Las Vegas Guest List: The Complete Tutorial

One of the most misunderstood concepts in Vegas is the club guest list. After years of hosting, it’s become clear to us that people equate getting on a Las Vegas guest list with VIP status.

They believe they won’t have to wait in line, and they’ll score free drink tickets (or an open bar). Sometimes too, they think they can show up whenever they want. Why?

Because they’re on a guest list, gosh darn it!

Clubgoers line up in the guest list line at Jewel. The line wraps behind the escalators.
The Guest List Line At Jewel Nightclub © 2020 Vegas Primer®

But alas, club-goers discover that their guest list fantasy was anything but that. Instead, they endured hours in line, no free drinks, and some never even made it inside the club!

How did their guest list experience turn out so bad? Well, it’s most often because:

They didn’t follow the rules.

So today, we’re releasing our inside knowledge about Las Vegas guest lists. We’ll be covering what a guest list is, how it works, who can get on it, how long you’ll wait in line, and much more!

Out of everything in this post, the rules are the most important, so please pay close attention to those. Adhering to them will ensure that your guest list dreams come true!

Please note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, guest list reservations are closed. But, you can book table service reservations at socially distant lounges and pools. For the latest club information, please see our coronavirus update.

What’s A Guest List?

A Las Vegas guest list gets you free or reduced entry into a club. In most cases, this means that you won’t have to buy a ticket. And, on some nights, there’s even an open bar or drink tickets for ladies.

The list itself is often in digital form, but some clubs print them out. Only one name from each party appears on the list with a notation for the group’s guest count. For instance, a guest list reservation might look like: Anna Smith +5.

Why Clubs Have Lists

To some, offering a guest list with free entry might seem counter-intuitive. Why would clubs want to let people into their venue for free? Wouldn’t they want to make money on ticket sales too? Well, yes and no.

Ticket sales are great, but the real money maker lies in alcohol purchases, whether at the bar or a table. And to get those sales, they need to ensure that they have a crowd.

Providing free entry is a fantastic way to incentivize people to show up at a club.

Which Clubs Offer A List?

All day and nightclubs in Las Vegas offer a guest list.

Day Clubs: Lavo Party Brunch, Daylight, Drai’s Beach Club, Encore Beach Club, Liquid, Marquee Day Club, TAO Beach, and Wet Republic

Nightclubs: Apex, Chateau, Drai’s, Jewel, Light, Marquee, Omnia, Encore Beach Club Night Swim, TAO, Eclipse (Daylight), and XS

When Are Reservations Available?

Club guest list reservations are available almost every day in Vegas.

However, lists may be closed on holiday weekends, fight nights, or when the big DJs are spinning.

For example, if it’s busy in town, the clubs don’t need any help getting people to their venue. And they’ll often take advantage of the increased demand by charging higher rates.

If a guest list isn’t open, it’s best to buy a ticket in advance from a club’s website. Admission prices are often much higher at the door.

Who Can Get On A Las Vegas Guest List?

Each club determines who is eligible for their guest list.

At some places, both men and women can get free entry. Others only allow women to get in for free. And then a few venues offer complimentary entrance to men with an even ratio of women in their group.

Keep in mind:

If you’re on a club’s list, entry is never guaranteed. The venues always have the final say and can refuse guest list entry at any time.


If you’re a woman and you’re on a club’s guest list, you can usually count on getting free entry. (As long as you follow the rules below.)

Additionally, some venues hand out free drink tickets or have an open bar for ladies. These perks are typically valid for the first hour or two only and may be limited to specific alcohol. To take full advantage, we recommend arriving close to the club’s opening.


For guys, getting on a Las Vegas guest list can get you a reduced cover charge or, in some cases, free admission. To get in for free, you’ll most likely need to come with at least an even ratio of women to men.

If you don’t have ladies with you and don’t want to pay for entry, we recommend Light Nightclub. On most nights, the club offers free admission to guys on their guest list with an early arrival.

How To Get Your Name On A Las Vegas Guest List

To get on a Las Vegas guest list, you can:

  1. Call or text a host or promoter that works for the club.
  2. Visit a club’s website and see if they’re accepting guest list reservations.
  3. If you’re staying at the same hotel as the club you want to visit, call your concierge and ask if they can add you.

