Latin Clubs In Las Vegas: Where Should You Go?

Where to find Latin clubs in Las Vegas

If you’ve been to Vegas clubs before, then you know there hasn’t been a lot of variety when it comes to music genres. For instance, until recently, you only had the choice of two options: hip-hop (with some top 40), or EDM. Suffice it to say, this shortage of alternatives left many club-goers wanting more. But, thankfully, this is all starting to change with a few clubs offering Latin music. So in this post, we’re letting you in on our top picks for the best Latin clubs in Las Vegas.

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Best Latin Clubs in Las Vegas

There are currently two clubs in Vegas that offer Spanish music. These are Omnia and the new day and nightclub, Kaos. In our opinion, you can’t go wrong with either option.

Omnia Nightclub: Deseo Latin Sundays

Since last year, Omnia’s Latin nights have been gaining in popularity. So much, in fact, that the club has dedicated an entire day of the week to Latin music. Better known as Deseo Latin Sundays, Omnia holds these events twice per month.

That said, there may be a few weeks out of the year when there isn’t a Latin night. This typically occurs during the wintertime as there are fewer people in town. So if you want to catch Deseo Latin Sunday, it’s a good idea to head to Vegas from spring to fall.

The specific Sundays that Omnia will have Latin nights are determined a few weeks in advance. You can check out Omnia Nightclub’s calendar to see when the next Deseo event is scheduled.


During the summer months, Deseo Latin Sundays are held on Omnia Nightclub’s outdoor terrace overlooking the strip. Quite frankly, it’s one of the best views in town. It’s so good that it’s why Omnia is a top Las Vegas Club on New Year’s Eve.

Although the terrace is much smaller than the main room, the energy out there is intense. (If you ask me, a more intimate club environment is always a positive as it’s guaranteed to feel like a party even on the slower nights in Vegas.)

Now, if it’s colder outside, then the Deseo event moves inside to the hip-hop room, Heart of Omnia. Further still, when there’s a big event in town or a holiday weekend, like Mexican Independence Day, you’ll find Omnia’s Latin night inside the main room.

Bottle service at Deseo Latin Sundays Las Vegas

Bottle Specials

Now the best part about Latin nights at Omnia is the discounted bottle prices. For example, if you were to get table service on any other night at Omnia, bottle prices would start around $600. But if you go during Deseo Latin Sunday, you can purchase select bottles starting about $300 to $400. That’s a savings of up to 50%!

You can also score lower minimums on table service. Specifically, if Omnia’s Latin night is inside the main room, table pricing typically run from $1500 to $4000 depending on the location. Compare that with a Friday or Saturday at Omnia, and you’ll find main room prices starting around $4000 up to $10,000 (or more) depending on the DJ.

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Guest List & Tickets

You can get free entry to Omnia’s Latin night by signing up for the club’s guest list. Generally speaking, ladies get free admission until around 12:30 am. If you’re a group of guys, then you can also get on the guest list as long as you have at least an even ratio of women.

It’s also important to know that Omnia’s guest list rules vary based on demand. For instance, the club can cut it off at any point, or they may even decide to charge a cover.

If your group isn’t eligible for the guest list, then it’s best to purchase tickets online (from the club’s website) in advance. Prices at the door are usually higher.

Kaos Dayclub & Nightclub

Kaos is another top pick for Latin clubs in Las Vegas. And for the past few months, Kaos has had Latin music on Saturday nights and select Sundays at their day club. Although both Omnia and Kaos are great options, there’s one big difference between the two clubs.

For example, during Omnia’s Latin nights, you’ll find some fantastic house DJs like Maria. But at Kaos, you’ll get to see live performances which draw A LOT of people. Just take a look at the photo below taken a few weeks ago when Ozuna performed.

Ozuna performs at Kaos Dayclub for Latin Sunday

Another cool thing about Kaos is that they’ve built a dome over their outside section so that you can enjoy their pool party all year long. The dome is even temperature-controlled, making it feel like summer no matter when you come.

Overall, you’ll find bottle service prices to be a bit higher than Omnia’s Latin events thanks to the live performances, but you’ll get to choose from the day club or nightclub at Kaos. If you’d like a bottle service quote for Kaos, please email us at or complete the form below.

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