Industry Night Las Vegas: The Best Tip Ever

I made my first party trip to Vegas six years ago. After ending a relationship, my friend and I decided we needed a girls’ getaway. (Las Vegas is the best medicine for that sort of thing.) Anyway, we were on a budget and ended up coming to town during the week.

Looking back, I’m embarrassed to admit that we almost didn’t go because we had some serious concerns about how many people would be in town. I mean, it’s Monday through Thursday. There can’t be THAT many people at the clubs.

Oh, how wrong we were. Not only was there a fantastic crowd, but we had one of the best vacations of our lives. And now partying at clubs on weekday nights (aka industry nights in Las Vegas) is my favorite tip to share with our clients. On these nights, you’ll find benefits like reduced bottle service prices, shorter wait times, and a higher level of customer service too.

So, today I’m going to share with you everything there is to know about Las Vegas industry nights and why this is one of the best times you can go to a nightclub.


But first, what exactly is an industry night?

Cocktail Waitresses Dressed In Lingerie At Heart Of Omnia

“Wild At Heart” Industry Night At Omnia Nightclub

Definition: Industry Night In Las Vegas

Industry nights are when people who work in the clubs go out and show their support for other venues. In exchange for coming out, a nightclub will reward industry personnel with free entry, bottle service, premium table locations, and a fun-filled night out with their friends. Almost all clubs participate in an industry night, so you’ll find them going all week long.

To give you an example, the staff at Light Nightclub might have a requirement to visit one competing club during the week. (This is also called an “outing.”) So let’s say that the Light team decides to go to Marquee Las Vegas on a Monday night. They’ll arrive at Marquee around 11 pm, get free entry and score a superb table location. They’ll stay most of the night, work on building relationships with the other Marquee employees, party it up and provide a gratuity for the excellent service they receive.

Why Clubs Host Industry Nights

One of the reasons why a club will host an industry night is because they know that bottle service guests don’t typically want to party at the same nightclub night after night. So establishing good working relationships with other nightclubs’ personnel is a great way to get referral business sent to their venue.

For example, a VIP host that works at Hakkasan Nightclub might have a client that’s interested in bottle service at another club. This Hakkasan host is much more likely to send a client to a contact that he knows and trusts. The Hakkasan host will also likely get client referrals from the competing club, too, if he sends clients their way.

Another reason that clubs host industry nights is to get more people at their property. Nobody wants to party at an empty club, so inviting other industry staff is an excellent way to have a lot of bodies in attendance.

When Are Las Vegas Industry Nights?

Most industry nights in Las Vegas run Monday through Thursday. It’s important to note that not all nightclubs are open every day of the week, but they’re all open on at least one weekday in addition to the weekends.

For instance, Tao Las Vegas is open on Thursday nights but not on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Omnia is open on Tuesdays but not Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday evenings.

Now you may be thinking, this all sounds excellent if you work in the industry, but unfortunately, I don’t. How can a Las Vegas industry night benefit me?

Oh, young grasshopper, I was just getting to that.

Benefits For Non-Industry Guests

Just like industry folks reap benefits on industry nights in Vegas, so too do other club guests. For example, industry nights typically bring lower bottle service minimums, better table locations, and some of the hottest crowds in Vegas. At times, even the most in-demand DJs perform during the week too.

Vegas Primer Tip: You can score the best deals at clubs on industry nights in Vegas.

Lower Bottle Service Minimums

If you want specials on bottle service, weekdays are the days to do it. For instance, some clubs may offer a buy one, get one deal, or reduced bottle service prices.

To get a price quote for an industry night in Vegas, please email us at You can also fill out our contact form at the bottom of this article, and we’ll get back to you promptly.

Complimentary Table Service

Additionally, if you’re a woman, industry nights are when promoter tables are occasionally offered to groups of ladies. Now it’s important to note that these tables aren’t entirely free. For instance, if you’re seated at a promoter table, it’s a nice gesture to tip your server. (We recommend $100 per bottle for each group.)

Keep in mind that complimentary and promoter tables aren’t guaranteed to last the entire night, either. For example, you may get a table anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours. It all comes down to how long it takes for the club to sell the table to a paying party. But then again they may not sell it at all.

(Please note that we’re not doing any complimentary or promoter tables at this time.)
Attractive ladies at a promoter table at Jewel Nightclub.