Out of these choices, our favorite method is #1.

Here’s why:

If you contact a host or promoter that works for the club, then you’ll have a point of contact for the night. So if anything goes wrong (like not being on the list), you’ve got someone there to help you.

Additionally, getting on a promoter or host’s list may land you more perks.

Searching Instagram or Facebook is a great way to find a club-employed host or promoter. Just enter the club’s name into the search box, and contacts will appear in the results.

Is There A Cut-Off Time?

You must get your reservation in before each club’s cut-off time. For nightclubs, we recommend getting on the list before 6:00 pm.

If you’re going to a beach club, then submitting a request the night before is ideal. The latest we suggest is 9:00 am for same-day reservations.

Are Spots Limited?

You don’t have to worry about getting on a guest list months or even weeks in advance. Clubs don’t limit the number of people that can be on their guest lists. So as long as you’re on it by the daily cut-off time, you should be just fine. Make sure you receive a copy of your confirmation, though.

How Fast Do Las Vegas Guest List Lines Move?

The club you go to determines how fast you’ll make it inside the venue. For example, at clubs like TAO and Light, the guest list line moves quickly, so you can expect to wait a few minutes.

But at clubs like XS, Omnia, or Encore Beach Club, your wait time will be significantly longer.

Additionally, if it’s a high-demand day with a super popular DJ, you could be waiting an hour or more.

Do I Have To Pay?

Guest list reservations are a free service. So you should never be asked to pay to get your name on a list.

If you encounter any companies or promoters that insist on payment, run the other way! You may also want to contact the club and let them know.

Las Vegas Guest List Rules

There are six rules you need to follow to ensure an excellent guest list experience. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in paying a cover charge. Or worse – getting turned away at the door.

1. Show Up On Time

Nightclub guest list entry is typically open from 10:30 pm until midnight or 1:00 am. For pool clubs, entrance is valid from 11:00 am until around 1:00 or 2:00 pm.

It’s always a good idea to check with your promoter for the exact times as they’re subject to change.

Also, please don’t show up at the last minute. Most venues require guests to be at the front of the line by the cut-off time to make it inside.

Additionally, guest lists may close early if a club fills up fast or if there’s a popular DJ. Sometimes too, a list can get canceled without notice.

Further, some clubs may open their guest list early. For example, when the Chainsmokers perform at XS, the guest list line frequently opens at 10:00 pm. On these nights, we suggest getting to the club at this time.

If you see that a club is opening early, it’s often a sign that the guest list will close sooner than expected.

2. Follow The Dress Code

All clubs in Las Vegas follow a similar dress code policy.

Pool Parties

  • Swim attire is required.
  • No jerseys, basketball shorts, sports team apparel, large bags, or see-through swimming suits


  • Upscale attire is recommended.
  • No sneakers, Timberlands, work boots, shorts, sandals, athletic clothing, or sports team apparel

Please pay close attention to a club’s prohibited items list as well. For instance, clubs don’t allow selfie sticks, weapons, or non-life essential pills.

The prohibited list is usually listed on a club’s website. If you bring any of the items listed, security will confiscate them. And they may not let you into the club either.

3. Don’t Pre-Game Too Hard

If you drink a lot of alcohol before coming to the club and you’re loud or acting belligerent, you’re not getting in. It’s as simple as that.

4. Show Respect

Being friendly and respectful to the staff members that work at a club goes a long way. So whatever you do, don’t complain or start yelling that the line is taking too long. Security will ask you to leave.

5. Get In The Correct Line

There’s more than one line for club entry. For instance, there’s a VIP line for bottle service reservations, a guest list line, and a ticket line.

You’ll want to make sure that you get in the guest list line, or you’ll cause a delay for you and your party. When in doubt, ask. The staff should be happy to help.

6. Bring Your ID

If you don’t have a valid ID and you’re not 21 years of age or older, you’re not getting into a Vegas club. Also, if you’re coming from outside the US, it’s a good idea to check each club’s ID requirements. Often, they’re posted on the club’s website, or you can contact the venue.

And that does it for our guest list guide. We look forward to seeing you in line!Save