5 Vegas Hip Hop Clubs We Love

With so many DJs and hip hop clubs in Las Vegas, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to decide on a venue especially if it’s your first time here. Not only that but when you’re in the mood for hip hop, there’s no way you want to accidentally end up at a club on an EDM night. That sh*t can ruin a night!

Now let’s keep it 100. We’re not getting paid to promote any of the clubs here. These are our picks for the five best hip hop nightclubs in Las Vegas.

(Side note –  if you’re looking for a hip hop pool party there’s a really great one in Vegas, and that’s Daylight Beach Club on Sundays. Also, if you like EDM too, check out our article on the best EDM clubs in Vegas.)


Nelly reaches into the crowd as he performs live on stage.

Nelly Performs At Drai’s Nightclub (photo credit: facebook.com/draislv)

#1 Drai’s Nightclub

  • Nights Open: Tuesday (Swim Night), Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Hours: 10:30pm – 4:00am
  • Bottle Service: $$$$
  • Music: Hip Hop
  • DJs: DJ Esco, DJ Franzen and more
  • Special Guests: Lil Wayne, TIP, Miguel, Jeremih to name a few

Drai’s is inside The Cromwell Hotel in the center of the strip. From the main entrance proceed straight and the entrance to Drai’s will be on your right-hand side. The actual club itself is on the Cromwell roof and sits at 11 stories high with panoramic views of the strip.

Why Drai’s Takes Our #1 Spot For Best Hip Hop Clubs In Las Vegas

The Venue

Drai’s is BIG. At 70,000 square feet, it’s one of the largest on the strip. It also has one of the coolest club designs with two levels of both indoor and outdoor space that house the main room and a pool area. But what makes Drai’s stand out from the crowd is their 80-sided LED disco ball in the middle of the dance floor and the club’s epic views of the strip.

The crowd gathers around the pools at Drais. The Las Vegas strip can be seen in the background.

The Indoor And Outdoor Areas At Drai’s Nightclub (photo credit: draisgroup.com)

The View

Surprisingly, a lot of people don’t even see the view of the strip because they’re so caught up with the party in the main room. You’ll find the fantastic view Drai’s is known for beyond the pool area. (This is also home to Drai’s Beach Club during the day). Be sure to make your way over there before the night is over. It’s perfect for Snapchat if you ask us.

Keep in mind though that the outdoor pool area closes on certain nights. Closures tend to happen on slower weekday nights or during the winter months. Your best bet to take in the view is to head to Drai’s on a weekend night during the summer months.

The Dancers

Drai’s offers a unique energy that isn’t replicated at any other Vegas club. You won’t just see a DJ spinning at Drai’s. Instead, you’ll be engulfed in a full-on performance from their dancing team which is without a doubt the best in the city. And if you think who cares about the dancers you might want to rethink that. Their energy is contagious and they’re also a big reason why Drai’s stands out from the competition.

Drai's Has The Best Dancers On The Strip

The Drai’s Dancers (photo credit: facebook.com/draislv)

Top Talent

Drai’s has “Live In Concert” performances which means you’ll get to see your favorite hip hop artists perform. For example, a lot of the top names are contracted at Drai’s including TIP, 50 cent, Nelly, Big Sean, Future, Chris Brown, Fabolous, Jeremih, and Trey Songz.


At Drai’s, celebrity sightings are the norm especially among athletes and sports teams. In most cases, you can catch your favorite sports team here during their offseason.

It’s Popular

Overall, Drai’s is the most popular hip hop club on the strip. To put it simply, if you’re looking for a crowd Drai’s has it. But fair warning – it’s the most crowded of any of the hip hop clubs in Las Vegas.

Especially this year (2018) Drai’s is off the charts. Every time we’ve gone during the live performances you can barely move inside the main room. I’m talking a snail’s pace here so you’ll want to get there early. Further still, for the best experience possible on these nights, we’d recommend grabbing a table with a bottle service reservation.

For Drai’s price quotes or for more information about bottle service at our #1 pick for the best hip hop clubs in Las Vegas contact us at (702) 816-6738.

