Rehab Pool Party Las Vegas: The Definitive Guide

Rehab Pool Party is often touted as the “original and best” beach club in Las Vegas. In fact, it’s the sole reason for the day club craze that started over a decade ago. But don’t let that fool you into thinking Rehab’s time is over. Rehab Pool Party is still ultra-popular with its crowds on the rise year over year, and this year is shaping up to be no different.

Well, maybe a little different. It’s Rehab’s 15 year anniversary after all! Lucky for you, management has a few surprises in store. Of course, they’re keeping them a secret for now. I guess you’ll just have to attend to find out!

***Rehab Beach Club is permanently closed.***

If you were a fan of Rehab, we think you’ll love Daylight Beach Club. Daylight has similar music, talent, and pricing.

A large beach ball with the club in the background.

Rehab Pool Party

Rehab stands out from the other pool parties in Las Vegas in many ways. I’ll get into these in more detail coming up. But, for now, one of Rehab’s coolest features is that it’s a tropical paradise. Almost all of the other pool parties are concrete jungles which makes them insanely hot. Unlike these contemporary day clubs, Rehab has palm trees, a winding river you can float on and offers a sandy beach too. The surroundings alone make it one of my favorite spots for a pool party.

Rehab Beach Club Quick Facts

  • Days Open: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (March through October)
  • Hours: 11 am – Dusk
  • Bottle Service: $$-$$$
  • Music: Hip Hop & EDM
  • DJs: 3LAU, DJ Whoo Kid, Borgore and more
  • Special Guests: Flo Rida, Kevin Hart, Machine Gun Kelly, Usher, Lexy Panterra
  • Special Events: Bikini Invitational, BassRush Pool Party, Audiotistic Pool Party

Where Is Rehab Beach Club Vegas Located?

Rehab Beach Club is at the Hard Rock Hotel, just off the strip at 4455 Paradise Road. The entrance to the pool party is on the first floor of the Paradise Parking Garage.

A photo of the Rehab Pool Party property. The HRH tower is in the background.

Rehab Pool Party Dress Code

You might be wondering what to wear to Rehab Pool Party. And, although it might seem like a silly question, it gets asked frequently. The simple answer is to wear what you would wear if you were going to any other pool (i.e., swim attire). Nothing fancy is required to attend Rehab Pool Party.

That being said, some women do wear heels or wedges with their suits, but flip-flops are also completely fine. Cover-ups are okay too just as long as you’re wearing a swimsuit underneath. If you bring a purse, make sure it is no larger than 8 x 11 inches.

For guys, swim attire is also a must. No basketball shorts or wife beaters are allowed. Additionally, avoid any clothing (including hats) with a sports team name or logo. There are no restrictions on shoes.

Prohibited Items

Under no circumstances does Rehab Pool Party allow makeup compacts, pills of any kind (including birth control), selfie sticks, gum or tobacco chew.

Rehab Las Vegas Pool Party Tickets

Ticket prices vary depending on the entertainment and if it’s a holiday weekend. Generally speaking though, on most weeks you can expect ticket prices to run $10 for ladies and $20 for guys as long as you’re purchasing online, in advance. Otherwise, door prices can be higher.

With a ticket purchase, you’ll get into Rehab a lot faster than if you opt for the guest list.

Rehab Beach Club Guest List

Rehab offers a guest list. If you’re on the list, you’ll get into Rehab for free which means you won’t have to pay for a ticket. Ladies are free before 2 pm and men are free with an even ratio party before 2 pm as well (unless it’s a holiday weekend or there’s a big star performing).

An “even ratio party” means that you need to have at least an equal number of girls to guys in your group.

The guest list wait time for entrance into Rehab Pool Party is around 45 minutes to one hour. With this in mind, if you want to avoid the wait, get there early (at 11 am), and you’ll beat the crowds.

Rehab Beach Club Cabana & Daybed Cost

On the whole, bottle service at Rehab Pool Party is moderately priced. Generally speaking, on weekends, daybeds start at $750, cabanas $1,500 and bungalows $5,000. Pricing on Fridays though is substantially less.

Vegas Primer Tip: Friday prices are a steal compared to Saturdays and Sundays.

