11 Pro Tips For Seeing Calvin Harris Las Vegas

There’s no denying that Calvin Harris is one of the most successful DJs in the world. And with that comes long wait times, high prices and sold out nights at Omnia Nightclub. Unfortunately, if you don’t know what to expect on a Calvin Harris Las Vegas night, it can be total frustration. (We’ve seen far too many club-goers walk away from the door upset.)

So, to help you out, Mike and I are divulging our insider knowledge that comes from nine years combined experience in the nightclub industry. Today’s article covers our pro tips for making the most out of your Calvin Harris Las Vegas experience.

Before we begin though, if you’re interested in bottle service reservations on a Calvin Harris night, we’re here to help you. Feel free to text us at (702) 816-6738. You can also send an email to info@vegasprimer.com. Now, let’s get to what you came for. 🙂


Calvin Harris Performs Fridays At Omnia (photo credit: facebook.com/omnianightclub)

Calvin Harris Las Vegas Pro Tip #1:

Arrive At 10:30 pm

Whatever you do, get to Omnia early. It doesn’t matter if you’ve bought a ticket, are on the guest list or have a bottle service reservation. If you arrive late, you may find yourself waiting for hours to get inside or risk the club reaching capacity and not making it inside the nightclub at all. And with a table reservation, the club could sell it out from under you if you take too long getting there.

It’s important to point out that the guest list line is a longer wait than the ticket line. By 11 pm on Calvin nights, the guest list line extends outside of Caesar’s Palace, down the steps and wraps around the corner (or winds through the casino). It’s a grueling wait especially if you’re in heels standing on concrete. Trust me; it’s much better to be inside the club waiting for it to fill up than in line.

Vegas Primer Tip: To avoid any issues with getting inside the club on a Calvin Harris Las Vegas night, we recommend arriving at or as close to club opening as possible. For Omnia, this is 10:30 pm.

And, as I just touched on, unless you’ve paid the entirety of your table service reservation or made a deposit, then you should abide by this rule as well. Name-only reservations, when the table is held only by a name, are frequently sold to other parties if you’re not at the club on time. And if it’s a Calvin night, the tables will only be held for a short time – usually only an hour.

This is in contrast to bottle service reservations that are paid in full as they are held for the entire night. Similarly, tables with deposits are retained until around 1 or 2 am. Although Omnia seldom (if ever) takes deposits. The hold time depends on how busy the club is on a particular night. On Calvin nights, it’s best to assume that deposit-only tables will get sold to another paying party by 1 am.

Calvin in the DJ booth at Omnia

Calvin In The DJ Booth At Omnia (photo credit: facebook.com/omnianightclub)

Calvin Harris Las Vegas Pro Tip #2:

Purchase Tickets & Make Bottle Service Reservations In Advance

Tickets and bottle service prices may go up the closer it gets to a Calvin Harris Las Vegas night.


The best way to purchase tickets for Calvin Harris is to buy them online on Omnia’s website. It’s a good idea to buy them a few weeks in advance. The longer you wait, the more likely the price will increase. On the other hand, purchasing tickets at the door is the worst option. If it’s more crowded than expected, ticket prices can rise even while you’re standing in line.

Bottle Service

For bottle service, you’ll almost always get a better deal if you make a table reservation in advance. (I say “almost always” because there’s something known as second seating which offers discounted bottle service prices. I’ll discuss this further coming up in tip #6.) But, if you want to enjoy your table for the entire night, then you should reserve a table in advance. Even if it’s the day before, you’ll still get a better deal than if you wait until the night of and try to get a table at the door. We’ve found that you’ll score the most savings though if you book at least a week or two in advance.

Vegas Primer Tip:  We recommend making a deposit or paying your table in full (if available) when making a Calvin Harris bottle service reservation. Putting money down guarantees your table location and price. 

The best way to make a Calvin Harris bottle service reservation is through an independent VIP hosting company or through a VIP host that works directly for Omnia. At times, independent and club VIP hosts have ways to get lower minimums and better table locations for you.

For bottle service price quotes, call or text us at (702) 816-6738. You can also reach Mike and me via email at info@vegasprimer.com with any questions about Calvin Harris Las Vegas.

Calvin Harris Las Vegas Pro Tip #3:

Limited Guest List

Unfortunately, on a Calvin Harris night, Omnia’s guest list is limited. Some nights they’ll offer one and others they won’t. Further still, you could even have a guest list confirmation text on your phone and get to the door, and they won’t let you in. It all comes down to how busy it is in town. And the decision to offer a guest list can change by the minute.

That’s why we always recommend purchasing tickets especially during the summer season. Cover charges are higher at the door, so it’s best to buy your tickets online in advance on Omnia’s website.

