Bottle Service in Vegas: EVERYTHING You Need To Know

There’s a lot of confusion out there when it comes to bottle service reservations in Las Vegas. Case in point, we get multiple inquiries on the daily about how it works, what the price includes, what to expect at the table, how to calculate the total cost, if we can guarantee a table, and the list goes on and on.

So to help you guys out, we’re taking all of your questions and putting them together in one complete guide about Las Vegas bottle service. It’s one doozy of an article though, so sit back, relax, and grab yourself a latte. Because, honey, I’m on my second one today already. 🙂

What is bottle service in Las Vegas?

XS Nightclub (photo credit:

What Is Bottle Service?

Bottle service (also referred to as table service or VIP tables) is the ultimate Las Vegas clubbing experience. And frankly, in our opinion, it’s the best way to enjoy a club.

For instance, with a bottle service reservation, you’ll have a designated place to party from the moment you arrive until you decide to leave.

Now if you make a bottle service reservation at a nightclub, then in most cases, you’ll get a luxurious booth that has seating and a small table for your bottles.

If you’re at a day club, then you’ll have more table options available. For example, there are daybeds, couches, cabanas, and bungalows. And, at some beach clubs, there are even tables in the pools themselves, i.e., Lily Pads at Encore Beach Club.

And the best part about bottle service is that there’s no cost for the table itself. It’s included complimentary for agreeing to spend a certain amount at the club.

Encore Beach Club's famous bottle service in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Bottle Service Benefits

  1. A dedicated spot to party (including seating) for the entire day or night
  2. Expedited and complimentary entry through a private VIP line
  3. Unlimited and free mixers like juices and tonic water
  4. A cocktail server to take your bottle orders and pour your drinks
  5. Security staff to keep any unwanted guests away
  6. A busser to keep your table clean and stocked with glasses and ice

So at this point, you may be thinking that bottle service sounds fantastic, but what if you don’t make a bottle service reservation? Won’t you still have a good time at the club? Well, sure. But there are some additional hassles that you’ll endure, and you won’t be nearly as comfortable.

What Clubbing Is Like Without Table Service

Perhaps the best way to appreciate the value of bottle service is to understand what clubbing is like without a table. If you don’t go the bottle service route, then you’ll need to purchase a general admission ticket or get on a club’s guest list for free or reduced entry. Now that’s assuming your group qualifies for the guest list AND the club is offering one that day.

Longer Wait Times & Limited Access

On some days, the wait time in the general admission or guest list line may be an hour or more. Additionally, nightclubs like XS and Kaos, frequently limit their guest list groups to the outside section of the club only. That means you won’t have any main room access. Translation: you won’t be near the dance floor.

Drink Prices Are High

To get drinks, you’ll need to purchase them at a club’s bars. Now that’s always a fun experience as you wait in line and battle with other guests for the bartender’s attention. Not to mention that, on average, drink prices start around $15 – $20 each.

Standing Room Only

Lastly, the real kicker: there’s no place to sit down without a bottle service reservation. Yep, you read that right. Seating is reserved exclusively for table reservations.

Now standing isn’t as big of a deal if you’re at a pool club because you’re free to get in the pools and you can sport comfortable shoes like flip-flops. But it’s an absolute nightmare if you’re at a nightclub wearing heels as you’ll have to stand on concrete for hours. (And trust me, I speak from experience. I once had to wear ballet flats for two weeks after a night at Marquee.)

Factors That Influence The Cost Of Bottle Service

It may come as a surprise to hear that bottle service can be surprisingly affordable. Further still, at some clubs, it may even work out to be a similar cost per person as purchasing a general admission ticket and drinks.

Now the price for bottle service is dependent upon five factors: the club itself, the DJ or performer, day of the week (and the time of year), your table location inside the club, and the number of people in your party. I’ll cover each one of these in detail next.


Generally speaking, the nicer the club, the more it’s going to cost you. And by “nicer” I mean the amount of money it took to build the club. For example, you’ll find higher prices for VIP tables at venues like XS, Omnia, Hakkasan, Kaos, and Encore Beach Club.