Drai’s After Hours

Drai’s has an After Hours club. And keeping it real it’s the only After Hours club worth going to in Las Vegas. To keep the party going after Drai’s Nightclub closes, head to the After Hours’ hip hop room located outside of Drai’s nightclub on the casino level of The Cromwell.

But be careful not to miss the entrance as it’s seductively secretive. You’ll want to keep an eye out for a gold elevator featuring a curvaceous woman in a red dress. That’s the entrance to the club. Once you’re inside, be sure to turn right to get to the hip hop room otherwise you’ll be in EDM hell.

Best Hip Hop Clubs In Las Vegas

Inside Drai’s After Hours (photo credit: draisgroup.com)

After Hours is lit with DJs that play the real hip hop music not just the radio stuff. The only problem you’ll have here is that you may want to leave and get your sleep, but you won’t be able to because the music is JUST THAT GOOD. Better still, there are zero attitudes at After Hours.

Drai’s After Hours is open from 4 am until 10 am.

For Drai’s After Hours Table Reservations (also part of our #1 pick for the best hip hop clubs in Las Vegas) contact us at (702) 816-6738.

#2 Best Hip Hop Clubs in Las Vegas: Heart of Omnia & Ling Ling Club (Tie)

Our #2 spot is a tie between Heart of Omnia and the Ling Ling Club. And although they are not stand alone Vegas clubs per say these ‘clubs within a club’ are crackin’.

Heart Of Omnia

  • Nights Open: Tuesday, Friday and Saturday
  • Hours: 10:30 pm – 4:00 am
  • Bottle Service: $$
  • Music: Hip Hop and some Top 40
  • DJs: Lesser known

Heart of Omnia (aka Heart) is inside Omnia Nightclub at Caesar’s Palace. To get to Heart, enter Omnia and take your first right. You’ll find the entrance to Heart directly in front of you.

Why Heart Of Omnia Takes Our #2 Spot For Best Hip Hop Clubs In Las Vegas

The Best Party

Out of all the hip hop clubs on the strip, we’d say Heart of Omnia hands down throws the best party. It’s not about the glitz and glam in here. It’s about the music and having fun. Heart plays both radio and underground hip hop, and you’ll catch some top 40 here as well. You better be ready to dance though because you will be moving.

Best Hip Hop Clubs In Las Vegas Omnia Nightclub Caesar's Palace

Omnia Nightclub’s Hip Hop Room – Heart Of Omnia (photo credit: omniaclubs.com)

Of course, the best parties always draw the biggest crowds. And Heart of Omnia is no exception. It gets crazy packed up in this joint. This is because Omnia is one of the newest clubs on the strip and one of the most popular thanks to the megastar DJs they bring in. Now it’s true that a lot of people come to Omnia for the EDM DJs, but you’ll find that a lot of club-goers split their time between the hip hop room and the main room.

And it wouldn’t be a party without a photographer. Okay, so not exactly a photographer but Heart of Omnia does have a photo booth inside the club. Make sure you take some pics before the night is over. Because there isn’t anything better than drunk photos.

Reasonable Pricing

Since Heart of Omnia isn’t the main attraction at Omnia Nightclub, you can score a decent price on bottle service. Dance floor tables are much more reasonable in Heart of Omnia as compared to Omnia’s main room prices. Additionally, all the tables are on the dance floor at Heart so you’ll be right up in the action giving you a better experience for the money.

Wild At Heart

If you’re thinking about coming to Vegas for a weekend, you might want to consider extending your stay or coming during the week instead. On Tuesdays, Heart of Omnia throws their “Wild At Heart” party. And, quite frankly, if I didn’t know iLoveMakonnen’s “Tuesday” song came out before the opening of Omnia I would have sworn the song was written about Heart. That’s how good their Tuesday party is.

