Getting Smart With: Las Vegas Guest List

One of the biggest misconceptions in Las Vegas is the club guest list. And after years of hosting, it became apparent to us that a lot of folks think getting on a Las Vegas guest list means they’re instant VIPs. They believe that they won’t have to wait in line, they’ll get free drink tickets (or an open bar) and can show up whenever they want. Why? Because they’re on a guest list, gosh darn it!

Clubgoers line up in the guest list line at Jewel. The line wraps behind the escalators.

The Guest List Line At Jewel Nightclub © 2018 The Vegas Primer

But alas, folks come to find out that their Las Vegas guest list fantasy was far from it. Instead, they were met with hours in line, no drink tickets and some never even made it inside the club because the list closed early!

How did their guest list experience turn out so bad? It’s simple. They didn’t follow the Las Vegas guest list rules.

So after hearing a good majority of y’all complain about guest list line disappointments, we thought it was time to take matters into our own hands. So we’re officially releasing our inside knowledge on Las Vegas guest lists hoping to put an end to your suffering.

In this article, we cover what a guest list is, why clubs offer them, how to go about getting on one and the rules of guest lists.

Out of everything we cover, the rules are the most important. Adhering to them will make that guest list fantasy of yours come true.

What’s A Guest List?

A Las Vegas guest list gets you free or reduced entry into a club. In most cases, this means you won’t have to buy a ticket. And, on some nights, there’s even an open bar for the ladies.

Additionally, being on a Las Vegas guest list can sometimes offer an expedited route into the club as you won’t be standing in the general admission line. (There are separate lines for guest list, general admission and table service at every club.)

For example, at clubs like Hyde, Intrigue, 1 OAK or Light, the guest list line usually moves faster than the general admission line. But at clubs like XS, Omnia or Hakkasan you may be in for a significant wait if you’re on the guest list. And if it’s an extremely popular DJ like Calvin Harris, Tiesto or The Chainsmokers the lines are incredible.

Which Clubs Offer A Guest List?

All day and nightclubs in Las Vegas offer a guest list.

Las Vegas Day Clubs: Lavo Party Brunch, Bare, Daylight, Drai’s Beach Club, Encore Beach Club, Liquid, Marquee Day Club, Rehab Beach Club, Tao Beach and Wet Republic

Las Vegas Nightclubs: 1 OAK, Chateau, Drai’s After Hours, Drai’s, Hakkasan, Hyde, Intrigue, Jewel, Light, Marquee, Omnia, Encore Beach Club Night Swim, Tao, Daylight (Eclipse) and XS

Why Clubs Offer A Guest List

A Las Vegas guest list is somewhat counter-intuitive if you think about it. Why would clubs want to let people into their venue for free? Don’t they need to make money on ticket sales? Well, yes and no.

Ticket sales are great, but the real money maker lies in alcohol. And a club will pick alcohol sales over tickets every time. The main reason then that clubs offer a guest list is to get alcohol sales. But to get those sales, they need to draw a crowd.

Sell Alcohol

The club’s big money comes from alcohol sales. Huge profits are made on table service and liquor purchases at the club’s bars. If you’re not spending $500 for a bottle of vodka at a table, then you’ll be at one of the club’s bars paying $20 or more for one drink. And as most guests don’t have just one drink, you’ll easily surpass what the club would’ve charged for a ticket in no time!

Additionally, with some DJs making $100k each night, clubs can’t risk alcohol sales. Clubs need those table sales and individual drink sales to cover the cost of the DJ and make a profit on top of all their operating expenses.

Bring In A Crowd

Providing free entry via a Las Vegas guest list is also a way to incentivize people to show up at a club. Las Vegas clubs want their properties packed because no one intends to party in an empty venue. Additionally, it’s difficult for a club to sell tables if there isn’t a crowd or if there is a lack of women at the club.

When Are Guest Lists Available?

Club guest lists are available almost every day and night in Vegas.

Guest lists for nightclubs are open from 10:30 pm to around midnight or 1 am. But ultimately it depends on the club and how busy it is that night. If the club fills up fast, then they’ll most likely close the guest list early.

For beach clubs (also known as pool parties), the guest list opens at 11 am and closes at 1 or 2 pm. Here again, the busier it is, the less chance you have of getting inside if you show up late as the club may close the list.

It’s worth pointing out that these times are general guidelines only. We discuss our recommendations for guest list arrival times in our rules below.

When Are Guest Lists NOT Available?

There are times like holiday weekends, fight weekends or when the megastar DJs are spinning that clubs won’t offer a guest list.

For example, if it’s crazy packed in town, the clubs don’t need any help getting people to their club. They’ll take full advantage of this increased demand by charging higher than average rates for entry.

Case in point, Rehab Beach Club ticket prices are usually $20 – $40 but on the last fight weekend entry prices started at $300 and then went to $500 as the day went on.

Check out our warning about big weekends in Vegas here.

Who Can Get On A Guest List?

Guest lists were created to help bring women into the club. Nowadays though almost everyone is eligible – both women and men (as long as you have at least an even ratio) can get on a Las Vegas guest list. The perks of being on a guest list though vary depending on if you’re a girl or a guy.

Keep in mind though that clubs are under no obligation to let anyone in for free even if you’re on a guest list.


If you’re a woman and you’re on a club’s guest list, you can pretty much count on getting free entry. I say “pretty much” because there are some rules you’ll need to follow which we’ll go over soon. As a bonus, a lot of clubs hand out free drink tickets or have an open bar for ladies too.

It’s important to note that if an open bar is available it will only be for a short period of time. You’ll want to arrive at club opening to take full advantage. (Club opening is usually around 10:30 pm for most venues.) Not all clubs offer an open bar and, if they do, it may not be available on all days, so it’s a good idea to call the club or check with a VIP Host before arrival.

