Omnia Bottle Service: The Complete Guide

So, you want to get Omnia bottle service at Caesar’s Palace. First, let me congratulate you. You have exceptional taste. Omnia is one of the best (if not the best club in Las Vegas).

Before you make that reservation though, you’ll want to read our guide to ensure your night goes off without a hitch. We know that there are just some things no Omnia employee is going to take the time to tell you. To help you out, we’re revealing our Omnia know-how in an easy-to-follow guide. And, trust me, ain’t no one spilling secrets like us.

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A DJ Performs At Omnia

The Main Room At Omnia (photo credit:

Omnia Bottle Service

In this guide, we cover everything there is to know about Omnia bottle service. For example, you’ll discover how to book Omnia bottle service, factors that influence the bottle service cost, table pricing examples, how to calculate the total price, Omnia’s bottle menu, bottle deals, girl comps, Omnia’s table map, what to expect the night of and much more.

How To Book Omnia Bottle Service

There are three ways to book bottle service at Omnia Nightclub.

  1. Contact a VIP host that works at Omnia
  2. Book through an independent host
  3. Make a reservation online through Omnia’s website

It’s important to realize that not all of these booking options are created equal. For example, booking online through the Omnia website may be the worst route to take as prices are sometimes not as competitive online. You can usually get a better deal talking directly to an Omnia VIP host or an independent host.

Additionally, Omnia VIP hosts or independent hosts at times have leeway in negotiating bottle service deals. They might even land you location upgrades inside the club too. And they’re also who you want to contact for bottle presentations at your table.

Vegas Primer Tip: Booking through an Omnia VIP host or an independent host gets you the best pricing and seating locations inside Omnia.

Factors That Influence The Omnia Bottle Service Price

Pricing for Omnia bottle service varies depending on which DJ is performing, the table location you want inside the club, and if it’s a big night like a weekend or a holiday.

The more popular the DJ is, the higher the bottle service minimums are going to be. In contrast, lesser-known DJs will be more budget-friendly.

No matter what night you go, the least expensive bottle service options will almost always be located on the Terrace (Omnia’s rooftop) or in their hip-hop room, Heart of Omnia. The most expensive options are in the Main Room, closest to the DJ booth. For instance, the Main Room’s dance floor tables are prime real estate and, as such, command the highest prices.

Additionally, Las Vegas is busiest during the summer months and on holiday weekends. During these times, the price of bottle service is sure to go up as more people create increased demand for tables.

Lastly, keep in mind that if there are more people in your party than the table allows, then you may incur an extra charge. Omnia is known to charge the price of entry for each person over the limit, or they may ask you to increase your minimum. That said, the tables do accommodate quite a few guests. For example, larger tables like a dance floor table have a maximum guest limit of 15 whereas an outside smaller booth holds up to eight guests.

Omnia Bottle Service Cost Examples

Please keep in mind that the cost of bottle service is subject to change and the following prices are for illustrative purposes only. The prices shown below are based on some of Omnia’s less busy nights.

Rooftop (outside)

Terrace Strip View Table: $1,000 and up

Terrace Cabana: $1,300 and up

Heart Of Omnia (hip-hop room)

Table: $1,500 and up

Prime Table: $3,000 and up

Owner’s Table: $3,500 and up

Main Room

Balcony Table (2nd level): $2,000 and up

3rd Tier Table: $3,000 and up

Skybox (2nd level): $4,000 and up

2nd Tier Table: $4,000 and up

Dance Floor Table: $5,000 and up

Understanding The Omnia Bottle Service Minimum

When you inquire about bottle service pricing at Omnia nightclub, you’ll receive a quote for a minimum spend amount. For instance, booking a $2,000 minimum means that you’ll need to buy at least $2,000 in alcohol. If you don’t spend at least this amount, then the club will charge you the $2,000 regardless. And, of course, if you go over $2,000, then you’ll have to pay the overage as well.

Calculating The Total Omnia Bottle Service Price

It’s important to point out that the bottle service minimum is not the total cost. We’ve noticed that a lot of VIP hosts only quote the bottle service minimum to clients letting their clients find out the night of that they’ll be paying more. Unfortunately, these clients feel misled (and rightfully so) when they receive a bill that’s higher than what they thought.

All clubs in Vegas charge a service fee (may also be called a venue fee), tax, and tip on top of their bottle service minimums. There’s no way of getting around paying these either.

The fees average 34% across all clubs so you’ll want to make sure you add this to the minimum spend requirement to get a reasonable estimate of the final cost. If you wish to know the exact percentage, contact Omnia directly, but 34% is going to be close.

Vegas Primer Tip: Remember that the tip is already included in the fees on your Omnia bottle service bill. Even if the club has a separate line for a tip, there’s no need to tip an additional amount. 

Let’s take an example with a popular DJ. On a Steve Aoki night, if you want an Omnia Main Room table in a decent location you can get bottle service for around $4,000.

