The Ultimate Guide To Hyde Bellagio

Hyde Bellagio is one of my favorite clubs. In fact, it’s my number one pick for celebrating a birthday (I’ve observed multiple here). Now that may come as a surprise to some of you, as Hyde is known as one of the smaller clubs on the strip, but this nightclub certainly holds its own. Its modest size means it gets packed fast! So it will always feel like a party no matter what day you go.

***Hyde Nightclub is permanently closed. If you liked Hyde, check out our primer on Tao Nightclub.***

The patio at Hyde Bellagio. The Bellagio fountains are in the distance.

About Hyde Bellagio

  • Nights Open: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
  • Hours: 10:30 pm – 4:00 am
  • Bottle Service: $$ – $$$
  • Music: Top 40 & Hip Hop
  • DJs: DJ Hollywood, DJ Karma, D Miles, DJ E-Rock, and more
  • Special Nights: The Rewind and Infamous Wednesdays

The nightclub has approximately 10,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space and accommodates 700 guests with over 40 VIP tables. Additionally, it offers a spectacular view overlooking the Fountains of Bellagio.

Where Is Hyde Bellagio Located?

Hyde is in the Bellagio hotel in the middle of the strip. Inside the hotel, you’ll find the club between Le Cirque and Jasmine.

From the front desk, enter the casino and take a right next to Hermes. Continue along the walkway past Jasmine, and Hyde will be on your right.

Hyde Las Vegas Dress Code

For ladies, almost any attire goes although we always recommend a dress and heels for nightclubs in Vegas.

For guys, dress pants or jeans (without rips) and a collared shirt are recommended. Also, be sure to wear dress shoes as sneakers are not allowed. Lastly, avoid anything that would resemble sportswear or anything with a team logo on it.

A photo of women wearing dresses at Hyde Bellagio
What To Wear To Hyde Bellagio

Hyde Nightclub Bellagio Cover Charge

General admission tickets are around $25 for ladies and $38 for guys (including taxes and fees).

There’s also a VIP Fast Pass for $63 which gets you to the front of the line for a no wait entry. If you’re trying to save a few bucks though, have no fear. Waiting in line at Hyde isn’t bad comparatively speaking.

For instance, the most popular clubs on the strip command wait times up to two hours. Thankfully, you won’t find that here. You’ll make it inside the club in a reasonable amount of time. We estimate 15 minutes to 30 minutes.

Hyde Las Vegas Guest List

Hyde offers a guest list each night they’re open. If you’re a lady or a group of women headed to the club, you shouldn’t have any problems. If you’re a group of guys, you can also get on Hyde’s guest list. Most nights though, you’ll need to arrive with at least an even ratio of women to men.

Also, to avoid problems at the door, make sure to follow the guest list rules. This means showing up on time (10:30 pm), dressing appropriately and keeping your alcohol consumption to a minimum before entry. On some nights, Hyde Bellagio offers free drink tickets or an open bar to the ladies until midnight.

Hyde Las Vegas Bottle Service

Bottle service at Hyde Bellagio is moderately priced. Overall, bottle service minimums range from $550 to $3,000.

The terrace tables are often the most budget-friendly option. For instance, you’ll find the smaller terrace tables starting at $550 and the larger terrace tables at $1,100 on the busiest nights.

Main room prices also start at $1,100 and go up to $3,000 for a dance floor table. Occasionally, on weekdays, the main room has table prices below $1,000 as well.

Keep in mind that pricing is subject to change and is dependent on the DJ, day of the week, and table location you want at the club.

Hyde Bellagio Bottle Service Options

There are six different table experiences at Hyde Bellagio including Fountain View, Fountain View (large), Main Room, Upper Dance Floor, Fountain View (prime), or Dance Floor Tables.

Fountain View Table

  • Cost: starting at $550
  • Capacity: 4 guests
  • Tables: 1 – 5 and 19 (see table map below)
  • Description: Fountain View Tables are located on Hyde’s terrace and offer panoramic views of the Bellagio fountains. And although these tables are on the terrace, they’re not outside. So you’ll still feel like you’re right in the party, but just a bit off to the side.
A photo showing what the fountain view tables look like at Hyde Bellagio.
Fountain View Tables

Main Room Table

  • Cost: starting at $1,100
  • Capacity: 12 guests
  • Tables: 61, 65, 71 – 74, 81 -85
  • Description: Hyde’s Main Room Tables are behind the Side Dance Floor Tables, directly in front of the Main Bar. From here, you’ll enjoy distant views of the fountains and close proximity to the dance floor. Also, these tables are the perfect location if you want a fantastic combination of location and price.
Elevated tables inside the main room at Hyde Bellagio.
Main Room Tables