In all fairness, these top-rated clubs also have phenomenal talent, so that plays into the cost equation too, but overall, the more a club blows your mind, the higher the price tag.

What does bottle service presentation mean?


If you see a top act like Calvin Harris at Wet Republic Ultra Pool or French Montana at Drai’s, bottle service will come with a higher price tag as compared to a club that features a less popular talent.

For instance, a dance floor table at Omnia may cost $9000 when Calvin performs. But, at Light Nightclub, prices might start at $3000 on a Rick Ross Las Vegas night for a comparable table location.

Now Rick Ross is still fantastic, but he doesn’t draw as big of a crowd as Calvin does. Not to mention that Omnia is one gorgeous (and expensive) venue and Light, well, it’s a bit older. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though as you’ll get a better value for your money at Light Nightclub.

In short, higher table prices stem from greater demand. More people at a club translates to more requests for table service, which means less table availability and thus higher costs.

Day Of The Week

If you’re going to a club on a weekday, prices are often considerably less than if you go to a club on the weekends. In fact, weekday prices are sometimes discounted up to 50%.

Overall, there are fewer people in town during the week, so the clubs offer reduced pricing to get people to come. What’s more, during the summer months, you’ll still find that the clubs have a great crowd even on a weekday.

So if you’re on a tight budget, but still want to experience all that the Vegas clubs offer, coming on a weekday is a fantastic time to get an excellent price on bottle service.

The time of year can also make a difference in the price that you’ll pay. You’ll find lower prices on bottle service during the fall and winter months as compared to the spring and summer.

However, that may all change once the stadium is complete and there’s an influx of folks in town to watch their favorite NFL team. Not to mention that Kaos and the Wynn are building heated domes over their pools. So you’ll soon get to experience a Vegas pool party during the winter months.

Table Location

At Las Vegas nightclubs, the closer your table is to the DJ, the higher the bottle service cost. For instance, an outside patio table will cost much less than a main room dance floor table.

If you’re at a day club though, pricing works a bit differently. The type of table you get can influence the price just as much as the location.

To explain further, a cabana at Encore Beach Club comes with some pretty impressive amenities. For example, you’ll get a generously-sized cabana with a TV, refrigerator, fan, cooling system (misters), a couch, and a daybed. Not to mention you’ll have complete shade protection from the sun.

Now, the cabanas are along the perimeter of the club, furthest from the DJ. So if the club were pricing a cabana based on location alone, then these would be the cheapest option. But that’s not the case. Because of the amenities and the amount of space you get, the cabanas are one of the most expensive options at Encore Beach Club.

Number Of Guests

The more people you have in your party, the higher the bottle service prices climb. For instance, at some nightclubs in town, table service starts around $600 for up to six guests, but if you have ten people in your party, then the price may increase to $1200 or more.

The good news here is that if you do have a larger group, then you’ll have more people to split the bill. And the more spacious table options are usually better location wise as well.

Understanding The Bottle Service Price Quote

VIP table service is quoted in terms of a minimum spend requirement. That means you’ll need to purchase items that total at least a specific dollar amount. If you spend less, then you’ll still be charged the minimum spend amount. And if you spend more, then you’ll be responsible for the overage as well.

Now, again, there’s no charge for the table (i.e., dance floor booth, daybed, etc.). It’s provided complimentary for agreeing to spend money at the club.

You can order any items off the bottle menu (or food menu if you’re at a day club) and they’ll count towards your spending requirement. You’ll want to make sure though that you order at least a bottle as that’s what table service is all about.

After you’ve placed a bottle order, then at most clubs, it’s fine to order some individual drinks (within reason). Please keep in mind though that the clubs don’t want their cocktail servers running back and forth between the bar and your table all night long.

Example: Encore Beach Club Bottle Service

All clubs in Las Vegas offer a variety of table options at varying price points. For example, let’s say you’re interested in going to Encore Beach Club. Prices and table options at Encore Beach Club As you can see in this price quote, there’s a dollar amount (minimum spend) listed next to each table option as well as a guest quantity. For instance, if you’re interested in getting a daybed, then the minimum spend of $3000 is valid for up to eight guests.