Better Table Locations

You’ll also receive better table locations with lower minimums as compared to the weekends. Pricing on industry nights may be up to 40% less than on weekends.

For example, at XS, a back wall table on a Friday or Saturday night might go for a $3,500 minimum spend, whereas that same table on an industry evening might be only $2,000.

Top DJs

There’s no shortage of DJ talent on the weekdays either. At some clubs, you’ll get to see some of the highest-rated ones. For instance, you might catch Zedd on select Tuesdays at Omnia or even Tiesto on Thursdays at Hakkasan.

Hot Crowds

There’s no shortage of a hot crowd at Vegas nightclubs, but on industry nights, things tend to turn up a notch. It might seem counter-intuitive to think that the weekdays have a plethora of gorgeous people, but it’s usually true.

This is because industry staff grace the clubs on these nights and, well, there’s a lot of beautiful people that work in the nightclubs. In fact, many of the job titles have the word “model” in them.

Late Arrival

On industry days, the clubs are typically more lenient with arrival times. So if you’re one who loves to make an entrance, showing up at midnight (or sometimes even later) may not be a problem. And that goes for tickets, guest list, and bottle service reservations.

Best Las Vegas Nightclubs On A Monday

Okay, so now that you know what industry nights are and the benefits of them, it’s time to reveal the best clubs by day of the week.

Monday night is our go-to choice for industry nights. That’s because the clubs that are open on this night are some of our personal favorites – Marquee and Jewel.

Marquee Nightclub

  • Location: Cosmopolitan
  • Hours: 10:30 pm – 4:00 am
  • Bottle Service: prices start at $600 minimum spend*. For a price quote, please email us at
The Main Room At Marquee Nightclub On Industry Night Las Vegas

“Marquee Mondays” Industry Night (photo credit:

Ah, Marquee Mondays. Out of both clubs, Marquee focuses the most on actually throwing a party (in our humble opinion). You’ll find a different vibe here with lots of dancing and fun servers that talk with you. (Engaging cocktail waitresses are a rarity at some clubs.)

What’s more, Marquee was recently voted “Best Industry Night” by Las Vegas Weekly readers. And that award carries a lot of weight too because the people who voted are mostly locals and they know the clubs well.

Another great feature about Marquee is the attention they pay their bottle service guests. This club goes out of their way to cater to you and make sure you’re having a good time.

You may also have more table options to choose from as Marquee sometimes keeps both their inside and outside spaces open for industry night. This means that there is a broader array of price points for bottle service, which is excellent if you’re on a budget.

But, if you want the best location, you’re still going to get it for a fantastic price. For instance, dance floor tables frequently go for around a $2,000 – $3,000 minimum spend.

Marquee does tend to have a lot of DJs that play EDM, though, so if you like electronic music, you’ll want to come here. That said, you can still count on hearing all types of music before the main act takes to the stage. So everyone in your party should be happy at least some of the time.

Some of Marquee’s Monday night DJs include Deorro, Chase B, Eric Dlux, Vice, and DJ Ruckus.

Jewel Nightclub

  • Location: Aria
  • Hours Open: 10:30 pm – 4:00 am
  • Bottle Service: prices often start as low as a $550 minimum spend*. For table service information at Jewel, email us at
Lil Jon performs to a sold out crowd at Jewel on Industry Night Las Vegas

“Flawless Mondays” at Jewel Nightclub (photo credit:

Jewel Nightclub is one of the newer clubs, which makes it quite popular as a lot of people are curious to see it. And because it’s more modest in size, you can count on Jewel being packed too.

Bottle service at Jewel offers an experience unlike many of the other clubs in Vegas. For example, the bottle service tables are more in the action here. Other venues have a lot of spacing between the tables and the dance floor. However, that’s not the case at Jewel. There’s almost no space between the VIP ropes and the dance floor. We’re big fans of this design because we prefer to be in the party rather than watching it.

Additionally, Jewel’s stage tables offer one of the best VIP experiences in Las Vegas. Although the stage tables are elevated, they’re right next to the DJ booth and dance floor. At other venues, you may notice that the stage tables aren’t nearly as close to the DJ, making it feel like you’re more of a bystander than an actual party-goer. All in all, we appreciate how Jewel makes their VIP tables feel like they’re part of the action too.

Jewel also has fantastic DJ talent. As the Hakkasan Group owns Jewel, you’ll see their top DJs here (like FAED, Phoreyz, and Desiigner).