All bungalows, cabanas, and daybeds are available for an agreed upon minimum spend amount. For example, if you book a cabana that has a $1,000 minimum, then you’ll be required to spend at least $1,000 in alcohol and food purchases. (There’s no separate charge for the bungalow, cabana or daybed. You can think of them as being complimentary for agreeing to spend a certain amount.)

Vegas Primer Tip: Rehab Beach Club’s official grand opening occurs in May each year. For 2018, it’s May 5th and 6th. However, the pool club opens in March. The period between March and May is known as “Prehab.” You can save more than 50% on bottle service prices if you come during this time. And, you’ll still get a decent size crowd too!
How To Calculate The Total Bottle Service Cost

Also, it’s important that you add the tax, gratuity and service fee to the bottle service minimum to calculate the total cost. A good rule of thumb is to add 34% to the minimum spend requirement. For instance, in our example above, a $1,000 cabana would end up costing $1,000 + ($1,000 * 34%) = $1,340. All Vegas clubs operate this way so, wherever you go, you’ll want to factor this percentage into every bottle service price quoted.

Factors That Increase The Cost Of Bottle Service

Of course, if you go on a busy weekend when there’s a lot of demand or a favorite DJ, then minimums may be higher. Also, the location inside of the pool party determines the price you pay. For instance, the closer you are to the main stage the higher the minimum spend requirements.

Rehab Beach Club Cabana And Daybed Options

Out of all the day clubs in Vegas, Rehab Beach Club offers the most variety of table service options. For example, there are 16 distinct bottle service experiences. So there’s definitely a table option to suit everyone’s taste and budget.

Vegas Primer Tip: Umbrellas are available to rent for your day of partying. So if you want to save some money and avoid splurging on a bungalow or cabana, a great alternative is to get a daybed and rent an umbrella. The umbrellas are approximately $100, and they count towards your minimum spend requirement too.
Dish Pool Daybeds
  • Cost: Starting at $750 weekends
  • Capacity: 6 guests
  • Description: Dish Pool Daybeds are only available on weekends. They’re located on the second level of Rehab Beach Club. You’ll get a bit of shade here too as palm trees are planted within the concrete itself. It’s a bit of a trek to the Main Pool though, but you’re only a few short steps to wading in the Dish Pool which is also located on the second level. Additionally, Dish Pool Daybeds bring you one of the best views of the property.
A photo of the dish pool daybeds at Rehab Pool Party

Dish Pool Daybeds

Daybed Deck
  • Cost: Starting at $250 weekdays and $1,000 weekends
  • Capacity: 6 guests
  • Description: Also perched high above on the second level is Rehab’s Daybed Deck. These daybeds are considered to be the most private daybed option available. You’ll get a bird’s eye view of the party down below so it’ll still feel like you’re somewhat in the party, but you’ll also experience a more chill vibe here.
A picture of the daybed deck bottle service tables at Rehab Pool Party

Daybed Deck

Pool Deck Daybeds
  • Cost: Starting at $250 weekdays and $1,000 weekends
  • Capacity: 6 guests
  • Description: Located on the main level of Rehab Pool Party, the Pool Deck Daybeds get you one of the closest spots to the stage and the pool. These are a perfect choice if you want to party!
A photo showing what the pool deck daybeds look like at Rehab Pool Party

Pool Deck Daybeds

Bikini Beach Daybeds
  • Cost: Starting at $250 weekdays and $1,000 weekends
  • Capacity: 6 guests
  • Description: Bikini Beach Daybeds are one of my favorite locations as they’re on the sand. In fact, these daybeds are the only bottle service option in Las Vegas to offer an authentic beach experience. And, even better, you’re only a few steps away from the Main Pool that features a sandy bottom too.
A photo showing the bikini beach daybeds on the sand at Rehab Pool Party

Bikini Beach Daybeds

Stage Couches
  • Cost: Starting at $500 weekdays and $1500 weekends
  • Capacity: 10 guests
  • Description: Stage Couches offer a bottle service experience similar to that of a nightclub booth. And their best feature is their location. You’re smack dab in the middle of the party, and you can almost reach out and touch the performers too! There’s only two of them in the entire club though so if you want one, it’s best to reserve a Stage Couch as soon as possible.
A picture showing what the stage couches look like at Rehab Pool Party