That means you need to spend at least $3000 when you’re at the club. And you can have up to eight people for that price. If you bring more people on the day, then the club may increase the spending requirement or charge a cover at the door for each additional guest over the maximum.

Additional Costs

On top of the minimum spend, all clubs in Las Vegas also charge approximately 37% for their venue fee (may also be referred to as a service or admin fee), sales tax, and gratuity. At clubs that take deposits, there may also be a nominal processing fee.

You’ll want to add this percentage to any price quote you receive to calculate the total cost. For example, if you’re interested in a table with a $1000 minimum spend, then you’ll end up paying roughly $1370.

Vegas Primer Tip: To calculate the total cost, take the minimum spend and multiply by 1.37.

How Much Is Bottle Service In Las Vegas?

Below you’ll find a graphical representation of bottle service prices at some of the most popular nightclubs and dayclubs. The price ranges are estimates of averages based on weekend rates. Overall, you can see which clubs offer the most value for the money. You can also see which clubs are the most in demand as their table service price ranges are higher.

A bar chart showing the price ranges for bottle service at nightclubs in Las Vegas

A bar chart depicting the table service price ranges at dayclubs and pool parties

How Many Bottles Do I Get?

We get asked this question A LOT. And the answer depends on your table’s minimum spend and the bottles you choose to order. Also, it’s important to note that bottle menus aren’t the same across clubs either. For example, each club dictates their bottle prices and the brands they offer.

To explain further, bottle prices at Encore Beach Club are some of the highest on the strip with bottles starting around $750. So, if you selected bottles at this price point and let’s say you got a $3000 minimum spend daybed, then you’d get four bottles.

Here’s the calculation:

$3000 minimum spend / $750 per bottle = 4 bottles

You can do this calculation with any price quote to determine the number of bottles you’ll receive. Keep in mind that Encore Beach Club’s bottle prices are an outlier; the average starting bottle price is around $600.

What’s The Cheapest Bottle Service In Vegas?

Not including holiday weekends, the lowest price at most clubs is a one bottle minimum. That means that you’ll need to order at least one bottle for a party size up to six guests. Larger party sizes will have a higher minimum spend requirement and thus will have to purchase more bottles.

As I mentioned in the section above, bottle prices vary depending on the club. For instance, bottles of vodka start at $500 at Light Nightclub, whereas at Encore Beach Club they’re $750.

And always remember to add approximately 37% for the club’s venue fee, tax, and tip. So, in total, you’re looking at the lowest bottle service cost in Vegas starting around $685.

Are There Bottle Deals?

At some clubs, we have bottle deals like a buy one get one or reduced pricing for buying a package. For instance, at EBC at Night, you can get one bottle of tequila and one bottle of vodka for $777. (The price for one bottle at EBC Night Swim is around $700. So with a bottle deal, it’s like you’re getting a bottle for free.) 

Another club that we can include a complimentary bottle at is Light. On most nights, we can offer a free bottle with any table reservation. For more information and to get a bottle service quote, please email us at

Is My Table Guaranteed?

I hate to break it to you, but most table locations aren’t guaranteed even with an advance reservation. (And anyone who claims otherwise is not telling you the truth.) Case in point, here’s what XS Nightclub states in their Terms and Conditions:

“Table location or placement subject to change without notice.”

And here’s what Omnia has to say:

“Early arrival is suggested; please arrive no later than 11 pm, as reservations are not guaranteed until you arrive.”

That means that even if you make a reservation, you may not get the table location you originally wanted. Now, that said, most of the time, you won’t have any issues as long as you adhere to the club’s rules which I’ll cover in a minute.

Before I get to that though, it’s essential to understand that there are two types of clubs in Las Vegas: deposit and demand.

Deposit-Based Clubs

Deposit-based clubs request a deposit to hold a table and lock in the minimum spend. Clubs like XS, Encore Beach Club, Kaos, Light, and Daylight are all examples of deposit-based venues.