Best Clubs On A Tuesday

Currently, there’s only one nightclub option on Tuesdays, and that’s fine with us because it’s one of the best clubs in Vegas. I’m referring to Omnia Nightclub, and it’s Tuesday night parties. They’re incredible.

Omnia Nightclub

  • Location: Caesars Palace
  • Hours Open: 10:30 pm – 4:00 am
  • Omnia Bottle Service: prices typically start around $1000 – 1,500*. For a bottle service price quote at Omnia, please email us at
A photo of the DJ booth and dance floor at Heart of Omnia's industry night "wild at heart"

“Wild At Heart” Heart of Omnia’s Industry Night (photo credit:

Although the Main Room is open on Tuesday nights, you might want to consider going to a different room instead – Omnia’s hip-hop room, Heart. This place is where you’ll experience the real Tuesday night party.

Heart Of Omnia

Heart is known for throwing some of the wildest parties on the strip. And as you’ll see, they’ve named their Tuesday industry night accordingly calling it “Wild at Heart.” If you want the craziest industry party of the entire week, Heart of Omnia is where you’ll want to go.

Additionally, the who’s who of the Las Vegas nightclub industry come to Heart on Tuesdays. Because of this, you’ll find some seriously gorgeous people here. This club beats out every nightclub on the strip for industry night eye candy.

And Heart knows it too. The venue is the self-proclaimed “hottest industry weekly party.” If you’re looking for cocktail servers, you’ll find a lot of them here as many come for their outings. Not to mention that local women go as well.

It makes sense that a lot of ladies would come here, though, as the theme was designed with females in mind. The vibrant pink and purple colors and heart motif attract women to the club like flies. And with hip-hop music that you can effortlessly dance to, you can see why it’s so popular.

Of course, if you don’t want to hear hip-hop, then you’ll want to avoid Heart altogether. Heart is exclusively a hip-hop club.

Although bottle prices start at a higher amount than other clubs (usually around $650), this party is worth it.

(If you like Heart, you may also want to check out our picks for the best hip hop clubs in Vegas.)

Best Nightclubs On Wednesdays For Industry Night

Wednesday offers up quite a few industry night parties. Some of our favorites include 1 OAK, Light, and EBC at Night. And one of these venues even offers reduced minimum spends for small party sizes. Contact us for more details.

1 OAK Nightclub

  • Location: The Mirage
  • Hours Open: 10:30 pm – 4:00 am
  • Bottle Service: Prices start at $550*. For more information about 1 OAK table service, please email us at
Desiigner on stage at 1 OAK

Industry Night At 1 OAK

1 OAK is very popular in Los Angeles, and Las Vegas is no different. In Vegas, 1 OAK is a small, dark club that tends to attract a younger crowd. You’ll find that it’s a straight-up party in this place. The nightclub even has “entertainer” poles scattered throughout the club. (Any women in attendance are also welcome to dance on them).

The DJs tend to be lesser-known, but the music is still good. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll only hear hip-hop at 1 OAK. So if that’s not your thing, you’ll want to consider choosing a different club.

On Wednesdays, the club is packed with Hakkasan group employees (Hakkasan owns 1 OAK). This means that the waitresses, hosts, and other service staff from the Hakkasan group properties (Omnia, Hakkasan, and Jewel) will be in attendance.

If you’re looking for bottle service, the best tables on an industry night Las Vegas are the stage tables that are behind the DJ booth. You’ll get the ultimate view here.

Light Nightclub Las Vegas

  • Location: Mandalay Bay
  • Hours Open: 10:30 pm – 4:00 am
  • Bottle Service: Prices start at $500* (sometimes less). For Light Nightclub bottle service reservations, email us at
A photo of the dance floor at Light Nightclub

Light Nightclub Las Vegas

Okay, so Light isn’t the newest club in Vegas, but their music is some of the best in town. We’ve been to every hip-hop club (too many times to count), and in our opinion, Light Nightclub beats them all for song selection.

Additionally, Light is a very welcoming property. You won’t find many attitudes here as everyone is dancing and singing together. If you want one of the best club experiences you can have in Vegas, we highly recommend Light Nightclub.

The club also has a cool LED screen (in fact, it’s the biggest indoor screen out of all the nightclubs) with amazing graphics that are choreographed to the music. And, on big event nights, you might even see acrobats hanging from the ceiling. Similar to 1 OAK, the club features dancer poles with entertainers that perform throughout the night too.