Heart Of Omnia At Omnia Nightclub Caesar's Palace

Heart Of Omnia’s Tuesday Night Party – Wild At Heart (photo credit: omniaclubs.com)

Even better, the Wild At Heart party draws the best looking crowd. This is mostly because the majority of VIP hosts and waitresses go on their “outings” on Tuesday nights. To explain further, an outing is when the staff (i.e., VIP hosts, waitresses, and managers) of a Vegas club go out and show support for another venue.

For example, the staff at Rehab Beach Club has outings on Tuesdays and frequently goes to support Heart of Omnia. Most beach clubs and nightclubs in Las Vegas have outing requirements during the week. They do this for networking purposes and to make sure the clubs are always packed even on a weeknight. Lucky for you, the ladies and guys that work for the clubs are really, really, ridiculously good looking. 😉

If you want to go to a hip hop club on a Tuesday night in Vegas, Heart of Omnia is it. There is nothing better.


If you’re a fan of the Biebs, Justin Bieber has been known to make an appearance and perform here from time to time too. There are also numerous sports team sightings as well.

For Heart of Omnia bottle service and table reservations at our #2 pick for the best hip hop clubs in Las Vegas contact us at (702) 816-6738. Also, feel free to email us at info@vegasprimer.com.

Ling Ling Club

  • Nights Open: Most Fridays and Saturdays
  • Hours: 10:30pm – 4:00am
  • Bottle Service: $$
  • Music: Radio Hip Hop
  • DJs: Lesser known

The Ling Ling Club is inside Hakkasan Nightclub at the MGM Grand Hotel. To enter Ling Ling, you’ll take the elevator up to the third floor and turn right. Keep in mind that Hakkasan is one big property and can be quite the maze. To learn more about Hakkasan Nightclub click here.

Why Ling Ling Club Takes Our #2 Spot For Best Hip Hop Clubs In Las Vegas

It’s Packed

Similar to Heart of Omnia, the large crowds at the Ling Ling Club stem more from the spillover main room effect than being an actual hip hop club destination. To explain further, on Hakkasan’s big nights with Tiesto or Calvin Harris guests tend to wander downstairs where they discover that there’s a better party going on in the Ling Ling Club. Part of the reason for this is Ling Ling’s size. Like Heart of Omnia, it’s a much smaller room than Hakkasan’s main room, so it gets crowded. But who cares about the reason. This place is packed, and that’s all that matters.

Bottle Service Tables And The Dance Floor At The Ling Ling Club

Hakkasan’s Ling Ling Club (photo credit: hakkasanlv.com)

The Music

Ling Ling has a universal appeal because they play more of the radio hip hop than the off-market beats. You’ll find some serious dancing in here.

The Lighting

While EDM makes lighting a considerable part of the production, you’ll find that hip hop clubs put less attention on the lighting. However, the Ling Ling Club is an exception. The lighting director at Ling Ling has done a phenomenal job with the LED lighting system. In fact, the lighting moves with the music, and the ceiling glows in what we like to describe as a Vegas Northern Lights.

The Atmosphere

If you have any doubts about how good the Ling Ling Club is, just look at the actions of the VIP hosts that work there. (Yes, we’re putting you guys on blast). We know that the hosts routinely sneak downstairs to Ling Ling to catch a break from the main room and to get in on the party. Additionally, what makes the atmosphere even cooler is that everyone is in a good mood – the club just seems to have a way of making people happy.

Clubgoers dancing inside the Ling Ling Club

The View From The Ling Ling Club’s DJ Booth (photo credit: hakkasanlv.com)

Special Guests

Ling Ling hosts a slew of athletes and celebrities. In particular, we’ve personally met the Dallas Cowboys and the Patriots. Other recent football team sightings include the Seahawks, the Raiders, and the Browns. Celebrities such as JLo, Drake, Dr. Dre, and Mayweather have been known to make appearances here too.

Perhaps it’s the fact that Hakkasan Group owns both Omnia and Hakkasan but whatever the reason they’re doing something right with Heart and Ling Ling.

For Ling Ling Club table reservations, please send a text message to (702) 816-6738.

#3 Best Hip Hop Clubs in Las Vegas: Light Nightclub


Light Nightclub is on the lower level of Mandalay Bay at the south end of the strip across from the Delano entrance. (The fastest way to get to Light is through the garage).