When we submit your bottle service reservation to a deposit-based club, the club will send back a deposit form. This form will list a breakdown of the minimum spend and all applicable taxes and fees. In most cases, the deposit amount is 20% of the bottle service minimum. You’ll pay the remaining balance to the club upon arrival.

Now, these venues will also have a clause in their terms and conditions that states table locations are subject to change. The good news here though is that with deposit-based clubs, 99% of the time, you’ll get the table location you want as long as you arrive on time.

Deposit-based clubs provide the highest level of assurance with a table location, so if you want the best chance of locking down a section and minimum spend, it’s best to book at a deposit-based venue.

Please note that when we mention “table locations” we’re referring to the section in general (i.e., upper dance floor, back wall) and not a specific table number. The latter typically comes with zero guarantees and requests for particular table numbers are generally not accepted by the clubs.

Demand-Based Clubs

Demand-based clubs operate a bit differently. For example, their prices are almost always in flux. Demand-based clubs don’t typically take deposits as they want the ability to increase table minimums if they have a lot of people attending.

These clubs do their best though to provide accurate pricing based on their demand forecast. However, if a demand-based club experiences higher than expected demand, they may increase table prices across the board and may even do so at the door without any advance notice.

That said, the opposite may also be true. If a demand-based club’s reservation count is low, then prices may decrease, or you may even get a complimentary upgrade to a better table location upon arrival.

Now if prices do increase, it doesn’t mean that you won’t get a table. As long as the club has accepted your minimum spend, then they’ll still seat you. It just won’t be the same location.


For instance, let’s say you make a table reservation for a $2000 minimum spend mezzanine booth at Hakkasan. And let’s also say that you arrive late and don’t get to the club until midnight. When you get to the door, you find out that the mezzanine booths are now $3000, but the club can offer you a table in their hip-hop room for a $2000 minimum spend.

Another thing that you need to know about demand-based clubs is that these venues typically won’t hold tables for long. The absolute latest we recommend arriving is 11 pm although coming at club opening (10:30 pm) is ideal as it can often help with your table location. If it gets too late, a demand-based club may sell your table to another party.

Full prepays

There’s one exception though to clubs not guaranteeing a table. For instance, if a club offers the ability to prepay in full, then the table location is guaranteed (as long as there’s nothing in the fine print that states otherwise).

Of course, there will be a time constraint on that guarantee, i.e., the club reserves the right to release your table for resale if you haven’t arrived by a specific time on the reservation date. This time is usually around 1:00 pm at day clubs, and 1:00 am for nightclubs.

Sometimes too on New Year’s Eve or when a great talent performs like Travis Scott at Marquee, you can prepay in full and even select your specific table number.

Bottle Service Rules

Every bottle service guest must adhere to each club’s rules. Failure to do so may result in your group getting turned away at the door (even if you’ve paid a deposit or prepaid in full). Here are a few reasons why guests may not be allowed into a venue.

Dress Code

Pay close attention to a club’s dress code. If you’re not in proper attire or wearing clothing that is against the club’s rules, security may ask you to go back to your hotel room and change. Once you return to the club, you’ll need to stand in line all over again.

At most nightclubs, the dress code is a collared shirt and dress shoes for guys. Ladies have more leeway with what they can wear, but most women wear heels and a dress. Jeans are okay as long as there are no rips or tears. (Although here again, ladies can usually get away with wearing torn jeans.)

For the pool clubs, you’ll need to wear swim attire. And it must be on to enter the venue. You’re welcome to wear a cover-up, shorts, and a shirt or tank top. Flip-flops are also acceptable.

Almost all clubs prohibit athletic attire. For example, Nikes, Jordans, and clothing with a sports logo are often not acceptable. Regular sneakers like all black Vans are generally acceptable for bottle service guests, but again it’s up to security to decide.

Intoxication & Controlled Substances

If you show up visibly intoxicated, you’re not getting in the club. Vegas clubs also have a zero-tolerance policy regarding controlled substances (and yes, that includes marijuana products too).