EBC at Night

  • Location: Encore hotel
  • Hours: 10:30 pm – 4:00 am (on some nights, the club may open early at 10:00 pm)
  • Bottle Service: Prices start around a $750 – $1000* minimum spend, depending on the time of year.
Encore Beach Club Industry Night Event

EBC at Night

Encore Beach Club’s nighttime party is now open year-round. During the winter months, the pools aren’t available, so make sure you come in standard nightclub attire.

In late spring, summer, and early fall, you’ll get to experience a nighttime pool party here, so feel free to wear your swimming suits.

Encore Beach Club at Night has phenomenal EDM DJ talent as well. You’ll see top acts like Gryffin, Dillon Francis, Elephante, and one of my all-time favorite DJs – Diplo.

If you’re interested in getting bottle service here, send us an email at, and we’ll be happy to send you a quote. On many nights, we also have bottle specials available at EBC.

Best Clubs On A Thursday For Industry Night

Thursdays are typically the last industry day of the week, and two clubs compete for your attention on this night: Hakkasan and Tao. You’ll often find fantastic DJ talent at Hakkasan (despite it being a weekday), but bottle service prices are quite a bit higher than at Tao.

Tao throws some excellent themed parties on Thursdays (like a sneaker formal), and you’ll score a much better table location for your money too. Not to mention that Tao sometimes offers an open bar for guest list ladies, as well.

Hakkasan Nightclub

  • Location: MGM
  • Hours Open: 10:30 pm – 4:00 am
  • Bottle Service: Prices usually start around $1,000*. For additional information about Hakkasan’s bottle service, please email us at
A tiesto flag is waived above the crowd as confetti falls down.

Industry Night At Hakkasan

Hakkasan opened in 2013, and it’s been super popular since day one. The club’s design is also one of the best on the strip. With five different floors, you can get lost in this place!

On most Thursdays, the main room is the only open room. But that’s fine by us because this room features some of the best DJ talents in the business. That’s one thing we appreciate about the Hakkasan Group. Even though it’s a weekday, you’ll still get to experience top-names like Tiesto, Steve Aoki, and Lil Jon (to name a few).

And, as I’m sure you can tell from the DJs I just listed, the type of music for their industry parties changes. Hakkasan switches between EDM and hip-hop, depending on the day. Be sure to check Hakkasan’s schedule before you go to see who will be performing when you’d like to attend.

Vegas Primer Tip: Eating at Hakkasan Restaurant will get you expedited and free entry into the club. There’s even a private elevator inside the restaurant with direct access to the club. 

Lastly, if you’re looking to get the best prices for bottle service at Hakkasan, Sundays are also worth a look. Generally speaking, the club has more in-demand artists on Thursdays as compared to Sundays, so there may be better pricing (or even specials) on this day.

Tao Nightclub

  • Location: The Venetian
  • Hours Open: 10:30 pm – 4:00 am
  • Bottle Service: Prices start at $600* for an entry-level table. Email us at for more details about Tao bottle service.
Industry Night at Tao Las Vegas

Industry Night At Tao (photo credit:

Tao Las Vegas is the oldest club on our list of industry nights in Vegas, and as the name implies, you can expect an Asian theme in this nightclub. Although it’s a more mature club, this venue has some pretty cool features.

Take, for example, the women who are bathing in a bathtub surrounded by rose petals. Or the outside balcony that you can escape to and catch a gorgeous view of the strip. Be sure to check out the gondolas below too. Not many people know about the balcony, so look for it on the left side once you’re inside the club.

Tao’s bottle service prices are some of the most reasonable on the strip, as well. You can often get seated in the main room at a $600 minimum spend. Standard and prime tables typically range from $1200 – $2000+. Not many clubs in Vegas offer such fantastic pricing.

Additionally, you can expect to hear a mix of all types of music with lesser-known (although still excellent) house DJs. On most nights, the club does tend to play more hip-hop and top 40, though.

Well, that does it for the best clubs for industry night Las Vegas!

If you’ve enjoyed this post, you may also like our secrets of Las Vegas clubs, or our pro tips for Calvin Harris at Omnia. Also, Apex Social Club is a relatively new club and features some great pricing on bottle service tables.

Until our next post!

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