Light Nightclub: The Ultimate Insider’s Guide

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Light Nightclub is the most underrated venue in all of Las Vegas. I might even go so far as to call it a unicorn in the club world.

To give you an idea of where I’m coming from, The Light Vegas isn’t some small nightclub. It’s massive and features the largest LED screens on the strip. These screens immerse you and add an X factor that isn’t found at any other venue.

A photo of Light Nightclub's main room showing the bottle service tables and LED screens.

Not only that but when I go to most Vegas nightclubs, I hear a few good songs and then a few not so good songs. At Light though, that’s not the case. It’s one of the only clubs where I’ve taken a break from partying and thought,

Wow. It’s one awesome song after the next.

In addition to their brilliant house DJs, Light also brings in top performers like Rick Ross and Ludacris.

Now if that’s not enough to make you want to go to Light Nightclub, then maybe this will do it for you – bottle service is actually (gasp) reasonable. I’m talking bottles starting at $495.

So in this primer, we’re covering everything you need to know to make your Light experience once for the books!

The Light Las Vegas: Overview

One of the main reasons why we’re such big fans of Light is because the club offers superior value for the money. Of course, you must be a fan of hip-hop and top 40 music to come here.

Here are some quick facts about Light Nightclub.

  • Nights Open: Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday
  • Hours: 10:30 pm until 4:00 am
  • Bottle Service: $-$$
  • Music: Hip-hop and Top 40
  • DJs/Performers: DJ E-Rock, Kid Funk, J Nice, Stevie J, Ludacris, Rick Ross, Jeezy, T-Pain, and London On Da Track
  • Special Events: Sports Viewing Parties, New Year’s Eve



Property Specs

If you’re similar to me and like to nerd out over the specs of a place, you’ll appreciate these. Light Nightclub features 700 video panels, 150 moving lights, 50 stationary lights, 68 bottle service tables on the main floor alone, three (yes, three) full-service bars, and aerials for flying! At 38,000 square feet overall, Light Nightclub is one monster of a venue.

A photo of Ludacris performing on stage.

Where Is Light Nightclub?

Light is exceptionally located on the Mandalay Bay property. You’ll find the entrance to the nightclub easily accessible from Mandalay’s West Valet. Have your ride-share driver drop you off here, and you’ll have the shortest walk to any club in all of Las Vegas. As a matter of fact, I’d estimate your walk time to be 20 seconds or less. When you get dropped off, enter through the hotel doors and Light will be on your right.

Dress Code

The dress code at Light Nightclub is more lenient than at other clubs. For instance, at another hip-hop club in Vegas, there’s no way you’re getting through security wearing Timberlands (or any other type of work boot for that matter).

But, if you have a bottle service reservation at Light, it’s generally acceptable to wear them. You can also get away with wearing a hat or even ripped clothing for guys with table service. (Torn clothing is okay for ladies at most venues, but rarely ever allowed for men.)

Although Light’s dress code is a bit more lax, there are some articles of clothing you shouldn’t wear. For example, sports jerseys are never allowed, and that goes for everyone – bottle service reservation or not.

All this said it’s ultimately up to Light’s security to decide what’s acceptable. If you have doubts about something, it’s best not to wear it. Nothing kills a night faster than having to go back to your hotel room and change your clothes.

Examples: What To Wear

Three photos showing what to wear to Light Nightclub. Guys are wearing collared shirts, ladies are in dresses and jeans with tank tops.


Purchasing a Light Nightclub Las Vegas ticket typically gets you faster entry into the club as compared to guest list entry.

On house DJ nights, expect ticket prices to run $30 for males and $20 for females.

If it’s a performance night, prices are usually around $100 – $150 for guys and $50 – $75 for ladies.

On the really big nights though, the Light Nightclub cover charge can go up every 30 minutes. And yes, it can happen even while you’re waiting in line. Because of this, it’s best to get your tickets in advance (you can buy them online directly from Light’s website) or come to the club early.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any Light Nightclub discount codes at this time.