It’s important to note that each table has a certain number of guests that it can accommodate. In this example, the table accommodates up to 12 guests. Any more than that and you may pay an entry ticket for each guest over 12. Ticket prices vary, but an estimate is $75 – $100.

If you’re within the maximum number of guests, then here’s how you’ll calculate the final bottle service price you’ll pay.

Bottle Service Minimum: $3,000

Add: Service/Tax/Tip Fees (estimated at 34%): $1,020

Total Bottle Service Cost: $4,020

Omnia Bottle Service Menu

Listed below is a sample bottle menu for Omnia. Prices and offerings are subject to change. Bottle prices start around $550 and go up from there.

Bottle Service And Alcohol Options Available At Omnia Nightclub Las Vegas

Omnia Bottle Service Deals

On the most popular nights (like Fridays and Saturdays), Omnia doesn’t offer discounts on bottle service. That’s not to say that Omnia never gives discounts though. If a bottle service deal is available, it will be on a Sunday or Tuesday night.

On Sundays, Omnia hosts DESEO Latin Nights inside Heart (Omnia’s hip-hop room) during the winter and on Omnia’s rooftop during the summer. Tuesdays are industry night where VIP hosts, waitresses, and hospitality staff from other nightclubs come out and show their support. Don’t let an industry night deter you though. These evenings are some of the best parties and feature some of the hottest Vegas locals.

Some examples of deals we’ve seen include buy two bottles, get one free and lower table minimums. These deals are not a guarantee, but sometimes they do happen. You can always reach out to us at (702) 816-6738, and we can check for any potential discounts.

Vegas Primer Tip: If you’re a repeat client at Omnia, the club may reward your loyalty by giving discounts from time to time or possibly better table locations. 

Omnia Bottle Service Girl Comps

A girl comp is a “free” table given to a group of ladies for a short period (anywhere from a few minutes to two hours). With a comp table, you’ll get to enjoy complimentary bottle service like vodka and mixers until the table gets bumped to a paying group. It’s not entirely free as you’ll be asked to tip to cover the waitress. In most cases, expect the tip to run $100 a bottle. Again, comp tables don’t last all night so you’ll need to hurry up and chug-a-lug! There won’t be any warning either as to when you’ll be asked to leave so make sure you make the most of it. (Although if it’s a group of guys and they like you, you might get to stay at the table.)

On some nights, women can get free bottle service

A Girl Comp Table At Omnia (photo credit:

To score a comp table, you’ll need to reach out to an Omnia VIP host or promoter. Comps aren’t available on all nights so reach out in advance to see if Omnia is offering girl comps that evening. To read more about how to get a complimentary table click here.

Picking An Omnia Bottle Service Location

Bottle service is offered in three areas of Omnia Nightclub: the Main Room (which spans two floors), Heart of Omnia (hip-hop room), and outside on the Terrace.

If you want to see the DJ, then you’ll want to opt for bottle service in the Main Room. In almost all cases, bottle service in the Main Room will be priced higher than the other locations in the club.

If you’re a hip-hop lover and don’t care about seeing the main DJ, Heart of Omnia offers reasonably priced bottle service in a smaller club environment. Heart is in a separate club adjacent to Omnia’s Main Room, but it’s still within the nightclub itself.

Bottle Service Tables At Heart Of Omnia

Heart Of Omnia (photo credit:

Available during the warmer months, Omnia’s Terrace offers a breathtaking view of the strip where you can dance under the stars. Keep in mind though that the Terrace doesn’t feature the Main Room’s DJ. Instead, you’ll be listening to the sounds of a lesser-known talent. If you think it won’t be busy up here, think again. The Terrace gets packed.

Omnia bottle service on the rooftop terrace

The Terrace At Omnia Nightclub (photo credit:

Omnia Bottle Service & Table Map

The first floor of Omnia Nightclub features the lower level of the Main Room and Omnia’s hip-hop room, Heart of Omnia. We’ve identified our table picks for the “best” table locations by denoting them with a color-coded star. These tables deliver what we feel to be the ultimate combination of location, view, and party atmosphere, and represent our opinion only.

Red stars identify our choices for best tables inside the Main Room while the yellow star denotes the best VIP experience in the Heart of Omnia.

First Floor

Omnia Bottle Service Map Showing Main Room And Heart Of Omnia Tables

Our favorite table locations on the first floor in the Main Room are table numbers one and two (stage tables). These booths are directly behind the DJ so you’ll feel like you’re actually inside the booth itself.  Table number 15 (owner’s table) is cool because you’ll have an enormous table with tons of space. Not only that but you also get the best view of Omnia’s incredible chandelier, and you’re right up on the dance floor too. Hands down, table number 15 is the most all-encompassing club experience at Omnia.

On most nights, tables 1, 2, and 15 are shared with another group. During the summer, half of one of these tables will go for around an $8,000 minimum. If you want the table to yourself, you may have to shell out $15,000 – $16,000. If sharing isn’t what you want to do, select a dance floor table instead.

