6 Dirty Little Secrets Of Las Vegas Clubs

So here’s the thing: we have secrets about Las Vegas clubs. Quite a few actually and right now we’re going to share our favorite and most shocking ones with you. Because well, we’re nice like that. And also because we’re on a mission to share our inside club knowledge so that you can have the best Vegas experience possible. Even if you think you know everything there is to know about the club scene in sin city, we’re pretty sure you’re going to be in for a surprise or two!

Oh, and before we spill the beans, let’s not forget our shameless plug. We’re here to help you understand Las Vegas clubs better, so if you any questions, contact Mike and me (I’m Jenna by the way) at (702) 816-6738, and we’ll be happy to assist.


#1 Secrets Of Las Vegas Clubs: The Bathroom Attendant

The club restrooms hold a secret – every club bathroom in Vegas is equipped with a bathroom attendant. Now it’s not the bathroom attendant that’s the secret. It’s what they can do for you that is.

You may think that an attendant’s job is to make sure everything is neat and tidy. And it is. But the real secret lies in their hidden stashes. Let’s start with the guys first.

Men’s Room

You can get some pretty sweet hook-ups in the men’s room. Tip the attendant, and you’ll land yourself cigarettes, mints, and colognes. There are even hidden cabinets filled with designer colognes. A tip can score you a spray or two from one of these. They also have condoms, mouthwash and cigars from Cuba. (Mike recommends asking about Montecristo and Cohiba cigars as some clubs have these.) Additionally, if your cell phone battery is running low, check with the bathroom attendant to see if they can charge it for you while you party. Just make sure you tip them.

Ladies’ Room

The girls’ bathroom secret stashes are just as good as the guys’. My favorite amenity of ladies’ club bathrooms are the shoes. If your feet are killing you from dancing or standing all night, then head to the woman’s bathroom and talk with the attendant about purchasing some. A lot of the clubs have multiple options available so you can pick your style.

For example, Marquee has ballet flats as well as flip-flops. I find that purchasing ballet flats is a better option because they provide a small amount of protection in case someone steps on your toes. Additionally, they quickly fold up in your purse and are perfect for your next night out. The shoes go for around $15 – $20. Not a bad deal when you’re in pain.

In addition to shoes, you’ll also find candies and mints, hairspray, bandages, hair ties and of course feminine products. Some bathrooms have a place to charge your phone too.

#2 Secrets Of Las Vegas Clubs: Tipping

Server Gratuity

In addition to the bottle service minimum that Las Vegas clubs charge there are also service, tax, and tip fees. If we combine these costs, the percentage works out to be somewhere around 35% of the bottle service minimum. This means that if you book a $1,000 table, the total cost will be about $1,350. The fees may show as a single line item on your bill, or they may be broken out individually showing the exact dollar amounts of each charge.

Some clubs though will leave a gratuity field blank so that you can write in a tip amount yourself. If this is the case at your club, be sure to carefully review your bill to make sure you’re not paying a gratuity twice. In our example, the total charge should be $1,350. If it’s 15 – 20% less, then the tip hasn’t been included yet. If it’s already $1,350, then you’re not required to pay an additional tip.

If you’re worried that you won’t be able to comprehend your bill by the time the night is over, talk to your server at the start of the evening. She’ll be able to tell you if the tip will be included in the bill.

Host, Busser, and Security Gratuity

All that said, it’s important to point out that the host, busser and security staff are excluded from the tip in the 35% charge. So if you think your host has done an epic job, your busser has been extra tidy or if the security team has excelled in keeping unwanted guests away then do them a solid and throw some cash their way. Even a little bit is appreciated as these folks rarely get recognized for all the hard work they do. Handing the tip to them is the way to go here as adding it to the bill may result in it going to the waitress only.

#3 Secrets Of Las Vegas Clubs: Complimentary Bottles

Yes, it’s true. In Las Vegas, you can get free bottles at clubs! There are two main ways to do this – you either know someone that works in the industry or you’re a group of ladies. But, sometimes guys can get in on the action too. Check out our full article on how to land free bottle service here.