Additionally, if a guest list is offered on a Calvin Harris night, it’s strictly for women. So if you’re a guy, there’s zero chance of making it on Omnia’s guest list for Calvin. Best to buy those tickets!

To learn more about how guest lists work in Las Vegas, click here.

Calvin Harris Las Vegas Pro Tip #4:

Expect High Prices

No other DJ commands a higher price in all of Las Vegas except for The Chainsmokers. Both Calvin and The Chainsmokers have the most costly ticket and bottle service prices on the strip. A night with either of these two is going to cost you.

For Calvin, expect ticket prices to be around $75 for ladies and $100 for guys. Bottle service prices typically start at $1,500 for the Terrace (outside on the rooftop), $2,000 for the hip-hop room (Heart of Omnia) and $5,000 for the Main Room (where Calvin performs). To get a bottle service price quote for the night you’re interested in, call or text us at (702) 816-6738.

Calvin Harris Las Vegas Pro Tip #5:

The “Best” Table Locations

On a Calvin Harris Las Vegas night, Omnia offers a variety of table options to suit varying budgets. Below, we’ve identified the tables with the best locations, the tables that provide the best combination of price and location (what we like to call “value” tables), and the least expensive bottle service options in the club.

Best Location Tables

If you want bottle service and you must have the absolute best table location, make a reservation for any of Omnia’s dance floor tables. These are identified as table numbers 11 through 19 on the map below. You’ll get the best view here, and you’ll be smack dab in the middle of the party on top of the dance floor. These tables are around $5,000 – $10,000 depending on the night. We also like table numbers one and two. Although these are behind the DJ booth, they still make a very cool Calvin Harris experience and go for a slightly lower price as well. For dance floor table prices call or text us at (702) 816-6738.

The best table locations inside Omnia Nightclub for Calvin Harris Las Vegas

Best Value Tables

Now, if you’re looking for the best combination of price and location (value tables), opt for upstairs on the balcony. You’ll still be inside the main room and have a 180-degree view of the party down below. What’s even cooler about these tables though is that it’ll feel like Omnia’s mind-blowing chandelier is going to hit you in the face. It’s that close. Bottle service on the balcony usually starts at $4,000. For upstairs table reservations, call or text us at (702) 816-6738.

Omnia Table Locations Upstairs In Main Room

Least Expensive Tables

And if you don’t care where you’re sitting but you just want to go to Omnia on a Calvin night, the least expensive option is on Omnia’s Terrace. This area is outside of the club overlooking the strip. (Refer to the yellow section in map above.) A lot of people don’t realize though that you won’t hear Calvin from the Terrace as another DJ will be performing up here.

Additionally, keep in mind that the Terrace isn’t open year-round so you’ll find seating options on Omnia’s rooftop during the summer months. You’re looking at around $1,500 and up for a table. It’s a great option if you want bottle service and you’re okay with not seeing Calvin. Or, if you do want to see him, you can leave your table for a while and head downstairs when Calvin takes to the stage. (Just make sure to let your server know to keep your bottles safe until you return.) On the Terrace, we like tables 351, 352, 353 and 354.

Another option would be to get bottle service in Omnia’s hip-hop room, Heart of Omnia. Table service prices are considerably lower here as compared to the Main Room. But, here again, you won’t see Calvin from Heart. You’ll have to make your way to the Main Room to see him perform.

For pricing on the night you’re interested in, feel free to email us at info@vegasprimer.com. Alternatively, you can call or text us at (702) 816-6738.

Calvin Harris Las Vegas Pro Tip #6:

Second Seating

This next tip can save you thousands of dollars. And surprisingly few people even know about it.

On certain days, Omnia (and most other clubs on the strip) offer something called second seating. Here’s how it works. The later it gets, the more likely a club may offer up a table for a reduced price. For example, if you were to purchase bottle service at the beginning of the night (i.e., 11:00 pm) a table might cost $5,000. But if you were to wait a few hours, say until around 1:30 or 2:00 am, that same table may only cost $2,000. You read that right – that’s more than a 50% savings. (This is an example only. Price reductions vary and may not be available on all nights.)

Clubs offer second seating because the original reservation has already left for the evening or because the club didn’t entirely sell out. Another reason might include a reservation never showing up.

It’s important to realize that second seating isn’t guaranteed. If the club is sold out and no one has left, then the club won’t offer reduced table prices. But if you’re okay with possibly not getting a table on a given night, then trying for second seating might be right for you.

You can land one of these tables by walking up to the club on the night of at around 1:30 am and asking if there are any second seating options. Another option is to reach out to an Omnia VIP host in advance and let them know that you’re interested in second seating. Then, once you arrive in Vegas, you can text the host on the night of, and he’ll be able to let you know if there are any tables available.