Fountain View Table – Large

  • Cost: starting at $1,100
  • Capacity: 12 guests
  • Tables: 6, 7, 11 – 14 and 18
  • Description: The large version of the Fountain View Tables above. Holding up to 12 guests, these tables are located on the north, south and middle sections of the terrace. (We’re big fans of the north side as they feature leather couches.) Please note: Tables 11 – 14 are located outside, in the middle of the terrace, but are still open to the main room.
The largest fountain table service option at Hyde Bellagio featuring leather couches and window views.
Fountain View Table (large)

Upper Dance Floor Table

  • Cost: starting at $1,695
  • Capacity: 15 guests
  • Tables: 21 – 22, 51 – 53, 62 – 64
  • Description: Upper dance floor tables are our pick for overall “best value.” They’re elevated and right behind the dance floor tables so you’ll get a fantastic view of the entire club. But, most importantly, you’re only a few short steps away from the dance floor itself.
Elevated bottle service tables located behind the dance floor.
Upper Dance Floor Tables

Fountain View Table – Prime

  • Cost: starting at $1,695
  • Capacity: 12 guests
  • Tables: 15 – 17
  • Description: Arguably the most beautiful (and romantic) table location on the entire strip. Specifically, Prime Fountain View Tables offer unimpeded panoramic views of the Bellagio fountains.
Patio tables at Hyde Bellagio featuring the best view of the fountains.
Fountain View Tables (prime)

Dance Floor Tables

  • Cost: starting at $2,000
  • Capacity: 15 guests
  • Tables: 31 – 33, 41 – 43
  • Description: Arguably Hyde Bellagio’s best table location. With a dance floor table, you’ll be in the party and close to the DJ booth too. In other words, if you want to feel like the ultimate VIP, put these tables on your short list.
Photo of Hyde's dance floor tables.
Dance Floor Tables

Hyde’s Best Bottle Service Locations

To help you out with selecting a table, we’ve listed the table numbers for the best bottle service locations as well as the tables we feel offer the most value. We’re defining value as tables that provide the best combination of price and location.

  • The best outside tables are table numbers 15, 16, and 17. These tables also offer a fantastic view of the Bellagio fountains.
  • The best inside tables are table numbers 31 – 33 and 41 – 43. These tables are on the dance floor in the heart of the club.
  • The best value tables are table numbers 21, 22 and 51 – 53. These bottle service locations are still in the action, but they’re second tier, directly behind the dance floor. You’ll get the biggest bang for your buck here too.

Hyde Table Map

The map below shows the available table options and locations for Hyde Bellagio bottle service.

A map showing the table locations for bottle service inside Hyde Bellagio Las Vegas.

How To Calculate The Total Bottle Service Price You’ll Pay

Table reservations are almost always quoted regarding a minimum spend. For example, if you book a table for $1,500 you’ll need to spend at least that amount in alcohol purchases.

Be careful here though. More often than not people think $1500 is the total cost. But what Vegas clubs don’t quote in the minimum spend amounts are the venue fee, tax, and gratuity.

As an approximation, you’ll want to add 34% to your bottle service minimum to account for these fees. For example, a $1,500 table will cost you around $2,010. Of course, if you end up going over your spend agreement (the bottle service minimum) that will increase the total cost.

Hyde Las Vegas Bottle Menu

Below you’ll find the current bottle menu for Hyde. Keep in mind that prices and offerings may be subject to change.

Champagne and Rosé bottles at Hyde Bellagio
Large Format Champagne and Rosé Bottle Offerings and Prices
Vodka, Whiskey, Tequila, and Gin Bottles at Hyde Bellagio.
Scotch, Rum, Cognac, Beer, and non-alcoholic bottles at Hyde Bellagio.

Hyde Bachelorette Party Packages

Hyde offers a variety of bachelorette party packages to suit your needs and budget. Listed below are some of the available bachelorette package options.

Hyde and Seek: VIP hosted entry (no wait), complimentary vodka and champagne for two hours. Estimated price: $500*

Hyde at Play: VIP table reservation, one bottle of premium vodka, one bottle of champagne. Estimated price: $1,000*

Hyde all Night: VIP table, two bottles of premium vodka, one bottle of premium champagne, shout out from the DJ/bachelorette presentation. Estimated price: $1,500*

*prices exclude 12.25% tax and service charge. Gratuity is 18-20%.

What’s Cool About Hyde Bellagio


To begin with, Hyde takes confetti to a whole new level. Sure there are lots of clubs that shoot confetti here and there. But no one does confetti like Hyde. Specifically, we’re talking hundreds of pounds of confetti here with downpours happening multiple times each night.

You’ll want to be sure to cover your drink though as soon as you see the confetti start to fall. Because if you don’t, you’ll most certainly have wet confetti in your glass.