Complimentary Bottles For Guys

If you’re a guy, making friends with a local that works in the industry can get you invited to an “industry comp.” Industry comps are offered to the men and women that work in the Las Vegas day and nightclubs. And these folks are required to go to a club on their day off to show their support.

For example, let’s say club A invites the staff of club B (i.e., VIP hosts, bussers and cocktail waitresses) to their venue on a Monday night. Club A will provide club B with a free table and alcohol. Club A does this because it brings in a good-looking crowd, helps with referral business and makes the club look packed on slower nights. Keep in mind that industry comps are only available Sunday through Thursday which are generally less crowded than Friday and Saturday evenings.

Although the industry table is technically free, you’ll need to chip in on the tip. Tipping $100 per bottle is standard for an industry comp. For instance, if there are five people at the table then you’ll want to contribute $20 for each bottle.

Complimentary Bottles For Ladies

If you’re a lady, you may be able to land a complimentary table. Sometimes showing up early to a club can land you a free table for a few hours if not for the entire night. You can also reach out before you arrive in town to see if there are any comp tables available for the night you’re interested in going. You’ll want to contact a club’s VIP host or promoter to find out more information.

Keep in mind that the clubs with the most sought after DJs may not offer any comps as their bottle service tables sell out quickly.

Another way to land a complimentary bottle is to have a large social media following. The clubs will sometimes give out free tables to people that are social media influencers. You’ll need to reach out to a VIP host before coming to a club so that they can take a look at your following and line up a table for you. And, of course, you’ll need to post while you’re at the club too.

#4 Secrets Of Las Vegas Clubs: Girl Guys

Girl guys (also known as girl wranglers) are hosts that bring women to tables. Girl guys specialize in finding companions to party with you. If you take care of a girl guy with a decent tip, they’ll make sure they bring the best eye candy available. There’s usually a wrangler at each club, but again this service is only available for those making bottle service reservations.

If you’re a woman, girl guys can certainly work in your favor as well. One of their primary job responsibilities is to maintain a database of attractive ladies. Girl guys can grant you complimentary dinners and sometimes even complimentary hotel rooms to groups of women in exchange for partying at their clubs. For example, if you agree to partying at Hakkasan, Jewel and Omnia, a girl guy might be able to arrange a free hotel room at MGM.

Girl guys can also take you to a client’s table where you can drink for free or perhaps land a complimentary table for your group.

#5 Secrets Of Las Vegas Clubs: Free Limo Rides

Almost all of the strip clubs in Las Vegas offer complimentary limo rides to their club. To schedule your free limo, all you need to do is call the strip club at least 30 – 45 minutes in advance of your pick-up time, and you’re ready to go. Alternatively, feel free to reach out to us at (702) 816-6738, and we can schedule everything for you too. We also have special drink and bottle deals as well. The strip clubs only pick up from hotels near or on Las Vegas Blvd. so keep that in mind when planning your trip.

Additionally, we always recommend tipping the limo driver since the ride is free. Even with a tip, it works out to be cheaper than an Uber or a Lyft (especially with large parties). The strip clubs don’t usually provide transportation back but you can always ask, or if you agree to a certain spend amount then they’ll most likely work out complimentary transportation back to your hotel.

#6 Secrets Of Las Vegas Clubs: Secondary Seating

If you show up to a club after it’s been open for awhile, you may score secondary seating. This is when a club offers discounted pricing for bottle service. Yes, you read that right.

Here’s how it works – if you arrive at a club late (like anytime after 2:30 pm for a pool party or 1:30 am for a nightclub) table prices might be lower. Sometimes even cut in half. Of course, it depends on how busy the club is that night and if people have left already. On some nights though, secondary seating may not be available. You’ll want to connect with one of the club’s VIP hosts to get in on these deals.

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