-friendly pricing options, stick to the fall and winter months. Additionally, bottle service deals are more likely available during the week than on the weekends (Friday through Sunday).


Clubs may charge for bottle service presentations. A bottle service presentation is when a display is made to deliver alcohol. For example, this may include signs, sparklers, or other props. At certain spend levels, presentations are free of charge.

Sparklers And Signs At Hakkasan Nightclub

Hakkasan’s Famous Bottle Service Presentations (photo credit: facebook.com/hakkasanlv)


The price of bottle service varies with each Las Vegas club. For example, XS commands higher bottle service minimums than 1OAK and Wet Republic is more expensive than Rehab Beach Club. Check out the pricing comparison below for a general idea on bottle service pricing across all day and nightclubs in Vegas.

Las Vegas Nightclub Bottle Service Cost Comparison
  • 1Oak: $$
  • Chateau: $
  • Drai’s After Hours: $$
  • Drai’s Nightclub: $$$$
  • Encore Beach Club Night Swim: $$
  • Hakkasan: $$$$
  • Hyde: $$
  • Intrigue: $$$
  • Jewel: $$$$
  • Light: $$
  • Marquee: $$$
  • Omnia: $$$$
  • Tao: $$
  • XS: $$$$
Las Vegas Dayclub Bottle Service Cost Comparison
  • Bare: $$
  • Daylight: $$$
  • Drai’s Beach Club: $$$
  • Encore Beach Club: $$$$
  • Liquid: $$
  • Marquee Dayclub: $$$$
  • Rehab Beach Club: $$$
  • Tao Beach: $$
  • Wet Republic: $$$$

Generally speaking, bottle service prices range anywhere from $250 (for daybeds at pool parties) up to $15,000+ on the most popular days at the top clubs. And sure thousands of dollars may seem like a lot of money, but if you have a group of eight people splitting the bill for a $1,500 table, it’s not that bad.

And you don’t have to pay for an entry ticket either! Ticket prices at top clubs can go up to $100 per person on the nights with the most popular DJs spinning. In contrast, buying drinks at the club’s bar can quickly add up (one Rum and Coke goes for $20 at XS).

How To Calculate The Actual Bottle Service Table Price

Wait, what? What do you mean by “actual”? As I mentioned before, clubs quote bottle service prices in terms of a minimum spend requirement. This means that if you book a bottle service reservation for $2,000 you’ll need to buy at least $2,000 in drink or food purchases. If you don’t, they’ll still charge you the full $2,000. Now what the minimum doesn’t include are the venue/service fee, tax, and tip. These are an additional cost.

Clubs vary in the percentage they charge for these fees. You’ll want talk to the club or your VIP host to find out exactly what the charge will be before booking. A reasonable estimate is to add 34% to the minimum table price to calculate the final cost. (Currently, no club in Vegas charges more than 36.24%).

For example, let’s say you book a $2,000 minimum at Rehab Beach Club.

Bottle Service Minimum: $2,000

Plus: Tax, Tip, and Service Charges (estimated at 34%): $680

Total Actual Bottle Service Cost: $2,680

The Best Way To Pay For Bottle Service

Make A Deposit Or Prepay In Full

In our opinion, it’s always best to pay a deposit or prepay for a table if possible. In fact, I can’t tell you how many times we’ve witnessed table prices increase the closer it gets to a date. Ah, the law of supply and demand. And Vegas clubs take full advantage of this law – as more and more people book, the fewer tables remain, and the higher the prices rise.

We recommend either making a deposit or paying the full amount in advance. This ensures the best pricing and table locations available. Deposits and full prepays are usually refundable as long as cancellations are received at least a few days before.

Pay Day Of

Conversely, if you want to decide on the club the day or night of you certainly can do so. Just keep in mind you may be paying top dollar. As soon as you’ve made the decision on what club you want, you need to arrive when the club opens to get the best available pricing. And if you’ve made your choice early enough (before 9 pm), contact a VIP Host. If you wait until midnight to book, you’ll pay higher prices, and you risk the club selling out.

How Long Clubs Hold Tables

The nightclubs typically keep unpaid reservations until midnight (this is not guaranteed though). And for dayclubs, you should check in for your bottle service table before 1 pm. If you show up later than these times your bottle service reservation will usually get bumped and sold to another client. Unfair? Maybe. But it’s unfair to the clubs too if you’re not prompt as they’re missing out on money. Indeed, Las Vegas clubs are a business and money in the hand is better than a reservation that may or may not show up. On occasion, reserving a table with a higher minimum may be held for longer, but it’s best not to risk it.

All paid in full bottle service reservations will be held the whole night. Tables with deposits will be kept longer than an unpaid reservation but are still at risk for getting bumped.

Special Bottle Service Presentation Requests

Special bottle service requests such as signs, drums, lights and firework sparklers are available with the purchase of bottle service. And like I mentioned before, in some cases, presentations are complimentary if you agree to spend a certain amount or buy an expensive bottle.

Often clients make presentation requests for birthdays, bachelorette or bachelor parties. Most commonly for birthdays, club waitresses will dance around the table holding up signs of the person’s name with firework sparklers shooting off from the bottles. We even had a client once make a custom cut-out of themselves to surprise their boyfriend at a club.

Most importantly, contact a VIP host and be sure to put in your bottle presentation request early so that the club has time to prepare. The best VIP hosts will make sure everything goes smoothly for your celebration.

A Cocktail Waitress In A Car At Wet Republic

A Bottle Service Presentation At Wet Republic (photo credit: facebook.com/wetrepublic)

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