Additionally, a Vegas club’s open bar only includes a few alcohol offerings. Not everything on the menu is available for free. For example, the club might offer vodka one night and have a champagne open bar the next.


For guys, getting on a Las Vegas guest list can get you a reduced cover charge or in some cases free admission. To get in for free, you’ll need to come with at least an even ratio of girls to guys.

Vegas Primer Tip: If you’re a group of guys and don’t have any women with you one of the easiest ways to get into a club for free is to find some ladies walking to the club and see if you can join their group. Assuming they’re on the guest list AND you’re in the guest list line with them AND it’s an even ratio you should be good to go.

This exact scenario happened to me on my first clubbing trip to Vegas. My friend and I were making our way to the guest list line at XS when two guys approached us and asked if they could join us. We wanted to help them out, so we said yes and checked in on the list telling the host that the guys were our friends. And guess what? It worked. The host let them right in, and we made some nice friends in the process.

How To Get On A Guest List

To get on a club’s list, you can:

  1. Call or text a host or promoter that works for the club.
  2. Contact the club directly.
  3. Visit the concierge desk at your hotel and ask to be put on a club’s guest list.
  4. Call the hotel where the club is located.
Vegas Primer Tip: There are so many ways to get on a Las Vegas guest list these days you really can’t go wrong no matter which route you choose. That said, of all these choices our favorite method is #1 –  contacting a host or promoter for the club.

Here’s why:

  • If you contact a host or promoter that works for the club, then you’ll have a point of contact for the night. So if anything goes wrong, you’ve got someone there to help you. Additionally, getting on a promoter or host list may land you additional perks. Searching Instagram or Facebook is a great way to find a host or promoter. Just enter the name of the club into the search box and contacts will appear in the results.
  • Additionally, a host or promoter that works for a club will typically have more guest list dates available including holiday weekends.

Mike & Jenna’s Las Vegas Guest List Rules

There are five rules you need to follow to ensure an epic guest list experience. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in paying a cover charge or getting turned away at the door.

1. Show Up On Time

As I mentioned above, nightclub guest lists are open until midnight or 1 am. For pool clubs, guest lists are open until around 1 pm. Keep in mind that guest lists are known to close early and without notice if the club fills up fast or if it’s a day or night with a popular DJ. And if you’re late, the club will charge you for entry.

Vegas Primer Tip: To make sure you get inside a club without any issues, we recommend arriving at 10:30 pm for nightclubs and by noon for all pool clubs. 

The most in-demand clubs will have longer guest list wait times than others. With these clubs we especially recommend getting there close to club opening time. Any later and you could be waiting at least an hour or more.

If you’re coming with a group of friends and some of them are late, they won’t be able to check in under your name. You’ll either have to go into the club without them or risk an increased wait time while you wait for them to arrive. You may also not get into the club at all if they take too long. Bottom line – you need to show up together for everyone to get in. Or plan ahead and split your group with two names on the list.

Some clubs even open their guest list early. For example, when the Chainsmokers perform at XS, the guest list line frequently opens at 10 pm which is a half hour earlier than when the club officially opens. XS does this because they have such a high volume of people that opening their doors early is necessary. And if the list line is open early it’s a good indication that it may close early too.

Now if waiting in line is something you want to avoid at all costs, and you have no idea what time you’ll arrive at a club then get yourself on a guest list at a club that’s not featuring a big name talent that day. Guest lists are typically open longer at these clubs and wait times are considerably less.

Vegas Primer Tip: On the most crowded weekends in Vegas, we recommend getting to a club at least 30 or 45 minutes before opening. 
2. Follow The Dress Code

All clubs in Las Vegas follow a similar dress code policy.

Pool Parties

  • No jerseys, basketball shorts, large bags (you’ll be asked to check them at the hotel), see-through swimming suits (G-strings are okay), or any nudity of any kind.
  • Prohibited items: gum, selfie sticks, makeup compacts, birth control pills or any form of pills.
  • Allowable items: small purse, makeup (no compacts), sunscreen, necessary life prescriptions (at club’s discretion).


  • No sneakers (although sometimes you can get away with Vans), Timberlands/work boots, shorts, sandals, team-related hats (fedoras are okay), athletic clothing or clothing that’s too revealing.
  • Prohibited items: selfie sticks, large bags, makeup compacts, birth control pills or any form of pills.
  • Allowable items: small purses, makeup, necessary life prescriptions (at club’s discretion).
Vegas Primer Tip: Also, we get asked a lot if jeans are okay for a nightclub. And, good news – they are! Pair the jeans with a dress shirt, and you’re good to go. Keep in mind that one of the most important parts of the nightclub dress code is your shoes. Make sure those are nice, and you shouldn’t have any issues.

Remember to bring your ID and forms of payment too.

3. Don’t Pre-Game Too Hard

If you drink a lot of alcohol before coming to the club and you’re loud or acting belligerent, you’re not getting in. It’s as simple as that.

4. Kill Them With Kindness

Being friendly and respectful to the staff members that work at a club goes a long way. And if you can become friends with them, you might get some nice perks on your next trip to Vegas.

For example, club employees frequently get their friends in for free and get them in whenever they want. In this way, you won’t have to show up early to get in. So play nice!

And whatever you do, don’t complain or start yelling that the line is taking too long. The club may ask you to leave.

5. Get In The Correct Line

As I mentioned before, there are three lines at all day and nightclubs in Las Vegas. There’s a table line for bottle service reservations, a guest list line, and a ticket line. Make sure you’re in the guest list line, or you’ll cause a big delay for you and your party. When in doubt, ask. The staff is happy to help you.

And that does it for Getting Smart With: Las Vegas Guest List!

See you in line!

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