Stage Couches

Poolside Daybeds
  • Cost: Starting at $300 weekdays and $1,500 weekends
  • Capacity: 6 guests
  • Description: Positioned along the bank of Rehab’s Main Pool, you’re inches away from the water. And you’ll also have a fantastic view of the Main Stage. Poolside Daybeds are one of the best daybed locations in Rehab.
The view from the poolside daybeds at Rehab Beach Club

Poolside Daybeds

Dish Pool Cabanas
  • Cost: Starting at $1,500 weekends
  • Capacity: 10 guests
  • Description: Located on the second level, Rehab’s Dish Pool Cabanas are generous in size. Although further away from the Main Pool, you’ll have access to the Dish Pool. It’s the perfect spot for wading and cooling off. Dish Pool Cabanas also offer the most competitive cabana pricing.
The view from the dish pool cabanas at Rehab Pool Party

Dish Pool Cabanas

2nd Level Main Stage Cabanas
  • Cost: Starting at $500 weekdays and $2,000 weekends
  • Capacity: 10 guests
  • Description: 2nd Level Main Stage Cabanas are situated on the upper level behind the Main Stage. You’ll have a beautiful view of the entire club and get access to the Main Pool below. They’re the right choice for you if you want to see the party down below but also relax at the same time in a more private cabana experience.
A picture of the upper level main stage cabanas at Rehab Pool Party

2nd Level Main Stage Cabanas

2nd Level Main Pool Cabanas
  • Cost: Starting at $500 weekdays and $2,000 weekends
  • Capacity: 10 guests
  • Description: Similar to the 2nd Level Main Stage Cabanas, the 2nd Level Main Pool Cabanas offer a relaxing escape from the party down below. You’ll get a fantastic view of the beach club here as well and be able to jump right into the action with access to the Main Pool.
A look inside the upper level main pool cabanas featuring a safe, TV, and refrigerator.

2nd Level Main Pool Cabanas

Lazy River Cabanas
  • Cost: Starting at $500 weekdays and $2,000 weekends
  • Capacity: 10
  • Description: Tucked away along the back of Rehab are one of the most exceptional cabana experiences. The Lazy River Cabanas offer a river you can float on, or swim up to the bar and gaming tables. This is hands down one of my favorite cabana choices if you want to be away from the crowd but still on the main level.
A photo of cabanas located along the lazy river at the Hard Rock pool party.

Lazy River Cabanas

Poolside Cabanas
  • Cost: Starting at $1,000 weekdays and $3,000 weekends
  • Capacity: 10 guests
  • Description: The most sought-after bottle service option at Rehab are the Poolside Cabanas. These cabanas are nestled along the shore of the Main Pool with access only a few short steps away. You’ll be immersed in the party and have one of the best views in the house.
The most popular cabana option featuring the main pool a few feet away.

Poolside Cabanas

Bikini Beach Cabanas
  • Cost: Starting at $1,000 weekdays and $3,000 weekends
  • Capacity: 10 guests
  • Description: Perched behind the Bikini Beach Daybeds, these elevated cabanas offer one of the most exclusive VIP experiences. For instance, you’ll get the ultimate in crowd control with a railing and velvet ropes that help keep unwanted visitors away. Not to mention that the view of the pool and stage from here are fantastic.
A photo showing the bikini beach cabanas in an elevated section of the club overlooking the main pool and stage.

Bikini Beach Cabanas

Moet Ice Cabana
  • Cost: $1,500 (Fridays) – $5,000+ (weekends)
  • Capacity: 15 guests
  • Description: The Moet Ice Cabana is one of our favorite bottle service spots. It’s also known as the “life of the party cabana.” This is because you’re next to the stage and in the midst of the party. It’s slightly elevated too so you can keep unwanted visitors at bay. If you’re feeling like being the life of the party yourself, party champagne packages are available. Feel free to make it rain on the crowd below with your very own champagne showers.
The Moet Ice Cabana is located next to the stage and is right in the party.

Moet Ice Cabana

LaLa Land
  • Cost: Starting at $1,500 weekdays and $5,000 weekends
  • Capacity: 15 guests
  • Description: If you want to be the ultimate VIP and make everyone in the club envious, LaLa Land is for you. The cabana features your very own private dipping pool with direct sight lines of the main stage and beautiful views of the property. It’s also in an elevated section of the club so you can have some privacy too. LaLa Land is considered to be the best cabana on the property and one of the most expensive too.
A photo of the private pool in the LaLa Land cabana at Rehab Pool Party.