Vegas Primer Tip: If you’re coming to Light to see a performer, their show will last anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes. Performers typically come on stage at 1 am. A house DJ will perform before and after.

Guest List

Light Nightclub offers a guest list on most evenings. If you’re on the list, you’ll get free entry into the club. Please keep in mind though that guest list entry is NEVER guaranteed. The club may deny entry for a number of reasons.

Here are a few examples of things that’ll prevent you from making it inside the club on Light’s guest list. This is by no means a comprehensive list.

  • Showing up too intoxicated or on drugs
  • Wearing attire that’s out of dress code
  • Exhibiting rude behavior to the staff or other club-goers
  • The club has reached capacity
  • Missing the guest list cut-off times
  • Carrying any illegal items or substances

Having said all this, most people don’t have any issues with Light’s guest list.

Who Can Get On The List

At most venues, only women are allowed on the guest list. Sometimes groups of guys that have at least an even ratio of women in their party can get on the list as well. But, at Light club in Vegas, guys are welcome on the guest list too as long as you arrive before a certain time.

Now since we’re on the topic of cut-off times, this is one thing you need to be mindful of when planning your night out. Many people assume that as long as you arrive by the times listed below, that you’ll get into the club. Unfortunately, that’s not going to cut it. You must be at the front of the line and not just in line to make it inside.

Light Nightclub’s Guest List Cut-Off Times

Please note that these are the current cut-off times. Times may be subject to change without notice.

  • Guys only: 11 pm
  • Even ratio of women to men: midnight
  • Women only: 1 am

Drink Prices

If you’re on the guest list or a ticket holder, you’re probably wondering how much drinks cost. Well, they’re actually quite reasonable compared to some of the other clubs in town.

At Light, beer generally runs around $8 – $10, and drinks are $12 – $18.

Light Las Vegas Bottle Service

As I touched on at the beginning, Light Nightclub offers some of the best values in town when it comes to table reservations. Since the mezzanine (that’s the upstairs area) is usually only open on holiday weekends, you’ll get main room seating on almost all nights.

And because of how Light is designed, every table will feel like you’re in the action – even if you’re at a 2nd tier table.

Stadium Seating

Light features a stadium-style design which means that each table tier is higher than the row immediately in front of it. This helps to ensure that all tables will have a decent view.

For instance, the dance floor tables are level with the dance floor. The upper dance floor tables are elevated above the dance floor tables, and the 2nd tier tables are higher than the upper dance floor tables.

There is one possible area of confusion that I want to bring to your attention though. At most Vegas nightclubs, 2nd tier tables are referring to the upper dance floor tables. That’s not the case at Light. Light’s 2nd tier is equivalent to most other club’s third tier tables which means you’ll find the 2nd tier tables behind the upper dance floor tables. Also, if you see a quote for 1st tier at Light, that means upper dance floor.

Light Nightclub Table Prices

On most non-performance nights, Light’s pricing is as follows. Of course, pricing is always subject to change, and it’s usually higher when there’s a performer or if you have a large party size.

2nd Tier Tables

  • Cost: $500+
  • Guests: 8
  • Description: Second tier tables are one of the best value tables in the entire club. A common confusion is that people think they’re on the 2nd level (i.e., mezzanine) but they’re actually in the main room. These tables are an excellent option for a party size up to eight guests and those looking for a budget-friendly bottle service option.
A photo of the tables located on the second tier at Light.

Upper Dance Floor Tables

  • Cost: $1,000+
  • Guests: 10
  • Description: If you ask us, upper dance tables are one of our favorite table locations at any Vegas nightclub. You get an amazing view, you’re close to the dance floor, but you still have a private area because you won’t have people on the dance floor entering your space. And, at Light, upper dance floor tables are a steal starting at a $1,000 minimum spend.
A photo of the view from the upper dance floor tables.

Dance Floor Tables

  • Cost: $2,000+
  • Guests: 12
  • Description: Located right on the dance floor, these tables speak for themselves. If you want to be in the party and meet a ton of people, then there’s no better option. There’s virtually no separation between your table and the dance floor making it ideal for those of us who love to dance.
A photo of the dance floor tables at Light Nightclub.