Confetti falls on the crowd at Hyde Bellagio
Hyde’s “Confetti Storm”
Engaging DJs

Most DJs in Las Vegas don’t engage much with the crowd. But Hyde DJs take the club experience to a different level with their shout-outs and crowd involvement. They’re so interactive and vocal on the microphone they’ll be talking all night long. But don’t worry it’s not annoying. In our opinion, it makes for a better club experience all around.

Bottle Service Presentations

Hyde is the only club that goes out of their way to draw attention to the bottle presentations themselves. For example, Hyde carefully selects the music for each bottle presentation so that when your bottle is making its way across the room, you’ll feel like you own the club.

No other club in Vegas will make you feel as important as Hyde does and that’s a pretty cool thing. For example, one of Hyde’s most popular bottle packages is called “I’m on a boat.” Okay so you’re not the one who is actually on a boat, but a cocktail waitress is. She’ll be carried to your table high above the crowd to present your bottle while the song “I’m on a Boat” plays.

Hyde also offers custom bottle service presentations. There may be a charge for a custom presentation depending on how elaborate it is but if you agree to a certain spend level, it’s usually complimentary. For instance, some custom presentations include Star Wars and Mario Brothers themed displays.

Bottle Presentation At Hyde Bellagio
The “I’m On A Boat” Bottle Presentation
Customer Service

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Hyde Nightclub is one of the best regarding service out of all the nightclubs in Las Vegas.

For instance, when it comes to bottle service, Hyde bussers always clean up fast, and the waitresses are very attentive. Now that’s something not too many people readily notice (or appreciate) until it’s too late. Usually, it’s right around the time clients have gone through a bottle or two, and then they suddenly realize they haven’t seen their waitress in over an hour and their table is littered with empty cups and bottles. In Vegas, service should be king and Hyde makes that their number one priority.

Exceptional View

Hyde overlooks the Bellagio Fountains and has one of the best (if not THE best) view in town. Not to mention the floor to ceiling windows, that give every club-goer an excellent view of the water show from inside the nightclub.

One Level

Hyde was expertly designed as a single level club in an open layout, making you feel like you’re part of the action no matter where you are in the club. Not to mention that everyone gets to enjoy the fantastic view.

The Bellagio fountains can be seen from every angle inside Hyde Bellagio
The View Of The Fountains At Hyde Bellagio
Epic Theme Parties

If you’re like me and live for Halloween (or going to themed parties), then you’ll love Hyde’s XIV Vegas Sessions. These epic parties are thrown monthly on certain Sundays throughout the year.

Described by SBE (Hyde Bellagio’s parent company) as “a ritual for elite partiers,” XIV’s themes vary each month. And the themes run the gamut! Past events include a neon party, Baewatch, Candy Land and a Pirate’s Paradise. Be sure to check the event schedule often and plan your trip accordingly.

XIV is an all-consuming experience we recommend everyone attend at least once. No matter what the theme though a few things are certain at a XIV party – confetti will rain down, champagne will flow freely and over the top costumes are a given! Also, get there early – XIV starts at 6 pm.

Cocktail servers in swimsuits at Hyde's Baewatch XIV Party
Hyde’s XIV Party “Baewatch”

Now the Bellagio is one of the more beautiful hotels in Las Vegas and as such tends to attract high-end clientele. That means you’ll find a lot of big spenders at Hyde. If you’re into hanging out with rich people or you’re one yourself, then you’ll want to consider Hyde in your clubbing line-up.

Additionally, if you’re ‘super baller’ status, there’s a bottle package for purchase at this club that gives you access to something few people in the world will ever experience. (It’s also considered by some to be the best bottle service experience in the world.)

For a mere $250,000, you can control the Bellagio Fountains.

Yes, that’s right. You get to push a button that will ignite the fountain show choreographed to the music of your choice. But you won’t just be paying for the right to push the button. Indeed, it wouldn’t be a bottle service package without bottle service!

This experience comes with an Ace of Spades champagne delivered by a security guard. And this bottle is no joke. Indeed, it’s a 30-liter bottle that’s equivalent to 40 bottles of champagne and requires two cocktail waitresses to pour it! Of course, I hope you have some friends you’ll be wanting to share it with (or some beautiful strangers).

Hyde Lounge

Hyde is open as a lounge every day starting at 5 pm. Light appetizers are served until 9 pm. But be sure to order some drinks too! Hyde has an award-winning mixology program.

Free Entry

What’s even better though is that on days when the club is open, Hyde Lounge is your ticket to getting free entry into the nightclub. So if you can’t get on the guest list and don’t want to pay for admission, then this is an excellent option for you.

Vegas Primer Tip: You’ll get free entry into Hyde Nightclub if you go when the lounge is open. Make sure you’re in club attire though, and Hyde will let you stay for the nightclub

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