LaLa Land Cabana

  • Cost: Starting at $1,500 weekdays and $5,000 weekends
  • Capacity: 15 guests
  • Description: Newly renovated, the Bungalows feature a premiere location inside the beach club. And you’re just a few feet away from the Main Pool too with direct views of the stage. Additionally, the Bungalows are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art amenities offering the ultimate party experience.
The Bungalows are the largest table service option at Rehab Pool Party. Inside features a large couch, flat screen TV, fridge and safe. The bungalows are also newly remodeled.


2nd Level Deluxe Cabana
  • Cost: Starting at $1,500 weekdays and $5,000 weekends
  • Capacity: 15 guests
  • Description: The largest cabana option at Rehab. Even though capacity is 15 guests, it can hold up to 30! (You’ll just have to increase your minimum to accommodate the extra guests.) So if you have a big crew, look no further than the 2nd Level Deluxe Cabana. It even features a private deck overlooking the North Pool.
A photo showing the 2nd level deluxe cabana with large deck that overlooks the entire Rehab property.

2nd Level Deluxe Cabana

Best Bottle Service Locations

We get asked a lot about the best spots for bottle service at Rehab Pool Party. Because of this, we’ve decided to reveal our top picks here. Additionally, we’ve identified the best value locations that get you the most bang for your buck.

Rehab Pool Party’s Best Cabanas
  • The best cabana location is LaLa Land. It has it’s very own pool and an exceptional view of the stage.
  • The best value cabanas are the Bikini Beach Cabanas. Fair warning – these cabanas can get hot!
Rehab Pool Party’s Best Daybeds
  • The best daybed locations are Bikini Beach or the Pool Side Daybeds. (The Bikini Beach Daybeds are on a sandy beach.)
  • The best value daybed location is the first row of Bikini Beach. All other front row daybeds go for at least a few hundred more. They’re a steal for the area, and Rehab seems to have overlooked this pricing error. We’ll keep that secret to ourselves. 😉

Rehab Pool Party Map

Below is a map showing Rehab’s bungalow, cabana and daybed locations.

The locations of all the bottle service tables at Rehab Beach Club

What’s Included With A Cabana Or Daybed Reservation

Bottle service is like having a private bar and a designated seating area to party with your friends. When you book a bungalow, cabana or daybed the following is always included.

  • A safe (or a sliding drawer for a daybed)
  • Unlimited mixers including cranberry juice, orange juice, and soda
  • Unlimited garnishes like lemons and limes
  • A cocktail server that pours and mixes all of your drinks

Bottle Service Presentations

If you’re looking to make your VIP experience extra special, Rehab Pool Party offers bottle presentations. Bottle presentations are when a big display is made with the delivery of your alcohol selection. They’re perfect for bachelor and bachelorette parties or birthday celebrations.

Everything from dinosaurs to pirate ships to large custom face cutouts is available. You’ll want to plan for any bottle presentation requests though.

Please note that there may be a charge for these presentations. Then again, at certain spend levels presentations are complimentary. And, of course, if you want something custom, let us know, and we’ll help you out.

A Rehab Beach Club bottle presentation featuring a waitress carrying a bottle on a boat

Rehab Beach Club Menu

Rehab offers many bottle service options including packages, individual bottles, specialty cocktails, wine, beer, skinny drinks, sangria, energy drinks, and bottled water.

Below is Rehab Beach Club’s bottle service menu detailing all available options and prices. Prices and offerings are subject to change.

Rehab Beach Club Bottle Options

Rehab Pool Party Bottles, Beer and Wine List

Rehab Beach Club’s Food Menu

If you’re worried about what you’re going to eat or if you’ll have enough food options for your day of partying I have good news! Rehab Beach Club has an excellent food menu. Even better, it’s not all hamburgers up in this joint either.

Hard Rock’s executive chef Bradley Manchester has made some great new additions to the Rehab menu. In particular, the Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl and a Deep South BBQ platter. Now if breakfast at any time during the day is more your speed (it’s certainly mine), they have that too.