We’d like to point out that Light Nightclub was so incredibly close to the #2 spot in our best hip hop clubs in Las Vegas list that the only reason we didn’t put it as #2 is that Heart of Omnia and Ling Ling do a slightly better job at drawing a crowd.

Also, since Light rarely has EDM days we’re counting it here as a full-on hip hop club.

Why Light Nightclub Takes Our #3 Spot For Best Hip Hop Clubs In Las Vegas

Established Mainstream Talent

Play Management took over Light from the Hakkasan Group a few years back, and they have shaken things up for the better. For example, Play has done a phenomenal job of booking new talent. You’ll find Metro Boomin, Ludacris, T-Pain, and Rick Ross to name a few.

It’s A Party

Similar to Heart of Omnia, Play Management knows how to throw a party. Most noteworthy are their keg stands (although we haven’t seen them done lately) but we’d be willing to bet you can get a keg upon request with a table service reservation. They’re the only club in Vegas that we know of that offers keg stands. Additionally, the lighting itself is an attraction. Light Nightclub has the most prominent LED screen in all of Las Vegas. And be sure to look up when you’re at Light. You definitely won’t want to miss the acrobats that dance from the ceiling. Light’s a straight up circus.

LED Screens And The Dance Floor At Light Las Vegas

The Dance Floor At Light Nightclub (photo credit: thelightvegas.com)

The Best In VIP Service

Light offers a tiered club format which makes every table service location a great location which can’t be said for all nightclubs in Vegas. And if you’re in the market to book a VIP bottle service reservation and want the best service possible, Light Nightclub is your place. Play Management makes sure to treat their VIP guests exceptionally well – we’re talking full customization here. For instance, one of our clients booked a table, and we worked with Light to make custom t-shirts for all the guests. It’s also important to point out that nothing is out of the realm of possibilities with Light. Generally speaking, if it’s legal, they’ll make it happen.

For a Light Nightclub VIP experience, text us at (702) 816-6738.

#4 Best Hip Hop Clubs in Las Vegas: 1OAK

Legendary in LA and New York, 1OAK’s popularity continues in Las Vegas. For those of you who may not know, 1OAK stands for one of a kind, and it’s strictly a hip hop club. It’s got a darker, moodier feel thanks in part to its smaller size. Additionally, 1OAK has received a lot of attention in recent years thanks to the Kardashian clan celebrating their birthdays here. It’s also a top hangout for celebrities.

Kardashian And Celebrity Birthdays At 1 OAK

Scott Disick At 1 OAK (photo credit: facebook.com/1oaklasvegas)


1OAK is in the Mirage hotel towards the back of the casino.

Why 1OAK Takes Our #4 Spot For Best Hip Hop Clubs In Las Vegas

Industry Wednesdays

Industry locals (those who work in Las Vegas dayclubs and nightclubs) come to 1OAK on Wednesdays. Simply stated, the turn up is real. And I’m pretty sure I don’t need to tell you how big of a party this becomes when it involves people that work in the industry. Ain’t no one refusing a shot! Not only that but it’s full of beautiful people since it’s packed with club waitresses and VIP Hosts.

The Best Hip Hop Club On Wednesday Nights In Las Vegas Is 1 OAK

Industry Wednesdays At 1 OAK (photo credit: facebook.com/1oaklasvegas)

Stripper Poles

Ultimately, if you’re looking to book a VIP table, 1OAK offers a unique view. In fact, it’s the only club in Las Vegas to provide this view (unless you’re actually at a strip club). Dancers perform on stripper poles practically on top of the VIP tables which I don’t have to tell you offers guests a tantalizing view.


At 1OAK Las Vegas you’ll hear mainstream and radio hip hop with performances from 2 Chainz, O.T. Genasis, Tyga, and Tory Lanez.

For 1OAK Table Service at our #4 pick for the top hip hop clubs in Las Vegas, please email us at info@vegasprimer.com or send a text message to (702) 816-6738.

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