Important Note: The prices above are the minimum spend requirements only. All clubs in Vegas charge an additional 35 – 37% on top of the bottle service minimum for their venue fee, tax, and tip. At Light, it’s closer to 35% and the gratuity is up to you although the suggested amount is 18-20%.

Vegas Primer Tip: On Wednesdays, if you have a small group size, you can get bottle service starting at a $300 minimum spend. And yes, Light Nightclub even has a bottle for that price – it’s usually a house vodka 750 ml.

What does the above pricing mean?

We answer emails almost every day from clients wondering if the table prices include any alcohol or if that’s just the cost of the table. Well, good news – the prices do include alcohol.

We think the easiest way to understand how bottle service in Las Vegas works is to think of the table as being free for agreeing to spend a certain amount.

Let’s take a second tier table as an example. Second tier tables typically start around a $500 minimum spend. If you book this table type, you’ll be required to spend at least $500 at the venue. You can purchase any items from the bottle menu (see below) and they will count towards your spend requirement.

Now if you don’t buy at least $500 worth of beverages, then you’ll still be charged that amount. And if you spend more than $500, then you’ll be responsible for the overage as well.

Vegas Primer Tip: Think about the amount you’re going to spend before booking and then make your reservation for that amount.

Continuing with our 2nd tier table example above, if you know you’re going to spend more than $500, then we recommend booking a table for the amount you think you’ll spend as you’ll get a better table location this way.

For instance, if you book a 2nd tier table for $500, but then end up spending $1000 at the club, the club won’t move you to an upper dance floor table.

But if you book a $1,000 table initially, then you’ll most likely get an upper dance floor table from the start. That’s why we recommend booking your reservation for the amount you think you’re going to spend as it will result in the best possible clubbing experience.

What’s Included With A Light Bottle Service Reservation?

Ah, now this is another one of our most frequently asked questions. Here’s what you get with any table reservation: complimentary (and unlimited) mixers like cranberry, orange, and pineapple juice, soda water, fruits like lemons and limes, a cocktail server to pour your drinks, a busser to keep your table clean, ice, and cups.

Can I order individual drinks at my table?

Well, yes and no. Bottle service is supposed to be for bottles, but as long as you order at least a bottle or two, then requests for cocktails are usually fine. Just keep in mind that the club prefers not to have their cocktail servers running back and forth to the bar all night long getting you drinks.

Light Nightclub Table Map

Below you’ll find the Light Nightclub table layout and floor plan.

A map showing the table numbers at Light Nightclub Las Vegas

The “Best” Table Locations

Now for the most critical question – which Light table should you get? I don’t usually talk about specific table numbers because clubs often won’t guarantee them.

But, at Light, I think it’s important to point out how well this club considers everyone’s experience when plotting the tables. Light thinks about the optimal location for each group and factors that into their seating. Let’s look at a few examples.

Bachelor Party or Guy Groups

Let’s say you’re a bachelor party (or any group of guys coming to Vegas) and you want to meet some ladies in the club. What are the ideal table options for your group?

Well you may get sat at table numbers 17 & 20, 48 & 50, or 63 & 64. On the table map above, you’ll notice that all of the tables I just mentioned are on either side of the staircase. Why is this good? Because being next to the stairs means you’ll get to see a lot of girl groups as they head down to the dance floor.

Imagine all of these women walking right past you. These table locations make it easy to start up a conversation or invite women to your table. And if you’re at table 17  or 20 don’t forget to look behind you too. There are lots of ladies standing next to the ledge as they sip on their drinks from the bar.

Other notable options for guy groups include tables in the 40s (specifically 43 – 46) as often ladies dance on the platforms at table numbers 61 & 62.

Vegas Primer Tip: If you want to meet women, come to Light on a Friday night. Although there are lots of ladies on Saturdays too, you’ll find more girl groups here on Fridays.