Below is the Rehab Pool Party Food Menu. I want to point out that if you’re purchasing bottle service any food purchases count toward your minimum spend requirements.

Food Selections Available at Rehab Pool Party

Bottle Service Deals

Yes, it’s true. From time to time, there are specials. I’m not making any promises here, but know that deals happen.

Bachelorette Party Packages

Rehab offers a variety of bachelorette packages for a range of budgets. Celebrating with your bridesmaids at Rehab is so popular the packages have a category all their own on the official site. No other day club has an entire category dedicated to it if that tells you anything!

Below are some of Rehab Pool Party’s most popular bachelorette options. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions regarding booking your bachelorette party at Rehab.

Party Extreme Package
  • $2,000 (10 – 12 guests)
  • 3 bottles of Belvedere & 3 bottles of Moët Impérial
  • $200 food credit
  • Rehab bachelorette gift package
  • Tax, gratuity, and service fee is additional
Party Plus Package
  • $1,250 (8 – 10 guests)
  • 2 bottles of Belvedere & 2 bottles of Moët Impérial
  • $100 food credit
  • Rehab bachelorette gift package
  • Tax, gratuity, and service fee is additional
Party Starter Package
  • $750 (6-8 guests)
  • 1 bottle of Belvedere & 1 bottle of Moët Impérial
  • $100 food credit
  • Rehab bachelorette gift package
  • Tax, gratuity and service fee is additional

Bachelorette Party Packages Available At Rehab Pool Party

Girl Comp Tables

From time to time, Rehab Pool Party has complimentary girl tables aka “girl comps.” If you’re coming to Las Vegas with a group of women, you might score yourselves a complimentary daybed, cabana or bungalow. You pay nothing and get to drink as much as you want.

That said, if you score a girl comp table, be sure to tip the waitress and VIP host since you’re getting a hook-up.

Please note that girl comps aren’t available every weekend so if you don’t land one, don’t feel too bad. It just might be an incredibly packed weekend.

Ladies partying inside a cabana at Rehab Pool Party

What’s Cool About Rehab Beach Club

As the inventor of the pool industry in Las Vegas, Rehab had a head start on the competition. Because of this, they did some things differently that no other pool party in Vegas can or will ever do. Here’s what makes Rehab impressive.

Rehab is BIG

Rehab Beach Club is a 5.5-acre property making it the biggest pool party in all of Las Vegas. It also has the largest pool with an actual deep end! In other words, you can swim in eight feet deep waters at Rehab. Of course, proceed with caution if you’ve been drinking heavily.

It’s Beautiful

Rehab is widely regarded as the most beautiful pool party. And no I’m not talking about the crowd (although that’s nice too). What I’m referring to is the scenery. For example, the day club is surrounded by an abundance of palm trees that provide a relaxing beach vibe. Some even describe Rehab Pool Party as being similar to Hawaii. Now that’s quite the compliment!


Rehab has the most palm trees of any pool party in Vegas. These gorgeous palms provide much-needed shade to pool party guests. This is surprisingly unique to Rehab as no other day club in Vegas offers shade. Hard to believe right? But trust me when I say that a shady spot will come in handy during the summer heat of 100+ degrees.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for the sun and have your heart set on a wicked tan have no fear, Rehab has plenty of that as well.

There’s A Beach

Now there are plenty of pool parties on the strip that call themselves “beach clubs” but they lack an actual beach. That’s not the case for Rehab. There is sand! Even more awesome is that part of the pool has a sandy bottom. So, if you want to book bottle service on Rehab’s “beach,” then reserve the Bikini Beach Daybeds or the Bikini Beach Cabanas. (They pretty much spelled that one out for you.) 🙂

Men and women playing tug of war in the sand-bottom pool at Rehab Pool Party

And A River Too

As if sand and palm trees weren’t enough Rehab also features a lazy river that you can float on to cool off, relax and drink the day away. The river flows from the main pool around part of the perimeter to the Grotto Bar where you can swim up and order your next drink, or play blackjack at the swim up tables as well.

There Are A Lot Of Bars

Rehab has three bars – Grotto Bar, Dish Bar, and the Stage Bar. They also have two pop-up bars that “pop up” when the crowd is getting big, and the bar lines are starting to get long. These pop-up bars help to reduce the wait times so you’ll never have to wait too long for your next drink. Check the Bikini Beach area and the Pool Side Daybeds for the pop-ups.