Second Floor

The second level of Omnia features balcony tables and skyboxes (extra-large tables) overlooking the Main Room. The Terrace (outside rooftop) is for the nights you want to spend under the stars.

Best Table Locations At Omnia Nightclub Second Level And Outside Terrace

The best table locations on the second level of the Main Room are without question the skyboxes. Not only are they larger than the other booths on the second level but they also provide a unique view, almost as if you’re suspended over the DJ booth.

If you want bottle service outside, then table numbers 351, 352, 353 and 354 are our picks for Omnia’s Terrace. These booths are up on the dance floor, and they offer an epic view of the strip. Like I mentioned before, the Terrace does not feature the main room DJ. If you book bottle service here, do so for the atmosphere and not the DJ as you probably won’t know who they are.

When To Arrive At Omnia Nightclub

Okay, so look, we get that nobody wants to show up at club opening (10:30 pm). And we understand why. It’s nice to make an entrance and show up to a party already in progress. However, on certain nights you’ll want to get to Omnia as close to club opening as possible. If you don’t, you may be required to increase your minimum spend, or you could lose your table altogether. And yes, that can happen even if you’ve pre-paid a deposit. This is especially true with Omnia because it’s a top club and sells out fast so trust your VIP host when they tell you what time to arrive.

Vegas Primer Tip: As a general rule, on the big nights (with Calvin Harris), a 10:30 or 11:00 pm arrival is highly recommended. Any time after that is dangerous territory.

Where To Find The VIP Check-In

There are three lines at every club in Las Vegas. Getting in the correct line is vital. Otherwise, you’ll waste a lot of time.

For table reservations, head to VIP check-in at the front of the club. If you have any doubts on where to go, ask someone that works there.

It’s important to point out that the VIP check-in isn’t technically a line it’s more like a large group of people congregating around the front ropes. To check-in for your table, make your way to the front. You’ll see some VIP Hosts standing there with clipboards. (To quickly identify a host, just look for the guys in the nice suits.) These are the people that will get you into the club. Tell them your name, and they’ll check you in. Another host will then walk you into the club. This entire process might take a few minutes, so please be patient. They’ll get you in as fast as they can. Also, it’s always a good idea to make sure you keep the contact information of the host that booked you at the club readily available so you can be in contact with them should you need their help.

What Happens At VIP Check-In

At VIP check-in, they’ll ask for your identification and form of payment. Every member of your group must be 21 and over, and they all must have a valid ID. There are no exceptions to this rule. After everyone has provided their IDs, a host will ask if you’ll be paying with a credit card or cash (no checks are accepted). If you’re paying via a credit card, the host will verify that the name on your card matches your identification. You’ll then sign off on a paper that shows your name, bottle service minimum, party size, table location and the tax and gratuity breakdown. Once you sign this form, you’re set to go inside.

What To Expect At The Table

With a table reservation, you’ll get a cocktail waitress, a busser that cleans up your area and a security team to keep unwanted visitors away. If your minimum is high enough, you’ll even get a personal escort to the bathrooms.

You’ll also receive complimentary unlimited mixers like cranberry, orange or pineapple juice, ginger ale, coca-cola or club soda. Garnishes such as limes, lemons, strawberries, and chocolate are provided with specific orders.

How To Get Women At Your Table

If you want ladies at your table (or guys), there are Omnia VIP hosts that specialize in bringing eye candy to your table. These hosts are known as “girl-guys.” Just ask for a girl-guy from the waitress or anyone that works at the club. You can even specify in detail what types of women (or men) you’d like to party with you.

And by party we only mean party. For instance, if you’ve requested guests to join you, they’ll be at your table to provide conversation, share your alcohol and dance the night away. That’s it. If you decide you don’t want these guests at your table, it’s easy to ask them to leave. Just ask a security guard or a host to send them away.

Omnia Bottle Service Presentations

If you want to make your night of partying extra special, ask your host for a bottle service presentation. Presentations are available on all nights that the club is open, but they do require a certain minimum spend amount. For example, if it’s a Calvin night then a presentation might be available for table reservations $3,000 and above. But, if it’s an Aoki night, then it might be less expensive like around $2,000. Again, these are just examples so you’ll want to check with a VIP host for the exact amount required.

Cocktail Waitresses Surround A Client Who Ordered Bottle Service At Omnia

A Bottle Service Presentation At Omnia (photo credit:

Omnia bottle service presentations vary, but all of them are undoubtedly cool. And they’re available for birthdays, bachelor parties or for any celebration. You can expect a group of club waitresses to bring out your bottle with drums, signs and illuminated LED lights. Also, if you’re spending enough and want a custom presentation, the club will make anything happen. There’s even the ultimate bottle presentation with a waitress that drops from the top of Omnia to deliver your bottle.

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