Now if you’re a smaller group or a couple and you’d like some privacy, some excellent table options are tables 1 – 7 and 31 – 35. These table numbers feature some of the coziest booths in the club and offer a great view of the stage too.

Corporate Parties

Light also does a fantastic job of accommodating larger party sizes or corporate groups. For instance, your ideal spot is going to be the corner dance floor tables 65, 66, and 67. These can hold up to 30 – 40 guests as the club will section off these tables just for you. And the price is quite nice too. On most nights, you can get all three tables for a $3000 minimum spend. Again, one of the best values in town.

Bottle Menu

Here’s the current Light Nightclub bottle service menu.

Light Nightclub's Rum, Tequila, Bourbon, Scotch and Champagne bottles and prices
Vodka, Gin, Cognac Bottles and Prices at Light Nightclub

Bottle Presentations

At some nightclubs in Las Vegas, bottle presentations can cost upwards of $2000 or more. For those of you new to the Las Vegas club scene, a bottle presentation is when a club makes a big deal over a bottle purchase. For example, these “big deals” may include sparklers, signs, costumes or even your name on the big screen. It’s the ultimate attention-grabber, and the presentations will have everyone’s eyes on you.

At Light though, they like to do things a little differently. And their reasonably priced bottle presentations are just one of the many things that we love about this club. For instance, on most evenings, you can get a sparkler presentation with a small table fee to your server. Or if you want to go all out and get your name on the screen, book a table for at least a $1000 minimum on non-performance nights.

A cocktail server carrying a bottle with sparklers is carried on a throne.

Bachelorette Party Packages

If I was visiting Vegas to celebrate a bachelorette party and I wanted to get bottle service, Light Nightclub would be one of my top picks. The amount of value you get for the money is outstanding. For instance, bachelorette packages start at a $500 minimum spend, and they all include a free bottle of champagne.

Not only that but Light has some pretty epic “add-ons.” Case-in-point, for $150 you can get a personal photographer for the night that’ll take pictures of you and your squad. Additionally, that price even includes editing of your ten favorite photos.

Email us for a full listing of Light’s bachelorette party packages including the exclusive “add-on” options that you won’t find anywhere else in town.

Groups of people watching a UFC match on Light's LED screens.

More Things To Know About Light Nightclub

Viewing Parties

If you’re wondering where to watch the Super Bowl, a UFC fight, March Madness, or a boxing match, then look no further than Light!

You’ll have one of the best viewing experiences on The Strip while you watch the event on Light’s LED screens. At around $150 per person, it’s a steal.

Additionally, if you want to stay for the club after, there may be a deal for you.

Performer Meet & Greet

Want to have some one-on-one time with a performer like Ludacris or Rick Ross? Well, good news – you can. For a minimum spend of around $10,000, you’ll get to do a meet and greet with the performer and snap some photos.

Ludacris Performing On Stage Before Meeting Fans

Proximity To 5 Star Restaurants

If you want to make a dinner reservation before heading to the club, Mandalay Bay features some exceptional restaurants near the club. One of our favorites is KUMI with their phenomenal sushi.

And if you’re looking for a quick bite to eat after the club (because who isn’t starving after a night a partying) head to Citizens. In all honesty, their food quality is impressive for a fast food spot.

New Year’s Eve

Light Nightclub is one our top picks for best value clubs on New Year’s Eve. For example, you’ll get an unbeatable table location for the price and get to see some top-notch talent too.

Even sweeter, if you’re a Maroon 5 fan, keep your eyes peeled because the group makes an annual appearance at Light after their Mandalay Bay performance.


Light is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a budget-friendly club. The venue’s reasonable VIP tables coupled with their bottle prices make it one of the best values on The Strip.

You’ll get to see top talent, too, with performances by some of the best hip hop artists of our time.

We also appreciate that Light’s DJs play old-school hip hop music throughout the night as well. So you’ll get to hear the new stuff along with the throwbacks.

Lastly, most of the guests that come to Light Nightclub are friendly and approachable. And the staff here is excellent, too.

Overall, Light throws one of the best parties in Las Vegas!