Case in point, security personnel are trained to spot drug use and will even go so far as checking pupils, having guests remove their shoes and socks, or searching other personal items.

If the club suspects you’re doing something illegal, they won’t let you enter, and you can’t return either. The clubs contact the authorities as well. And if you paid a deposit, don’t expect to get that back either.

Rude Or Loud Behavior

If you treat the club’s staff disrespectfully, you’ll won’t get in the club. It’s best to follow the golden rule when you’re at a club and treat everyone how you’d like to be treated.

Proper Identification

The day and nightclubs in Las Vegas are 21 and over only. Every guest must present a valid government-issued photo ID at entry. Photocopies are not acceptable.

Further still, some clubs require that a passport accompany any non-US issued identification. For instance, we’ve seen countless times when guests are turned away at the door because they didn’t bring their passport.

For this reason, we always recommend that non-US citizens bring both. That is unless you don’t mind taking a chance and having to return to your hotel room to get it.

Arrive On Time

All clubs list an “arrive by” time for bottle service reservations. For beach clubs, it’s usually 11 am or 12 pm. At nightclubs, times range from 11 pm to 12 am.

Paying attention to the arrive by time is important because after this time your table may be at risk of being released for resale. Now it’s not for sure that your table will be released, but the clubs can sell it if you’re not at the club.

What Happens At The Club

Table Check-In

Every club has at least three lines. There’s one for general admission, one for guest list reservations, and another for table service. The lines should be marked by signs, but if not, you can ask any of the club staff, and they’ll direct you. The general admission or guest list line can take an hour or more at some clubs, so it’s important to make sure you get in the correct line. 

At table check-in, you’ll present your ID. The ID must match the name on the reservation. At this point, the club may ask for your credit card, or they may wait until you’ve been seated at your table. Once you’ve checked in, a host will escort you and your party through security and into the club.

At The Table

Your cocktail server will hand you the club’s bottle service menu with the available alcohol options. If you’re at a pool club, food options are also on the menu.

Once you’ve placed your order, you won’t have to wait long to start partying as bringing bottles out is the club’s top priority. You also don’t have to worry about pouring drinks because your waitress will take care of that for you.

Like I mentioned above, all tables come with complimentary and unlimited mixers like cranberry and orange juice. Ice and cups are also on hand. Additionally, a server attendant makes sure your space is clean and free of any spills.

To keep you safe, a security team keeps a watchful eye over your section, preventing any unwanted visitors from entering your VIP area. If you don’t want someone at your table, talk to a security guard, and they’ll be asked to leave immediately.

Another cool feature with bottle service is that some of the tables have drawers where you can store your belongings. When it comes to clubs in Vegas, keeping your valuables on you (or hidden) is always the safest bet.

Bottle Presentations

If you want to make your night extra-special, don’t forget to check out the bottle service parade menu. A bottle presentation or parade is when the club delivers bottle(s) to your table with signs, drums, sparklers, etc. Each club has unique presentations, so you’ll get a different display at each venue.

At times, bottle presentations may be complimentary if you’re spending a lot. Other times, you’ll need to pay for them separately, but they’ll count towards your minimum spend requirement. You can ask your cocktail server for the parade menu when you arrive at the club.

Concierge Services

Lastly, if you’re looking for people to party with your group, the clubs have you covered here as well. Gents, if you’d like women to join you, a club host may be available to help find ladies.

Conversely, if you’re a group of women and would like men at your table, a club host can assist with that as well. These services may be reserved for bottle service minimums above a specific spend amount, but it never hurts to ask. Although not required, it’s always a nice gesture to tip for a host’s help.

And, of course, if there are any unwanted guests at your table, security will ask them to leave.

Closing Out Your Bill

At most venues, you can split payment for the table with up to three credit cards. The clubs accept cash as well. You can close out your bill at any time too. So if you’ve ordered everything when you arrive, you can close it out immediately. Just make sure that you meet that minimum spend first. 

Bottle Parade at Wet Republic in Las Vegas

A Bottle Service Presentation At Wet Republic (photo credit:

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