A waitress with tattoos sticks out her tongue for the camera at Rehab's Grotto Bar

Gambler’s Paradise

Gambling isn’t just for the Hard Rock Hotel! Indeed, Rehab Pool Party has gaming located inside the Grotto Bar. Playing some blackjack or Texas hold ’em is the perfect escape when you want to take a break from the party or cool off in the shade.

You Can Buy Pitchers

And not just for beer. For example, you can buy pitchers of a variety of specialty drinks with such names as “Clothing Optional,” “Twisted Lemonade” and “Rehab Punch.” Pitchers run $50 – $60, and they don’t skimp on the alcohol either!

Vegas Primer Tip: If you’re not purchasing bottle service at Rehab, ordering a pitcher is a great way to get your alcohol fix and save some money too. At only $50 – $60 these are a must. Check out the Signature Cocktails section in the Rehab Beach Club Menu above for a complete listing of the types of drinks that you can order as a pitcher.
They Have Decently Good Food

There is something for everyone to eat at Rehab Pool Party. For example, Rehab offers fish tacos, burgers, fries, salads, shareable platters, fruit plates, breakfast, and sandwiches. A complete food menu listing is above. There’s even a walk-up grill as well so you can get your food fast.

It’s The Best Hip Hop Pool Party

There aren’t many hip hop pool parties in Vegas. In fact, Rehab is the only one. Nonetheless, with acts like Flo Rida, Usher, Kevin Hart and DJ Whoo Kid, Rehab would undoubtedly crush any competition. Sure Marquee or Drai’s might have a hip-hop day now and then, but Rehab is known as the best (and only) hip-hop pool party in Vegas.

But don’t let that dissuade you from coming if you’re an EDM fan. Rehab has EDM days also. Be sure to check Rehab’s event calendar for their DJ lineup to pick the best music days for you.

Also, I probably shouldn’t be mentioning this, but a lot of celebrities come to Rehab (even ones that have contracts with other clubs and aren’t allowed to go to outside properties). So keep it a secret if you happen to see them.

Bikini Invitational

On select Saturdays during the summer Rehab holds their annual Bikini Invitational with a finale in September. Women from all over the world compete to win cash prizes. In fact, Rehab Pool Party gives away over $100K in prizes! If you’re interested in competing, visit the official site to enter. Also, Rehab is packed on bikini competition days so plan accordingly and book in advance.

A gorgeous model walks the catwalk at Rehab Pool Party

A Hidden Area

Okay, okay so not technically inside Rehab Pool Party but right next door is an area very few people know. In fact, it’s not even on the map! This private sector is South Beach, and it’s gorgeous. Take a gander at the photo below, and you’ll see what I mean.

South Beach provides a much more relaxed vibe with cheaper cabana and daybed prices. It’s only open as overflow for Rehab on the most in-demand days, but it’s a great option if you’re just getting to know someone and want to spend some quality time together.

You won’t have any trouble finding South Beach either. It’s just on the other side of the Grotto Bar.

A secluded beach with a private pool

There’s An Industry Day

Mondays and Wednesdays are industry days at Rehab. For those of you who don’t know, an industry day is when the staff (like the VIP hosts and cocktail servers) from other Vegas clubs come out to show their support of another club.

Visiting competing clubs is a requirement for nightclub and day club staff so you can be sure they’ll be at Rehab on Monday or Wednesday. So, what does this mean for you? Well if you haven’t noticed already, Vegas VIP hosts and cocktail waitresses are hot so if you’re in the mood for some eye candy be sure to head to Rehab on a Monday or Wednesday.

It’s worth noting that the vibe is entirely different on industry days too. For instance, Rehab Pool Party is known as “Relax” on Mondays and offers a more chill vibe. A smaller section of the club is open on these days creating a more intimate setting, making it easy to chat and meet new people.

Rehab Beach Club Encourages Individuality

Alright so this isn’t a feature of the property itself, but if you’re into self-expression and want to support a company that promotes individuality then Rehab is your pool! Rehab Beach Club is one of the only pool parties on the strip to allow their employees to have tattoos and proudly show them off as well.