What’s Tao’s V.I.WE?

It was just a few weeks ago when I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, and I saw Tao’s announcement for V.I.We. Instantly I knew what it was. I had heard rumors circulating since last spring that the Tao Group was planning on offering a table sharing option.

In the club world, bottle service is known as “VIP,” so the play on the word is quite creative. It’s not about one group getting a table, but multiple groups sharing in a table-like experience together. Thus, the “we.” (Kudos to the marketing department for coming up with that one.)

An illustration of VI.We depicting Tao Nightclub's table sharing experience

What Is Table Sharing?

Overall, table sharing sounds like an exciting idea. In its basic form, it works like this: two or more groups get together to share the cost of a table, substantially cutting the cost per group by at least half. This can result in considerable savings because most bottle service prices are in the thousands.

Admittedly, I’m skeptical about table sharing in this basic form though. There are just too many inherent problems with it.

Problems With Table Sharing

First, you have to find a group that wants table service at the same club and desires a similar table location. This, in itself, can be extremely challenging.

Second, people flake. A group may have every intention of getting bottle service with you, but add in alcohol consumption and inevitable disagreements within the group, and it can turn into a sh*t show. Not only that but getting people in Vegas to respond to a text after drinking is damn near impossible.

Or let’s say your “share group” does show up, but you don’t get along with them. Then what? You’re out hundreds or thousands of dollars for a crap time.

And then there are a plethora of other problems too like how do you regulate how much alcohol everyone at the table drinks? Who gets to sit where? Is one party hogging the seating? What do you do when you want to invite other club-goers to your table? Or what if your share group wants other people at the table and you don’t? Should you put a divider up? (I’m kidding, kinda). You get the idea. The list goes on and on.

The Creation Of V.I.WE

Well, thankfully Mike Snedegar (he’s the entertainment marketing director) of the Tao Group has addressed all of these potential problems and created a table sharing option that involves some serious out-of-the-box thinking. Keep reading to find out if V.I.We might just be the perfect bottle service option for you.

But, before we begin, Mike Henderson and I (I’m Jenna by the way) are here to answer your bottle service questions. Feel free to shoot us a text at (702) 816-6738. You can also email us at info@vegasprimer.com.

What Is V.I.WE?

V.I.We offers a bottle service experience for a fraction of the cost. Each night, Tao Las Vegas ropes off a section of the club reserved exclusively for V.I.We guests. This area features bottle service tables with open seating. Three different types of alcohol are available to V.I.We guests. And, in true VIP fashion, there are waitresses, bussers, and a security staff exclusively for V.I.Wes.

Who Is V.I.WE For?

One of the most significant problems Vegas nightclubs face are millennials and their lack of spending on bottle service. According to “nightclub studies,” millennials find clubs expensive and impersonal. So, V.I.We was explicitly created to appeal to this demographic.

Personally, though, I think marketing V.I.We as an option only for millennials is too limiting. For instance, it’s a fantastic option for any group that wants to party on a budget. Or, if you’re a couple (or a small group), it’s the perfect solution because you don’t have to pay an exorbitant amount for just the two of you.

There are also lots of folks in town that want to go to a club, but they’re by themselves at a conference. In this scenario, a V.I.We ticket works well if you’re rolling solo because you can easily socialize with others in the shared table section. In short, V.I.We appeals to a lot of groups that might be priced out of the traditional bottle service table options.

What Nights Is V.I.WE Offered?

Currently, V.I.We is available every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.

How Do I Book A V.I.WE Reservation?

V.I.We works differently than traditional table service. For instance, you won’t need to contact a club host to make a reservation. You can book your shared experience online on Tao’s website. (Click here for Tao V.I.We Tickets.)

Also, it’s best to buy tickets online, in advance, as ticket prices might go higher at the door. And, by waiting until the night of, you risk Tao selling out as there is a limited number each night.

Vegas Primer Tip: On the night of, bring a printed copy of your email confirmation, identification and the card you used to buy the ticket.

What If I Decide At The Last Minute?

If you decide to purchase a ticket on the day of, you must buy your ticket at the door. Currently, there are no online same day sales.

How Much Does V.I.WE Cost?

Prices for V.I.We tickets run $50 – $75 for ladies and $100 – $125 for guys. Factors that influence the price include the day of week, talent, and if it’s a special event or holiday. In addition to the base price, there’s a venue fee of 7%, sales tax of 8.25% and an automatic gratuity of 20%. The total all-in cost is around $68 – $100 for females and $135 – $170 for males. Not a bad deal for a bottle service-like experience especially when you consider the average price of single beverages at the bar is $15 to $20.

What Alcohol Options Are Included?

Three alcohol options are offered at the tables inside the V.I.We section. Choose from Absolut Elyx Vodka, Avion Silver Tequila, and Camp Viejo Sparkling Wine. (Note that these offerings are subject to change.)

Is The Alcohol Unlimited?

Mostly. Tao’s official stance is something along the lines of “bottles will be replenished throughout the night as needed to the extent that people are drinking responsibly.” Short version (my interpretation): if you get plastered, they’re going to cut you off.

What If I Want Something Else To Drink?

If you want individual drinks, you can purchase them at any of the club’s bars. If you’re interested in buying a bottle, Tao advises getting your own table instead.

Will I Get A Table?

The V.I.We section is open seating. Although tables are reserved exclusively for V.I.We guests, no one is guaranteed a place to sit. So, if you see a spot, grab it while you can.

How Many People Are In The V.I.WE Section?

The number of people in the V.I.We section is dependent upon how many people purchase tickets. The official response from Tao is as follows. “The V.I.We sections are not determined until the night of, and the number of tables will be determined then as well.” You can expect though to have ten people per table.

Can I Bring Non-V.I.WE Ticket Holders Into The V.I.WE Section?

No, if you meet a non-V.I.We guest inside the club, that person will need to buy a ticket to join you in the section.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of V.I.WE?

There are some great things about V.I.We. It’s an inexpensive way to get bottle service and an exciting way to meet new people. It’s still in its infancy though, so time will tell how popular the concept becomes. If not a lot of people are showing up, then this could be a risky way to spend your night. Or, if it’s insanely popular, then seating will be hard to come by. With the limited bottle service options too, some people might get turned off by the idea. Also, Tao is a hip-hop club, so if you want EDM with a shared bottle service experience, you’re out of luck.

Are There Any Other Clubs Offering A Similar Option?

Yep. Marquee now has a VI.We option on select nights.

Is This What The Future Of Bottle Service Looks Like?

Possibly. We see why Tao implemented the concept. There’s apparently a need not being met with lower priced bottle service options. It seems to be a trial to see how people respond. If it does well, we could see V.I.We rolled out to their other Tao Group properties including Lavo Party Brunch. It’s pretty easy to just section off an area of a club for V.I.We ticket holders.

One thing’s for sure. It will be interesting to see how it plays out and if other clubs on the strip follow suit. Tao Group is certainly at the forefront of club innovations. With their winter pool party under a dome and their daytime party brunch, they know a thing or two about meeting needs unmet by other venues.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Tao’s V.I.We is an excellent idea or do you think it’ll bust? Let us know in the comments below.

If you’d prefer to get your own table, please text us at (702) 816-6738 or send an email to info@vegasprimer.com for a bottle service price quote.

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