Calvin Harris Las Vegas Pro Tip #7:

The Girl To Guy Ratio Is Approximately 2:1

If you’re on the lookout for women, you’re in luck. Calvin draws the hottest girls on the strip. Not only that but he’s so popular with the ladies that the ratio of women to men is around 2:1.

But ladies have no fear; the guys are attractive here too. And even though the ratio is skewed there’s still A LOT of men. After all, a Calvin night is going to be packed. When Calvin performs, everyone in town wants to be at Omnia.

Calvin Harris Las Vegas Pro Tip #8:

Girl Guy Program

Omnia has one of the leading Girl Guy programs on the strip. In this program, hosts (known as “Girl Guys” or “Girl Wranglers”) round up women inside the club and bring them to tables to provide company and help drink the alcohol.

Girl Guys For Guys

If you’re a guy with a bottle service reservation and would like women to join you, just ask your cocktail waitress, security guard or VIP host. They’ll get on their radios and request a Girl Guy for your table.

If you’re into a specific look, you can put in a request before the Girl Guy begins his wrangling. For example, if you’re into tall blondes, buxom brunettes, or international ladies, let the host know, and he’ll bring these types of women to you. If at any point you decide you don’t want the new guests at your table a quick shake of the head to a security guard will get them taken away.

Girl Guys for Ladies

Now if you’re a woman, Girl Guys work for you too. If a Girl Guy spots you in the club and likes your look, you’ll get to enjoy free alcohol and hang out at a table with some guys. Or you may get taken to an all-girls table. Many clubs in Las Vegas offer complimentary all-girls tables on occasion because, well, it makes the club look good to have women at a table.

Of course, there’s no obligation to join a table if you don’t want to. But if you would like to partake in free bottle service then just ask your VIP host or promoter. If you forget to ask, don’t worry. A lot of times the Girl Guys will find you anyway and offer up a table to you. This often happens at Omnia and Hakkasan.

Lastly, if you’re a group of ladies with a bottle service reservation, the Girl Guys are at your service as well. They’ll round up some guys to join you if you’d like. Here again, just ask your host, waitress or security guard to assist.

Calvin Harris Las Vegas Pro Tip #9:

Calvin Harris Takes The Stage At 1:30 AM

A lot of people think that the headlining DJ performs from club opening to club closing. This is not the case. With all Vegas clubs, there is a warm-up DJ that plays before the main DJ. You can expect Calvin Harris to take to the Omnia stage around 1:30 am, and his set will last for approximately two hours.

Calvin Harris Las Vegas Pro Tip #10:

Take A Break Inside Heart Of Omnia

If you want a quick change of music and scenery while waiting for Calvin, check out Omnia’s hip-hop room, Heart of Omnia. Heart is on the right side of the main room just after the entrance. This smaller club is the place to go if you want to dance. And, of course, you’ll only find hip-hop music here.

Lower Cost Bottle Service Options Are Available Inside Heart of Omnia on a Calvin Harris Las Vegas night

Heart Of Omnia (photo credit: facebook.com/omnianightclub)

As I touched on above, one of the most significant advantages at Heart of Omnia is the bottle service prices. You can save at least a few thousand dollars over Main Room prices. For instance, table prices at Heart during Calvin nights usually go for around $1,500 to $5,000. That’s in contrast to Main Room prices of $5,000 – $10,000. So, if you don’t want to pay the higher rates in the Main Room, Heart is a good option. Also, you can freely hop between Heart and the Main Room as you please so you won’t miss Calvin.

Calvin Harris Las Vegas Pro Tip #11:

Fast Pass The Club

It goes without saying that there are massive amounts of people at Omnia on a Calvin Harris Las Vegas night. A lot of guests assume that waiting in lines for the bathroom or moving at a snail’s pace around the club is just something they’re going to have to accept. But, that’s not necessarily true.

There’s a perk for bottle service reservations that a lot of club-goers don’t know about. If you have a table, a security guard is assigned to your section. Now if you tip that security guard well, they’ll escort you to and from the bathroom, and you may even get to skip the line. (Wait times can reach 30 minutes for the loo, so it’s worth it in our books).

Additionally, if you want to go to a different area, they’ll help you out here too by escorting you through the crowd quickly. A hundred or so should do the trick to take advantage of this little known yet epic time saver.

That concludes our pro tips for seeing Calvin Harris Las Vegas. We hope you found the information helpful. If you have any questions about Omnia or Calvin Harris Las Vegas nights, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can contact us by filling out the form below or by calling or texting us at (702) 816-6738. We look forward to hearing from you!

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